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  1. As stated in the topic, if anyone has any old kit to part out or unused spares, I'll be happy to buy it off you. Minicraft stopped producing the 737-400 and will not support. Thx for looking. Philip
  2. This profesion is also a high stress job which leads many to smoking. When I used to work on night shift we would have cookouts around 2 in morning with brats, steaks, burgers etc... When the manager comes in the morning, he would bring us trays of dougnuts and coffee. Coupled with all the shop supplies we use are pretty much hazmat. Anyone who has ever had to take off floor boards and change landing gears will have to deal with Mastinox. This tube of good stuff comes with a skull and bones warning on the box itself just to reminds us how toxic it is. So I would say the combination of the lif
  3. I was just wondering if anyone was having trouble with odering from Nazca Decals lately. I put in an order for US Airways Express CRJ 900 1/144 decals in May and I never got them. I keep getting excuse after excuse. The decals were supposedly sent out twice and I have never received them. Paypal refunded me my money, but I would much rather have the decals instead. Does anyone knows of any other decal manufacturer that would make the CRJ 900 in US Airways Express colors please let me know. 7-18-13 Update- Got them today. Thank you Gaston, I'll paypal you the payment.
  4. Hello, I broke off the Nose landing gear assembly off my Revell A-380 1/144 during a move. I salvaged the tires but the strut itself was beyond crushed. If anyone is building the A380 with gears up and has a spare, I would be happy to buy it off you. Thanks. Philip
  5. I'[ve been having issues odering from him also. He wasn't able to fill an order and he kept promising that it will be available next month ( that went on for 4 months) until I cancelled the order and sourced it alternatively. Week after that he still failed to give me my refund. I've ordered from Russ before and it was ok, I guess he must been having some sort of problem in his life.
  6. Calling dibs on the Boeing 767-300 United Airlines (Shades of Blue Scheme) **$5.00 PM on the way.
  7. Rich, i tried PMing you but your mail box is full. Can you please give a quote for the 777-200 United Pre Merger Livery shipping to USA 60504. Are they printed to a high degree of resolution and is there any pixalation?
  8. I'm building mine slick. I have the monogram ones, is that what you are looking for?
  9. I have a KMC resin set that would convert a A-4E to a A-4C or B. Let me know. BTW the name sounds awfully famillar!
  10. I discovered this by mistake, I placed a old model kit in a bag (it was a anti static bag used for avionics) and sprayed non toxic oven cleaner in there and placed it in the garage. Well I forgot all about it and it sat there all winter long. When I got to it not only did the paint strip after brushing it away, the model literally came apart at all the glue joints!!!! I was so amazed that I used this method several times to take apart old model kits. It came apart with very little damage or none at all sometimes.
  11. Thank you for the encouragement. I am thinking that the mould for the bubble canopy would have to be a 3 piece mould. I was suprised that this model survived this much after so many years I left home. I was thinking that perhapS I could cast resin copies of the fuselage, but I really suck at that. I am only guessing that the Singaporean Skyhawks cockpits look very much like the NZ Kahus.
  12. Jackman! I have some progress on the TA-4SU project. I used a Fujimi 1/48 TA-4 Skyhawk I built 20 years ago and I manage to salvage some parts to proceed with the build. If anyone needs dimensions please feel free to PM me. Progress pics are at the following link; http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2690791745539.141335.1128843353&type=3&l=f7fb139cf6 I'll try to make the master for the rear canopy and see if anyone on the forum can vacuum for it for me. I'll keep you posted.
  13. And so my dad brought me over a box of my childhood models. Most of them are broken beyond salvage except my Fujimi 1/48 TA-4 Skyhawk. I have the parts from a spare kit to put it back together. If anyone have any spare TA-4 Skyhawk canopy laying around or one from a broken kit, I will be happy to buy it from you.
  14. PM sent on F4Dable Models Royal Malaysian AF, 1st 8 F/A-18Ds $15.00
  15. Rich,I tried PMing you but your inbox is full. Can you plz give me a qoute on the Singapore 777-300 decals. Also, would you be able to modify it to include the registration number as 9V-SWE. The nose door would be WE. Are these like drawdecal where I have to trim to fit??
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