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  1. OK, more "engine work" which is turning out to be more than I expected. But fun. The Fisher resin intakes are awesome but it meant having to cut the intakes off the kit part. My first attempt at this was a rather sorry one and will probably do something different on the next one. A nice, perpendicular cut is what I was after but doing it by hand, well, not so much. Nothing a little filler and sanding can't fix, right? Next was the exhaust treatment. I fumbled around looking for photos of the real bird and noted that the J-79 sat in the engine pod but was simply surrounded by non-supp
  2. Jimmy Stewart would be proud! Excellent work! Fang
  3. Excellent project and really fun to watch. I often visited the NB-52 at Pima and wondered how cool it must've been to be involved with that project; How many times the X-15 hung there ready for yet another blast into space. I'm sure you'll have an excellent replica when finished! It's coming along great! Fang
  4. Song, You're very unique on these forums because you actually want to make the best product possible. But many of us do not know, when you ask for opinions, if you are showing us a final product or one that can be changed before they become final. From your last post, it appears that you've been listening and making changes at the request of the readers/posters on this board. That is highly commendable!!!! We also don't know what drawings you work from and how you get to the final shape of the model. If we knew that, maybe the comments here wouldn't be so harsh. Everyone who comments
  5. There are crushed Corinthians everywhere... Well, except for the cost of the kit, I'm kind of jazzed that there's a recessed panel line Hun in quarter-scale. "Standard issues" notwithstanding, they are mostly workable, though I understand the frustrating position of "why should we have to"? Ya pays a lotta munnies and this is whuts ya gets? I suppose the argument could go til the sun burns out and will never be completely settled but I will admit it's been a long time since I've opened a new kit and said "WOW". As in, "Wow, this is superb!" The Tamiya 1/48 F-16 did that for me. In mos
  6. Wall throwing not authorized. You have come too far to give up now. You're in it and you're in it deep. Not finishing this is cowardice. Excellent work. The painting on the cockpit is top notch and convincing. Looking forward to seeing more. Nice kit, especially with all the goodies. (Good luck, we're all counting on you)
  7. Well, it's not like they were attempting the Kolvoord Starburst and tried to ignite the plasma. STTNG
  8. Yeah, I kinda figured. However, not to be beaten just yet...I might make one out of epoxy putty, carve it all pretty and see what that does. How hard can it be? I have me a pocket knife and my TLAR measuring tool... Seriously, though, the squashed intake is always a bit of a turn off for me. However, the joy of modeling comes with the midnight engineering and figuring out how to solve such a problem. Harold knows that as does Chris Wilson and others to the Nth degree. So maybe I'll see what I can come up with...but I have my Hustler calling me. When the "D" comes in the mail, I'll have
  9. I looked over the sprue shots at CM and it looks pretty good. As for the standard issues, most are fixable either with kitbashed Monogram parts or AM on the way via Harold and others. The Aires exhaust looks very nice and the only odd issue that confuses me completely is the F-102 exhaust that they molded with the "C" wing. Must've gotten their wires crossed on that. Those main gear wheels do look almost cartoonish because of the size so....Monogram, again. Or AM. And, likewise with the intake shape. I may have to cast some Monogram intakes for the future. Given that this kit is almo
  10. Absolutely NOT. This would violate the work of someone who made a part for a specific purpose and generates revenue by it. My modifications are not sufficient to just copy them and sell them. Not only would it be wrong, it would be the worst kind of insult to the people who provided the originals. However, I can recommend Fisher's intakes highly, as I can the Dmold engine faces. I still plan on using the originals for my F-4E. I simply needed the right size engine faces for the B-58. So rather than completely create my own which would end up looking exactly like Dmold's parts anyhow,
  11. Hi Jerry, Actually, yes. On my old Hustler kit that remains at about 44% complete, the Aires parts fit very well. I can probably get photos of that with the dry-fit if you like. I got the metal gear simply because I thought the plastic might be a little rickety. Many say it's not but then, they haven't seen me move from one place to another. The movers took out two of my prized possessions, my F-15E and my A-10. I still haven't had the stomach to repair them. I can't total them, they mean too much to me. So the metal gear was for peace of mind but it does need a lot of cleaning up.
