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    I just started my 1/48 B-24D so I guess I'm in. David Hogue
  2. Thanks for the compliments. To make the clear nose piece I filled the holes in the Revell nose, polished it and used it as a master to vacuform a new nose. I have a vacuform machine at work. I cut out a rectangle and boxed in the gun mount. Here are photos of the bomb bay.
  3. I added the Revel F model nose to the Monogram B-17G. The G model has better surface detail. If you are careful you can glue the side pieces together without losing panel lines; leave the seams at top and bottom where they are easier to fill. I scratch built the bomb bay, replaced all details and vacuformed the clear nose.
  4. I think the most likely stencils to be partially painted over were underwing the trestle markings by the new underwing roundrels. David Hogue
  5. Thanks for the compliment. I used the revell clear nose, filled the holes, polished the plastic, and used it to vacuform a new one. When closing the fuselage nose leave the bottom seam open to help adjust fit to the clear part. Shim the bottom seam to get the opening at the front to linr up as close as possible. I cut out a rectangle for the nose gun and boxed it in withsheet plastic, use a clear piece for the rear for the little aiming window. The radio room mount was a paper clip with bits of plastic to hold the gun. i used the Koster ammo shoots, they are soft metal so you can carefully ben
  6. I saw this thread and thought i could help. I was the one that posted the conversion pics on Hyperscale a while back. I did a lot of research into paint colors and agree with the DG, NG, and NM interiors. A lot of the floors are plywood with some black non-slip areas in black. There is some question whether the bulkhead doors were left in varnished plywood or painted. I used the nose of the Revell kit on the Monogram G kit. All the details were replaced with AM or scratch. I vacuformed the clear nose modifying the revell nose piece as a master. David Hogue
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