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  1. I like it. Looks like a MiG to me. Were I to acquire the kit, I would spend time with the shape parts and fashion new out of epoxy putty. Time-consuming, perhaps even a little frustrating but I wouldn't be afraid to do it. Cost notwithstanding, it's hard to expect a perfect kit. It's always the little things, though that seem to cause the most annoyance. But they are very noticeable and I would want them fixed too. Either by my own hand, the aftermarket wizards or by the manufacturer themselves.
  2. I'm always excited when Trump puts out a new Russki jet. And, this...in 32nd scale is really something. Sure, they have their patented shape issues but modeling skills are what makes them go away. Some are more glaring than others and that's unfortunate. Almost as if they don't carefully study the photos before they cut metal. Perhaps it comes down to individual skills of the engineers at the factory but even with that, New MiGs and Sukhois for us to ogle at are pretty cool. I second the 1/32 F-106. A long-wanted dream. It'd be about the size of the 1/48 B-58 from Mono-Vell. It's
  3. Reminds me of the dozens of Guillows kits I built over many summer vacations. Looks like you'll finally nail that shape and there will be no question as to its accuracy. Excellent work as always.
  4. Seems such a major disappointment...........shame
  5. *THUMP* That was the sound of me hitting the floor. Phil....incredible. Makes me imagine a 1/12 Gemini and Apollo right next to it. I have this Mercury kit.....it taunts me....laughs at me....stares at me while I sleep. Very scary.
  6. BMF will be cool. I often thought it might also look nifty in Thunderbirds colors. Jennings? Have you ever considered.....?
  7. That first shot had me completely fooled. I thought it was a photo out the window of another plane until I noticed the hand holding the thing up. Completely fooled me. Nice work! Very fun!
  8. From the looks of things, you are building the real jet, just in 1/24. Seems it will have all the bells and whistles. This is a monumental undertaking and I'm sure as word spreads, many, many top modelers will come have a look and ultimately have to acknowledge you as the Jedi Master of modeling. I sure do. 'Course, all those hours up at FL350 and what-not give you time to ponder how exactly to tackle the next challenge, eh? I' for one am very grateful that you are posting all this. I'm taking copious notes and having fun imagining the end result. Shirley you will have a NATS winner, th
  9. All in all, it's really one of the better vac kits. For us bizjet junkies, it was a welcome sight. Shouldn't be too hard to build...just a little more fill n sand and all that. But, if you have basic modeling skills, it's not that tough. Patience is key.
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