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  1. Recently got an email for the long-awaited Polar Lights 1/32 Shuttlecraft from the original series. It will prove to be just the ticket for those who want to build the Galileo 7 on a hostile alien planet while revisiting Spock's logic versus Dr McCoy's humanism. Or, possibly land it on an unnamed asteroid to meet Zefram Cochrane....or maybe pose it in front of the giant maw of the solid neutronium® hull of the planet killer. It was featured in several episodes from "The Way To Eden" to "Journey To Babel" where Spock's parents are introduced with the shuttlecraft in the hangar bay in the bac
  2. Hoping for: 1/32 T-38 1/32 F-106 I know....I know. A dream too far.
  3. Neil, This is quite impressive. I sincerely hope it all works out and that you proceed to grow your business and develop a following. We hardline modelers do desire ever-more-accurate and fun models to build and you seem to have your hand on the pulse of what we want. The 737 has rarely been modeled well, except for BPK. I taught the -300 for several years and it's a favorite. Maybe, hopefully, you'll be able to rival those who've put badly molded kits out there and replace their expensive-but-meager offerings. I personally would request a DeHavilland Comet 1/1A a
  4. So you say. Enamels are best. As years pass, the acrylics peel away. I agree that they may be losing market share but it has more to do with sky-is-falling environmental BS imposed by over-controlling governments rather than modelbuilder preference. Plus nanny parents who don't want their kiddly diddlies using that "toxic" enamel paint (based entirely on ignorance) as fumes from acrylics are as toxic, if not more so. I'm not buying your specious position.
  5. So Rustoleum buys the paint line because they want to be the only ones producing small-batch paints. Then, they eliminate MM, cutting off dedicated modelers who've used it for years. What is the motivation? Is it some self-righteous move by corporate greenie-fiends who want to "save the planet" and decree that all enamel paints are evil? Or, is it because some guy who built models stole their girlfriends? I cannot, for the life of me, sort that it's a "business" decision. Since they own the rights to the paints, no one can pick it up and produce MM paint
  6. The Revell 1/72 is a bit of a disappointment and needs surgery to fix the nose. The 1/48 Fiberglass one from Russia is gorgeous but expensive. This thread caused me to purchase one of the NItto/Doyusha/Entex/Otaki 1/100 ones and I will build it faithfully as the prototype but with the visor dropped. I did not know until about ten years ago that there were two visor versions; One was the more solid type with the two small windows looking upward and the other was the more complex streamlined Lots-O-Glass version that went on the production machines. But I noted when i
  7. The best Concorde prototype kit is still the Entex/Doyusha 1/100 rendering of which there are many, many available. I remember building it in the 70's and being so disappointed that it wasn't a production machine. How my position on that has changed although....we still need a good 1/100 production version.
  8. Stop Gum II, The Search For Spark.
  9. Thanks Tim, I think I heard or read about it as such but don't remember where or from whom...so it stored in my memory as an imagined belief until you said otherwise. Either of those subjects would certainly be fun. The F-11 in Blue Angels colors would be sweet. I tried to order the Combat 1/32 F-84F but the person I emailed got the communication so bollocks'd I begged off. I requested the correct kit # and asked for pricing/availability and got a quote for an entirely different kit and such so I figured if they cannot do that right, why bother? I don't want to pay
  10. 370's and occasional C/L tank, ok. But no "exposed" munitions due to laws where they required closed doors, such as on the SUU-21 for BDU-33's and sometimes on the other side, Mk-106's. It was for safety reasons where an accidentally dropped munition could cause bodily harm or death or significant property damage. It was a requirement of the German government. I hauled/hung/moved hundreds of SUU-21's at Spang from 1980 to 1982. On Victor Alert, there were five "hot-cocked" jets with C/L nukes...B-61's, and during alerts (exercises) we loaded on the D's, Mk-82's on stas 2 &
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. Actually a Rolls Royce Welland in the F.1, never a Ghost or Goblin though the De Havilland Venom and Sea Venom had them as well as the Swedish Saab Trunnan. The one kit of the Tunnan has some engine parts but not very accurate and really just physical representations for when you look up the tailpipe or intake. I noticed the nice engine in the Meat-box kit and considered it but the mods I'd have to make kind of made it so that buying an expensive kit like that a little pointless. However, I also considered casting the parts that mig
  12. OK....looks like it'll be tech drawings, photos and putty. This is not going to be easy. I think I'm in need of a mini-course in sculpting.
  13. One of my secret projects, needing a 1950's era British jet engine. My online searches turn up bupkis, so...anyone here know of any?
  14. Not to derail the topic....as I've been curious about this release also but...I was kinda sorta, y'know, thinkin' about it and sorta wonderin' maybe if they had forgotten all about the (soon to be released) 1/32 F-84F. Guess the T-Flash didn't do so hot? Was that grounds for not popping the 'Streak? (Asking for a friend)
  15. Some shipping rates are ridiculous but the prices that people are demanding seem skewed to me. But..."people will pay what the market will bear", I guess. Oddly, the replies to my request are showing up 19 and 20 hours after-the-fact. That's annoying. I have a tentative deal with a seller but will keep rpm1947 in mind. Thanks very much. Will let you know, rpm.
  16. Not sure where you're located or if you have an eBay account and all the necessary accoutrements thereof to purchase but there are some of those kits on there. Not too bad on the prices.
  17. SapperSix, I worked F-4's at Spangdahlem for two years from 80 to 82 and one thing is for certain, not every airplane had every placard or important decal everywhere on the plane. The ones most commonly omitted were the stenciled panel info ones. "NO STEPS" were most commonly found on the G (Weasels) models but I worked D's, E's and G's and there was wide and varied, uh, "coverage" when it came to those things. I never asked but I supposed in my own little head that certain ones were more important than others and had to be there. Others were of lesser importance and could be o
  18. I think if you can get ahold of some "pearl" based paint....you may just nail it. It's a tough one but I'm sure SOMEone has cracked the code on it. Not bad looking at all though. Certain lighting it would be convincing.
  19. Looking for a Monogram 1/48 B-29, complete. Box condition not important as long as all the parts are there. eBay is selling for too much money, which I guess is the evolutionary process where once a thing becomes established as a source, the outliers who sell for low prices drop out leaving the ones who can afford to wait for big money. Plus, kit sellers want huge money for shipping even if it's a CONUS seller. I'm on a budget and can pay about $50 for the kit plus shipping. Let me know. Thanks Edit: Cut a deal today. Thanks to everyone who responded. Much app
  20. Something I've been working on. Can't say as it's anywhere near marketing yet but hope in the next couple of years it will be. I have to get a job first and then set up shop to make this either with 3D printing or resin. Close to 1/48 or 1/50 scale. Doing it with calipers and drawings and photos...so...not easy. The toughest part will be the landing gear. A resin model in this scale will be heavy. A second project is the Gulfstream II. I also have plans for a Falcon 20, DH-125 and Saberliner in 1/48 to 1/50.
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