  12. Thanks GW. Yes, these tedius "fiddly bits" pay off in the long run. At least I'll know they're there. I didn't know much abou the engine intakes either and a photo search turned up very little. So, doing some reading and "imagineering" (Sorry, Walt) and one, really blurry photo of the intake on the internet of the Bendix Trophy winner, I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do. Thanks to Fisher Products I was able to get the intakes I wanted. Thanks to Dmold, I had the correct size J-79 faces. Thanks to Aires, I had the afterburner sections. Now, the kit parts for each nacelle which
  13. Have been working on the intakes. This is a continuation of the Fisher/Dmold adventure. I shaved all the parts on the J-79 engine front that I didn't need and checked the size fit at the back of the Fisher resin intake. It needed some enlarging with a slow Dremel tool with the small sanding drum on it. The parts then went together thus: It's easy to see the engine front without the shock cone installed. But, just like the real airplane, there isn't a whole lot you can see when the cone is installed. If the lighting is just right (And I had to work at it to get any light in the
  14. Just beautiful! I'll bet you are having a lot of fun. It's great to see this project coming along. Your castings are perfect! The cockpit is awesome!!! Keep it up! Fang
  15. No worries, Jerry. It was helpful. Did some casting last night and will have Dmold copies to modify for the engine faces once the nacelles are scribed. As you can see, the Fisher Resin nacelle parts are nice. I like the trunking and shaped intake so that it reproduces the "chute" as it is on the aircraft. But, oddly, the N1 compressor face is about 20% too large. So I had to find something else. Short of scratchbuilding my own, I found Dmold's product to be exactly the right diameter (Gee, a 1/48 scale J-79 engine front to boot) So I grabbed the casting kit and had at it. The F
  16. Hey Jerry! Thanks for the tip. I know that works on the silver plastic kit but this one is molded in gray. I just decided to live with it and work more carefully. Also, better placement of the DYMO tape helps. Currently casting the J-79 faces. Actually, copying the Dmold units. They will get cast then altered to the B-58 and an extension over the accessory section for the telescoping tube for the intake spikes. Not planning on reproducing them for sale...no. Just my own use. Right now the silicone is curing and tomorrow, I should have a new mold for the parts. (4-6 hours) Sorry,
  17. Thanks Jennings. Well, I got them because the nearest B-58 to me is probably 1500 miles away in Indiana. Or, possibly Texas. When I lived in Tucson, I lacked the foresight to bring my measuring tape with me when I went to the Pima Air Museum and stupid me, I never got the rivet patterns from it either. If only I'd known that Monogram would make this kit. So...back to the position of having fun...not attempting to nail the accuracy to the micrometer and use the drawings as a guide, as you suggest. I can make it look close but short of getting all the photo documentation I would need (
  18. ONE SIXTEENTH....I knew that. Sorry old bean. However, with that in mind, I have seen various scale hemmets on eBay...But usually 1/6 scale, I think. So, maybe no help there. But, I'll bet you have a plan in your head already on how to do that. Ok, note to self...one SIXTEENTH scale. Hmmm, maybe you could find someone to sew you up some speedjeans and you can hang them on the ladders. But I already know you'll have something in mind and it will be just plain amazing to look at. This is as fun an in-progress as I've ever seen. The lighting idea sounds good, but could result in unwa
  19. Wow, Pete. And again, Wow! I remember that shape behind the cockpit above the intakes. Yup, sure do. It is easy to see that you are making record progress on this compared to Phase 1. Not that phase 1 was bad, mind you. It's just obvious this is a better approach. The rest of the shaping should go quickly and you see results sooner, thereby keeping the enthusiasm level high. The help from Timmy! is noteworthy and exciting. Clearly, it's a T-38. It will perhaps be the ONLY truly accurate T-38 in any scale, anywhere. Now, where did I put my 1/16 HGU-55P? Awesome work!!!
  20. Timmy! Thanks! Yup, I'd have to agree...it's the distances. But the tail graphic lays out the substructure and it's not all that close to where the lines on the kit are that already exist. If I had known that, I would've held off the rescribing but, no matter. I'm chugging on through it. Yes, Uncle U. However, a correction. I did a Google search and found the original technique as posted by Klaus Herold on Hyperscale . Here I was so interested in trying it that over the months I collected the needed tools to do it. On a plane such as the B-58, with so much substructure, there was
  21. Awesome. Your work is very clever and smart. Looks like you'll have a one-of-a-kind rendition. It's a good scale for that bird too. Lots of size and plenty of areas to detail. Keep up the good work! Very interesting! What happens to the donor kit parts? Will that become a DC-4? LOL
  22. Well, I didn't get to the scalpel scraping, sorry. I did however break out the drawings I got from Scott Lowther's website: Up-Ship with prompt and dependable service... And, looking to rivet the vertical stab, this is what I ran into. The drawing- (intentionally blurred) The drawing scaled to the fuselage- The drawing scaled to the stab- In either case, the lines on kit part do not line up with the lines on the drawing. Hmmmm. So, I'm going to have to fake it on the one side and copy that fake on the other side. The kit part doesn't match the outline of the drawing, either..
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