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  1. JDAM would only use the nose plugs or DSU-33.
  2. Actually, there is only one nose fuze in that list. The M904 is a mechanical nose fuse, which hasn't been used actively for a number of years as far as I know, although we were still conducting store compatibility tests of them on Mk-80 series bombs off FA-18 airplanes through at least the early 2000s. I'm not sure if they were still in active use at that time or not though. The Mk-43 TDD is a proximity sensor to allow the bomb to detonate at a set height, but was replaced by the DSU-33. I don't know offhand when that took place; Gerry should be able to fill in details.
  3. Short answer, the Mk.15 is the classic "snakeeye" fin from the Vietnam era through the 1980s or so. Anything from that era that coud carry/drop a MK82 would likely be able to employ the Mk.15 fin. The BSU-86 is similar to the Mk.15, but has differently shaped petals and was introduced, if I'm not completely out to lunch, in the '80s to replace the Mk.15. BSU-86 fins are gray, Mk.15 were green. Mostly used by USN/USMC aircraft since the 80s - A-6, A-7. AV-8, FA-18, F-14, S-3. The BSU-49 is a Air-Inflatable Retard (AIR, commonly called a ballute fin), I don't know
  4. Comparing rates (mishaps per 100,000 hours flown typically) is precisely how aviation safety analysis is done.
  5. I'm no F-16 expert, but to me that looks like the standard station 3 pylon with a BRU-57 dual rack, loaded with a pair of AGM-154 JSOW. Just about any kit should have the pylon, and the BRU-57 I think is available in resin. If not, it shouldn't be hard to make one from a standard VER that is included with just about any FA-18 kit - mainly you'd be changing the swaybraces and adding the umbilical brackets to the aft end.
  6. I stand corrected. I will defer to the one who actually tore the racks down for maintenance on this. :-)
  7. BRU-32 sway braces are not removeable on the flight line; they are part of the rack. Unless the pylon has the rack removed, the sway braces will be present.
  8. Very timely info. I can fix the ones on the kit I”m currently building before I install them.
  9. Simple enough question; did early-ish Tomcats in the gray/white scheme (specifically, VF-142 and VF-1 c. 1976-77) have the ability to carry tanks under the intakes, and if so, did they? Photos of those squadrons from that period are kinda hard to find (part of the problem is that a LOT of CGI/flight sim images pop up in a search as well); those that I can find don't show tanks, and the images are inconclusive as to whether or not there were fittings under the intakes to install the pylons for them.
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