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  1. The E models are selling on the Bay for $59.99 w/ free shipping. Other prices are all over the map, some going as high as $109. Some stabilization will occur after the market is saturated with availability.
  2. Basic aerodynamic laws still hold, of course. But...given that the Reynolds number is much lower, that is, you cannot change the size of a molecule of air so therefore, the fluid effect going over a model airplane is less effective than over the full-scale machine, airfoils are more efficient with a more exaggerated cross-section. With that said, I'm sure with some trial & error, you could make a foamie egg plane and might even start a new trend.
  3. Cheapest I saw was $86.99 + $15 for shipping, so yeah. I'm sure once the first rush of "gotta-have-it" has passed, they will come down to (my opinion) somewhere around $50/copy.
  4. With the advent of styrofoam RC planes, people were bound to get creative. There is a distinct subset of RC foamies and they are called "cartoon planes" with the obligatory cartoonish appearance that you would find in a Sunday comic strip. https://parkflyerplastics.com/cart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=24_62
  5. Thanks, Fred, I know the two machines bear close family resemblance and I once tried to modify the Hasegawa F-5 into a T-38 which is where I first learned of the dimensional differences but decided to try and fake it anyway but gave up due to moves/job-changes, etc. I learned the fuselage was more deep to accomodate the bigger engines and the vertical stab was bigger as were the horizontal stabs. That it shared its wind-tunnel carved shape was more an attribute to the validity of the design than production cost considerations, I suppose but the fuselage was entirely different, th
  6. I honestly thought this would get more ogling. And no, it's not something I'm eagerly awaiting because I can't afford it. I'm not member over at LSP but I would've thought their wordy-word-word-word thread on the F-5 in general would've had these shots included. I just find it strange the fickleness of our model crowd. Whiz *BANG* when the new thing shows up...or is announced...or is offered a correction set...but just as quickly interest wanes or was never there at all to begin with. One interesting aspect is that the 1/32 F-5F is the only time this
  7. I have a set of the closed nozzle. I am using it to attach the Hasegawa turkey feathers for an F-16 in-flight display. It's not all that simple though as they have to overlap in the correct direction and also have to have a slight curve imparted to them, which can be done by placing the PE turkey feather on a hard, flat surface and rolling a 13mm socket over it repeatedly.
  8. The Kitty Hawk 1/32 F-5F is available through eBay which means that regular outlets should have them soon if not already. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kitty-Hawk-1-32-Tiger-II-F-5F-KH32019-FREE-resin-figures-crew-access-ladder/292740184528?epid=9024072343&hash=item4428acb9d0:g:rt0AAOSw6~Vbp3m~ Pictures came from KitLinx: https://www.kitlinx.com/cgi/display.cgi?item_num=KTY32019&title=F-5F-Tiger-II-Fighter-(New-Tool)
  9. I blurbed about this on the Monogram vs. KH thread but it got little interest. The HB F3H kit has a windscreen that looks suitable, with a little filing, to possibly make a nice F-101B windscreen. However, not having either kit to compare sizes and curvature, it may be a moot point. If anyone has both kits, maybe they can compare. It may also be possible to use an F-4E windscreen. Hasegawa has kits where the closed and open sets are both included...On first glance, the windscreen looks like a good candidate. Just a thought.
  10. As regards the canopy. I was perusing the interwebz, reading a review of HobyBoss's F3H Demon and noticed the canopy. Now, bear with me as this is possibly a little unorthodox but that's right where I live, so... Looking at the windscreen, I noticed its general shape and it's from a McDonnell product and may....and I do mean may be a candidate for modification to make it the right shape for an F-101B windscreen. I do not have either kit but if I had both, I'd certainly take that HobbyBoss windscreen and hold it next to the KH 101 and see if 1) width was a problem, 2) if it could
  11. This was my effort on the Hasegawa version. I added the towel tack and had to rebuild most of the tail section after a putty accident left it deformed. This was done in 1990 and had been in work for many years before that, having been transported all around the country and may parts being broken in the process. I finished it and gave it to a retired F-4 driver at Luke AFB in 1996. As far as I know, he still has it. I look forward to doing the ZM kit. The cross-section issue on the tail will get fixed or I'll purchase one of Jeffery's mods.
  12. Me too. I've heard all the arguments about it not being kitted, or even well-kitted in 1/48 but it would be nice to see several new planes done in 1/32. Maybe the makers of the new F-5 kit will actually throw caution to the wind and blast out an awesome "kit of the year" quality Talon in large scale. So many pilots were trained in them, I would have thought by now it would've been produced a few times over. Perhaps it's that "marketing" thing where the gurus in the pennies department think that it would be better to do yet another P-5109Fire instead of taking a chance on someth
  13. Then never mind. Was trying to help. Won't make that mistake again.
  14. Collect-Aire did it in resin. If I build it...I may await the F-5F from (is it KH or Hobby Loss?) for canopies. But then, if they do an F-5F, their T-38 in one-thirty-tooth will probably not be far behind. Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances...
  15. Dangerous web page. Norton blocked it for being a known bad virus source. Threat Name: Web Attack: Sweet Orange Exploit Kit Website 20 Location: http://www.firstman.com/
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