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  1. Well, it is what it is. I had gotten a crazy notion some time ago to use the Hasegawa turkey feathers photo-etch set and build a prototype closed nozzle and then cast it. Still might but I have lots going on in my life right now and modeling is confined to reading about it on the web for now. But the Italeri casting isn't too bad. I even considered casting it for my own use to make multiple in-flight F-16's for former F-16 driver friends of mine. But again...life got busy.
  2. I did not knoes dat. Well, I have the resin conversion set....may just hold onto that for the Tamiya kit after all. We'll see.
  3. Hi gang, I recently purchased the Skunk Models 1/48 F-16XL from Hong Kong and it's reached the United States and will be in my mailbox in a couple of days. After reading about the kit some time ago, this one project has kept nagging at me and so I decided to buy it and also get a two-seat conversion. The conversion set I opted for is the Wingman Models resin set which has an exquisite injection-molded canopy. I was unfamiliar with this resin-maker but the set looks very nice. In the consideration was how to get a two-seater without a lot of expense. I co
  4. Well, I've posted pictures in the past and gotten little satisfaction from it, as well as the armchair critiquers who flame the kit. For those of you who are criticizing me personally, get stuffed. I don't owe you anything. I simply wanted to see how much interest there was and it turns out, not much. It's just not worth my time to do it. That's all. Nothing personal about it, not making any great "statement" about this or that. 2% of the looky-loos want photos. Doesn't seem like that much interest to me. The photo from Welsh is just fine. Yup, that's the kit. Surprised no one though
  5. Since only 2% responded, I'm not going to post photos. 11 responses to 482 views.
  6. I have recently received the Welsh 1/72 A-320 kit. It's very nice. Vac fuselage, resin wings and most everything else. Metal LG, British Airways decals. But I figured I'd ask before posting the in-box photos since I don't see a lot of viewership on such postings. So...I'm just polling the masses here and let me know if you want piccies or not. Cheers Fang
  7. This photo shows an F-4F But this, on the other hand, is an F-4F Please make a note of it. Edit: This is intended to be "snarky humor" and is not in any way intended to perpetuate anal-modeling syndrome. Poor placement of the dash is absolutely intentional as well. was just 'avin' a bit o' fun.
  8. T-37 only. There is no need for any other kit of any other airplane. I figure this is why nobody has done a kit of the Tweet. Once you build it, anything else is second-rate. So I guess it's understood that no one should make a kit of it. Oh, Aurora tried a kit of it some years ago. But few were allowed to be sold and word has it that it was quickly and efficiently removed from the shelves by the Scale Modeler Mafia. This is due to reports that when modelers bought one of the kits, they never returned to buy any other kits, having been awestruck to the degree of having "complete and utt
  9. Once joy has been stolen, it cannot be un-stolen.
  10. Yes! I have it hot-linked in my browser. Spent a week one night reading much of it. Oddly, it hasn't been updated to include Anigrand's offering of models yet, though I'm sure it will be added once someone has the opportunity to critique it sufficiently. I'll build mine, "someday". Lord willin' and the crick don't rise.
  11. Tony, It may seem sacrilegious but I am way fond of the BOAC paint scheme and...if you have any ideas to make the airframe accurate to that extent, it might save me a lot of research, or it may be impossible or too effort-intense. However, my first thought was to fill the windows and use a decal to replace them. I can pick/choose colors to match and airbrush away. I'm not trying to insult your service; I myself would've loved the opportunity to be connected with this jet in any way. I once flew in the Super from London to Tripoli in 1968. I loved the plane from the first moment I saw
  12. No smoking 8 hours before flying and no alcohol within 50 feet of an airplane.
  13. Airfix put out their much coveted 1/72 Concorde some years ago and when I got mine, I couldn't believe the glaring errors in the nose, the hinge-line, the visor and other things. It was an expensive injected-molded model and I had easily 70+ hours to just correct the nose. Their goal, perhaps was to have the whole thing articulated but, experience in the last 40 years has shown that movable clear plastic parts break very easily. I suppose it was a nifty idea but they sacrificed accuracy for the "fun-factor" in having a moving part. So even if Airfix provides a 1/72 VC-10, there's no guaran
  14. Overall I am pleased. The wings have a case of "built-in" droop apparently but that can be solved with internal metal strips to counteract that. They appeared to get the engine pylons correct. The nose does seem a bit pointy and the windscreen not quite accurate, but can be fixed to more closely resemble the real thing. The Windex bottle is there to provide a sense of the size of this model. The landing gear is injected white plastic and due to the weight of the model, I would prefer metal. The tyres seem to be quite accurate in size and shape. I still hope to make it a BOAC jetliner bu
  15. OK, Arrived today. The box was packed very nicely. BTW, cost from RarePlanes and direct from Anigrand are the same. RarePlanes was out so I ordered direct from Anigrand. Took two weeks. OK, here are the photos:
  16. The whole computer craze may catch on but..."No one will need more than 637 kb of memory for a personal computer." Bill Gates, maybe, maybe not. WikiQuotes
  17. I need a 1/32 scale modern crew chief for an F-16 setup. I would prefer one that's saluting as the jet taxis past. Initial look-see on the interwebz only provided the impatient female crew chief from MasterDetails. Would like one in BDU pants, t-shirt and saluting. I would've thought that was a potentially popular figure but what do I know? I don't "do" figures. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Fang
  18. There's already something to that effect, with an added bonus. It's called "X-Plane" and has an almost religious following. You can draw, build and then actually FLY the creation you made all on the computer and paint it as well. However, some knowledge of aerodynamics is pretty much required because if you just try to slap something together, you may be disappointed. Many aeronautical firms actually use the program to do design feasibility studies. For me, it was fun to play with and take all the resources I had, with all the technical data for weights and sizes and I "built and flew" a
  19. Just purchased the Anigrand 1/72 VC-10. I know it will have issues...but my plan is to make it a BOAC jetliner which will mean filling in the windows and making a decal that reproduces them. After 6-8 weeks (delivery time from PRC), I will have photos. I broke the bank buying it but it will eventually be displayed next to my 1/72 Comet and Concorde. All of these aircraft are/were notable for the fact that they were produced at all, meeting some interesting hurdles and overcoming many. The most successful of the three would definitely be the VC-10 and Super VC-10. I wonder if I got two Ani
  20. Celestron 13" Newtonian reflector. Portable enough with its case but great "seeing". Jupiter and Saturn will be fairly detailed. Mars, you can see the polar caps. The Moon, great details. Refractors are ok if you're looking for ships at sea, I suppose but the biggest reflector you can afford is the best way to go. If you can, get the 12V tracker that keeps the telescope on target while you stargaze. Plugs into the aux power outlet of your vehicle.
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