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  1. I've been building model kits for about 50 years . . . While I'm demonstrably better at it than I was when I was 8, I still pretty much suck at it. Still, you know what? It's been fun, and that's all that matters. cheers Old Blind Dog
  2. Nice! (Wish I had the display space to build things that big.) cheers Old Blind Dog
  3. I maintain two blogs under my professional pen name. One key to successful blogging, I've found, is to keep a very regular schedule, being consistent to post at the same time every day or week or month. (That is, if you decide to post twice a week on Monday and Thursday or twice a month on every other Sunday, stick to that schedule as best you can. If readers know when to expect a post, they will be much more likely to 'tune in' on a regular basis.) Conversely, the worst thing you can do--the fastest way to lose a potential audience--is to post at irregular intervals, when you feel like it, o
  4. Nice!!! Love 'em both. Great job. (I know what you mean about momentum . . . I haven't finished anything in nearly a year.) cheers Old Blind Dog
  5. Loved his hilarious roles in "Dogma" and "Galaxy Quest", too! RIP cheers Old Blind Dog
  6. It's been a very sad day. I am heartbroken at his passing--he was one of the first great artists I heard when I began to explore pop music on my own back in the early 70s--but I am also enriched and enlightened forever by his legacy, and that is a cause for celebration. Also. . . loved his acting. I especially remember his small turn as Nicola Teslas in "The Prestige". Understated yet brilliant! RIP cheers Old Blind Dog
  7. Ch'ag s'mayach y'alls! cheers Old Blind Dog
  8. Deeply saddened to hear this. He was a great guy. I always found him to be knowledgeable and very personable and open in all my dealings with him. RIP cheers Old Blind Dog
  9. "The Big Lebowski" Dude: "Nice marmot!" cheers Old Blind Dog
  10. Watched a Netflix rental copy of "The Hunt for Red October" again last Friday. Forgotten how exciting, well-acted and beautifully-produced it is! Immediately turned around and ordered a copy from Amazon. cheers Old Blind Dog
  11. Building aircraft made me a much better car modeler; more thoughtful about the process, and much more attentive to detail. Old Blind Dog
  12. Have I ever lost heart before a project??? Why do you think my stash is so big???? cheers Old Blind Dog
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