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  1. Wow! Thanks for that Berkut! I thought that Tamiya being such a big name will be doing something new from scratch and accurate. Never mind...
  2. By the way...Where may I find reviews of this two Flankers by Tamiya?: Tamiya 60757 1/72 Warbird SU-27 B2 Sea-Flanker Tamiya #60743 Sukhoi SU-34 - 1/72
  3. A friend of mine is offering me a plane to build because he know I love Flankers. He wants me to choose between this two: 1/72 Heller Sukhoi SU-27 UB 1/48 ACADEMY SUKHOI SU-27UB FLANKER So far I know the only difference is the size but maybe someone can tell me more about the detail, accuracy, esay to fit, etc. Thanks in advance!
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