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  1. Oddly, there are no photos of the aft fuselage that I could find. Also: Editing feature is pure garbage. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2020/09/trumpeters-four-new-kits-of-october-in.html#more
  2. http://www.internetmodeler.com/2001/august/new-releases/detail_ch_tf-102a.htm Not sure if they're still around. If not...I have no idea. HTH
  3. Was surfing eBay for aftermarket for the kit and found two of the kits with shared Hasegawa/Monogram logo boxtops. But the weird part was the kits were up for sale at over $350 for one and $633 for the other, both in Japan. Plenty of "legacy" kits for much much less available in the $75 range. I guess in Japan, that kit might be worth that kind of money but jeez.
  4. The F-4 uses collars to safe the gear and I had it posed as either ready-to-launch or just returning. The EOR crew would've put the safety pins in the MAU-12's before it taxied back to the ramp. So no arrestor hook pins (I believe it's a bracket with a braided steel cable) and the AN/ALE-40's (Chaff/Flare) would normally be pinned but I opted to just leave them uninstalled. That is, the dispensers are not on the pylons. The seats are "safed" with some of the RBF streamers showing but the collars for the canopies are not installed. Since the parachute pack door is closed, it would have to
  5. Will be an awesome end-product, Benner. I did one way back in 1985. There was no aftermarket for it and George AFB was still open, using the Euro 1 camo scheme. I spent quite a number of hours detailing each seat, adding swaybraces, safety pins, etc. Painted with MM FS colors and the radome was then new Tamiya semi-gloss blacks. Much use was also made of then Metalizer® paints for the titanium burner areas and their awesome "smoke" for making the typical soot all over the same area. Mirrors, compass cards, I think I added a landing gear handle. It's a great kit and went tog
  6. The actual "real" shuttlecraft used in the series was an adventure in "The interior being larger than the exterior" as was common for many shows of the era. The original prop, now fully restored, was also very devoid of any actual detail. The interior was uber-simplistic and consisted of two "navigation" globes/scanners, six or eight swiveling chairs and a rudimentary control panel that had very little visual interest. With all that said, I'm pretty sure that the kit will have aftermarket options later from whomever. For the size, it's not out of line with what you get for the
  7. Recently got an email for the long-awaited Polar Lights 1/32 Shuttlecraft from the original series. It will prove to be just the ticket for those who want to build the Galileo 7 on a hostile alien planet while revisiting Spock's logic versus Dr McCoy's humanism. Or, possibly land it on an unnamed asteroid to meet Zefram Cochrane....or maybe pose it in front of the giant maw of the solid neutronium® hull of the planet killer. It was featured in several episodes from "The Way To Eden" to "Journey To Babel" where Spock's parents are introduced with the shuttlecraft in the hangar bay in the bac
  8. Hoping for: 1/32 T-38 1/32 F-106 I know....I know. A dream too far.
  9. Neil, This is quite impressive. I sincerely hope it all works out and that you proceed to grow your business and develop a following. We hardline modelers do desire ever-more-accurate and fun models to build and you seem to have your hand on the pulse of what we want. The 737 has rarely been modeled well, except for BPK. I taught the -300 for several years and it's a favorite. Maybe, hopefully, you'll be able to rival those who've put badly molded kits out there and replace their expensive-but-meager offerings. I personally would request a DeHavilland Comet 1/1A a
  10. So you say. Enamels are best. As years pass, the acrylics peel away. I agree that they may be losing market share but it has more to do with sky-is-falling environmental BS imposed by over-controlling governments rather than modelbuilder preference. Plus nanny parents who don't want their kiddly diddlies using that "toxic" enamel paint (based entirely on ignorance) as fumes from acrylics are as toxic, if not more so. I'm not buying your specious position.
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