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  1. I've no desire to swerve the topic or hijack the thread but the discussion seems to be headed in the direction of, "Why do they continuously put out kits that are inaccurate, given the state-of-the-art computer technology, CAD capabilities and discriminating, meticulous measurements of the real item?" I have no answer but suspect that some egos are involved as well as money as well as the "rush to production" mentality. Some of these issues are real...some are fabricated in the minds of the kit-makers but they treat them as real. Humans do stupid things in the name of "NOW!" It wouldn't
  2. There are a few more episodes with the shuttlecraft in it. Metamorphosis, The Immunity Syndrome and to a lesser extent, The Menagerie, for interior shots. Exterior, The Way To Eden, Journey To Babel (not very good, distance shot).
  3. I'm not sure but I think the only airplane that dirt wouldn't ever think of touching is Chuck Norris's.
  4. Pretty much the way I felt about it in Nav School in 1988.
  5. T'is nay a problem m'lad. I too was uber-curious about the contents of this kit. I didn't know it existed until some years ago... At this stage, I have been acquiring the needed stuff for attempting the first castings. This consists of Lego blocks, modeling clay, mold release agent and mold silicone. I went online to see what Hobby Lobby offered in these materials and found a plethora of neat stuff. Alas, my trip to the Rock Hill, SC store yielded not-so-much compared to what they had online. But I got some casting silicone, some modeling clay and some
  6. Like everything I do, there seems to be some "unique" angle to it that intrigues me. However, this doesn't mean that my enthusiasm comes equal to my ability to stick to it. Like others, my enthusiasm wanes after I meet a particular challenge or if I reach a stumbling block that I can't overcome. I have the molding silicone and have ordered Lego bricks for making the pouring blocks. I've copied parts before but really on-the-simple. This is far more involved and I have to figure out how to make this work. There are also other parts that just have to be m
  7. I should have some more up-close photos soon. Fighting a nasty headcold and motivation comes and goes.
  8. You've made a beautiful display piece. A very challenging and rewarding result. I love the look of that old bird. Still a few of them around but you did it justice, to be sure.
  9. Absolutely stunning and masterful work! You should be very proud.
  10. I've been trying for years to get my hands on this kit. Sometimes the eBay auctions go to silly numbers and as rare as this kit is, it's not worth $150 to me. But that was just one auction. I managed to score one this past weekend and the USPS was quick to deliver and I was quick to fondle plastic, as it were. With the access door on the wrong side, and the raised rivet detail, may have contributed to the kit's demise in the 60's. It is possible that it's the first 1/48-ish scale business jet to be kitted, aside from MPC's 1/48 Learjet 23, a decent kit in its own right. But b
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