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  1. The Kitty Hawk 1/32 F-5F is available through eBay which means that regular outlets should have them soon if not already. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kitty-Hawk-1-32-Tiger-II-F-5F-KH32019-FREE-resin-figures-crew-access-ladder/292740184528?epid=9024072343&hash=item4428acb9d0:g:rt0AAOSw6~Vbp3m~ Pictures came from KitLinx: https://www.kitlinx.com/cgi/display.cgi?item_num=KTY32019&title=F-5F-Tiger-II-Fighter-(New-Tool)
  2. I blurbed about this on the Monogram vs. KH thread but it got little interest. The HB F3H kit has a windscreen that looks suitable, with a little filing, to possibly make a nice F-101B windscreen. However, not having either kit to compare sizes and curvature, it may be a moot point. If anyone has both kits, maybe they can compare. It may also be possible to use an F-4E windscreen. Hasegawa has kits where the closed and open sets are both included...On first glance, the windscreen looks like a good candidate. Just a thought.
  3. As regards the canopy. I was perusing the interwebz, reading a review of HobyBoss's F3H Demon and noticed the canopy. Now, bear with me as this is possibly a little unorthodox but that's right where I live, so... Looking at the windscreen, I noticed its general shape and it's from a McDonnell product and may....and I do mean may be a candidate for modification to make it the right shape for an F-101B windscreen. I do not have either kit but if I had both, I'd certainly take that HobbyBoss windscreen and hold it next to the KH 101 and see if 1) width was a problem, 2) if it could
  4. This was my effort on the Hasegawa version. I added the towel tack and had to rebuild most of the tail section after a putty accident left it deformed. This was done in 1990 and had been in work for many years before that, having been transported all around the country and may parts being broken in the process. I finished it and gave it to a retired F-4 driver at Luke AFB in 1996. As far as I know, he still has it. I look forward to doing the ZM kit. The cross-section issue on the tail will get fixed or I'll purchase one of Jeffery's mods.
  5. Me too. I've heard all the arguments about it not being kitted, or even well-kitted in 1/48 but it would be nice to see several new planes done in 1/32. Maybe the makers of the new F-5 kit will actually throw caution to the wind and blast out an awesome "kit of the year" quality Talon in large scale. So many pilots were trained in them, I would have thought by now it would've been produced a few times over. Perhaps it's that "marketing" thing where the gurus in the pennies department think that it would be better to do yet another P-5109Fire instead of taking a chance on someth
  6. Then never mind. Was trying to help. Won't make that mistake again.
  7. Collect-Aire did it in resin. If I build it...I may await the F-5F from (is it KH or Hobby Loss?) for canopies. But then, if they do an F-5F, their T-38 in one-thirty-tooth will probably not be far behind. Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances...
  8. Dangerous web page. Norton blocked it for being a known bad virus source. Threat Name: Web Attack: Sweet Orange Exploit Kit Website 20 Location: http://www.firstman.com/
  9. Hey afspret....here's an idea. Wal-Mart has a whole slew of metallic tones in the women's eyeshade aisle. If not there, then Walgreens, CVS, etc. Paint the area with a nice titanium shade...which can be done without a whole lot of airbrush experience...mask the area off and shoot it...or....using Testors Model Master paints or acrylics of your choice...you can hand paint the area in question and to get the varied shades and tones...find the appropriate shades in the women's makeup section of the store-of-choice and rub the powder in with a a foamy applicator m(also in the makeup aisle) a
  10. Well, it's not that I was expecting Tamigawa levels of fineness. But what irks me the most is that it's as close to being a clone of the Anigrand disaster as can be. Even their Falcon 20 of some 20+ years vintage has better faith to the basic outline of the real jet. It appears the Mach 2 kitmaker(s) just bought a few of Anigrand's kits and copied directly making the obligatory but minor alterations to avoid the lawsuit only and to get on a potential money-making bandwagon...not that the Jetstar is a real cash-wagon as far as kits go. In that vein, I'm surprised they don't just clone any
  11. As you can see...Not a particularly valiant effort on Mach 2's part. It resembles a Jetstar 1329 but is every bit as wrong as the Anigrand and even worse as per the window alignment. On my kit, I think I'll shave a recess and cement a clear sheet across and then just mask the windows. For the cockpit windows, it's every bit the heavy slog the Anigrand kit is...owing to the virtually identical fuselage shapes. Both kits are vague and will require hours of adjustment and changing to make them accurate. For the day-to-day modeler, its passing resemblance is satisfactory but for me
  12. Received mine in the mail today. Major disappointment. Not that that's any great surprise but the thing that struck me is that it almost appears to be a plastic casting of Anigrand's disaster. The tailcone shape is just as wrong as Anigrand's and the wing root treatment is identical with no fillet, and the cockpit window piece is just as bad as Anigrand's. What's different is that there's an instrument panel with holes in it, a center console and the VIP decals seem nice. The worst part? On one half of the fuselage, the cabin windows are absolutely square; Not ca
