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  1. Roy, it's not completely the same. The Heller kit has the roof mounted sight, which the Airfix does not, this would also be a worthwhile addition to the resin project as the Heller kit is not easy to find. Phil
  2. Jay, the Italeri is a nice kit, but as you say Kerbside. I hacked the back off mine and added a Reji resin engine and PE details. I also made fuel tanks, and detailed the engine bay some more. The decals are superb. I recommend it. Phil
  3. Tony, There are lithographs of the proposed paint scheme, but I've never seen a picture of the machines painted up like that. Personally I'm sceptical. Phil
  4. wonderland models - quite one of the best stores I've visited, highly recomended. Phil
  5. Hey guys, next week I'll be visiting Valence, Nice and Monaco, are there any good model stores there? Most of my searches have come up with RC stores, or Joue Club, which aren't too bad I suppose. Any info would be gratefully received. Phil
  6. John, I'm very close to you and have be modelling for years. The nearest serious shop is Birringer in Merchweiler, maybe 35km west of RAB. Take-off in Lorsch is also highly recommended. Just accross the border in Metz there's a good store in the underground shopping arcade. If you have any questions, PM me, I work on RAB. Phil
  7. Jon, the 'New' badge is different to the 'old' one and in a different location, All I have is the 1/72 decal sheet. Sorry! Phil
  8. Jon, here is the team badge which I think is the same as the one on the wingtip. The Team *might* have changed the colours, I've seen a newer version of it. If you see a picture of the complete team, you will notice that there are at least three different Camo variations under the stripes. Yous should be able to save this graphic, once it's resized it should be okay. Cheers, and good luck with the build. Phil
  9. Jon, I used a good picture of the graphic and scanned it, then modified it with a coputer programme. Finally I printed it on to clear decal using inkjet decal film. Close-up it's a bit ragged, but from a distance it looks okay. Some of the earlier machines were also sponsored by Stewart Aviation and had big sponsorship logos on them, the leaders bird was completely different, called Vertikal T it was mainly black with lots of coloured stripes on it, I've built this in 1/72 as well. I also have the decals for the newest scheme, I just need a decent 1/72 Kit of the model. Tell me what you need
  10. Smithery, Reji made a resin engine & gearbox. I also used the PE on my italeri kit. Jan, if you are really brave, chop the back off it! I noticed that your Air filter is in a strange location, but there were so many variants of this engine almost no two were alike. Jan I have a few pictures of an original Stratos if you need them for reference purposes. Just give me a shout. Phil
  11. Jon, I assume you are modelling the 'Late' scheme. If you are competent with an airbrush then have a go at it yourself. The earlier scheme more complex, I used decal film, but the badges were home-made on my Alps Printer. The graphic for the team badge is readily available for custom printing, have a go, to be honest my biggest problem was getting the camo right! Admittedly it's in 1/72 but I'd urge you to give it a go. 1/25 is far more forgiving! Phil.
  12. Guys, In the Late war a batch of 50 Lancasters were built with a Rose turret at the rear that had twin .50 cal guns instead of 4 x 303 guns. Just to make it confusing! ABS
  13. But not always original. He does some excellent reproduction Aerobatic Team Patches, but reproductions all the same. ABS
  14. I was there 3 months ago, and a bit of history: PM Modellbau was an utter Aladdins cave, stuff had been on the shelves for 30 years and so had the prices. The Owner dies maybe 3-4 years ago and was only really interested in Train stuff. It is open again but with a severely reduced stock, but it's still worth a visit. Hobbytreff am Zoo is also well worth a look, the premises are bigger than the old ones at at the shop near the zoo, and they have lots of manufacturers stuff in stock. Take-Off is well worth a visit if you can get there. Cheers Phil
  15. Autobahnstormer

    Bad News

    This is terrible news. I met Jean-Pierre at various model shows, he always had stuff I was interested in and was always keen to know what the modeller wanted, his resin kits were always highly sought-after. A thoroughly nice man, he will certainly be missed, but his memory and legacy will live-on in the plastic that we build. Phil Adams Jean-Pierre at 2005 IPMS(UK) ScaleModelworld in Telford With a Mudry CAP232 of his that I built in the colours of the Moroccan Aerobatic Display Team "Green March"
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