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  1. Need? No. While many would like to see a new P-38 kit (I wouldn't mind seeing one from Tamiya), the world is not going to stop turning if one doesn't turn up. We're talking about plastic toys - we don't NEED any of them. We WANT them.
  2. Yep, got it and sent the pylons out on Saturday. You should be receiving them today. 🙂
  3. HI, Don, I have a pair of pylons with sway braces. PM me your address and I'll send them off to you. Joe
  4. OK, Don. I'll look (didn't have a chance Wed or yesterday, sorry). Pylons and sway braces.
  5. I might have a set. I'll take a look when I get home and let you know. Just the pylons, or pylons and sway braces?
  6. I as unable to post or send a message yesterday, but was able to send a message this morning, and can obviously post as well.
  7. Are you proposing trading both Mustangs for one of the 1/32 kits? I have a Revell Mk IX Spit that I can be convinced to part with. I'll have to check the condion; I'm pretty sure I haven't put glue or paint to plastic, but I think the fuselage and wings are removed from the sprue for dry fit.
  8. Since I don't enter contests any more, I don't have to worry about it. I've kept, I think, a total of 2 (National level awards) and either tossed the rest or used the plaque to make a base for another model.
  9. What Dave said, but honestly, for something as simple as a Hornet canopy, I'm not convinced that it saves any time over the old-fashioned method. I think that it takes longer to line up the precut masks on simple shapes than it does to cover the canopy and cut along the frames. Even more so if the precut are in multiple pieces for one surface.
  10. They stall when the level of frustration/pain/aggravation exceeds either the tolerance level (if it's a subject that one simply has to have), or the fun threshold of the builder, generally.
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