  13. They seem to now be available on eBay for $32.99 US plus shipping. I may get two.
  14. OK....So Trojan Thunder emailed me a couple of weeks ago with the news that Mach 2 is releasing a 1/72 Lockheed Jetstar. He sent me a link to Cybermodeler® and I checked it out. I think I even found a link to some sprue shots but I since haven't been able to re-locate that. So it's supposed to be released in May....or is it "It MAY be released" (snark)...because I have found precious little and rumourmonger is no longer supplying us with these tidbits to whet our appetites. Anyone have any intel on this?
  15. Okay....s'bout time we got a new forty-eighth rendition though the Revellogram is still a nice kit. But my Jones is for this jet in thirty-tooth scale. Combat has it in vac. If I buy that, and get 3/4 through it, it'll be popped in injection-mold, to be sure.
  16. A 1/350 scale NCC-1701D? That makes it six feet long. I don't think so. Gotta be a typo.
  17. Meant to buy one when I first saw it years ago. Forgot all about it and now it's OOP. Anybody got one they want to sell?
  18. Some time ago, I read that someone or someones had measured extensively an F-84F at the request of a kit maker. I believe the subject matter was well-covered over at LSP but I don't have a membership there anymore. So, I figured I'd ask here. It seems that the only option is the vac kit which is now solely owned by a fellow in the UK...who's misunderstood my request, thinking I wanted an F-82. (?????) Barring the fix on the miscommunication, I figured I'd ask if anyone had any intel on the possible production of an injection kit. I think it was HB or a related name that was pl
  19. I received this kit in the mail last week. After looking at the sprues, the clear parts and the decals and instructions, I have to give it an A+. Definitely sets the standard. The Birdcage version was nice and I'll make that one a nifty Marine bird. I remember when I saw my first Japanese kit back in the 1970's and thought they really had it going on. Well, 40 some years later and they still seem to be setting the standard though kits have improved immensely all across the board. I attribute a lot of it to the digital age and computerization. Getting measured values into a d
  20. I just got in my email that LoneStar is back to working on the 1/48 XF4U project. It will require the Tamiya 1/48 Birdcage kit but he says his product is basically an entire kit. This is pretty cool. Corsairs are definitely awesome and having a well-done kit of the prototype would be a nice addition to any collection. But it just occurred to me, is there any A-36/NA-73X prototype Mustang kit out there?
  21. Well, I think it's been long enough so I'm going to go stamp my little feet and pout and hold my breath until I turn blue. This is because NOBODY, except one vac-kit maker from 20+ years ago will produce the venerable F-106 in 1/32 scale. I can easily imagine the look of an injection-molded kit and how cool it'd be. It would be roughly the size of Monogram's 1/48 B-58 and weigh about the same. The colors, gray, gray, or gray. But lots of opportunities for colorful schemes. I've been whining about this for over 20 years and likewise for the 1/32 T-38. My stash is in improper status due
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