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  1. Does anyone make troop seats for the cabin of the 1/32 Revell UH-1D kit? I have the current release of the gunship, but I want to build a slick. Wasn't there a release in the past that had the troop seats? Anyone have those floating around in their parts bin maybe? Thanks, Joe
  2. Yes, kit load charts are iffy and in many cases, flat-out wrong. What I was referring to, though , is that there are different limits for airspeed/Mach no./g-loading for the various underwing weapon configurations based on whether there is a single wingtip missile loaded, one or each wingtip, or no wingtip missiles.
  3. Don, I have most of what you want (fuselage and wing "454"s and the fin "NATC", but don't have the "NATC" for the wings (I used them for another project). I'd be happy to send what I have, but would also let you know that the Red Gekko F2G sheet (RG-005) includes markings for 454 as well as several other airplanes (both military and racing schemes), if you care to look for that. Having used some of the RG decals and also the War Eagle ones, the RG decals are of a higher quality. Not surprising as there is about 25 or so years between when they were made...
  4. Methinks you misread his statment. They flew a missile shoot that launched AIM-7s (expended the missiles) while carrying CATM-9 on the wingips. Which, for a Hornet, isn't really unusual as they tend to want to have the Sidewinder on the tip (live or inert) as it helps with aeroelastic response of the wing. Baby Hornets have a convoluted matrix of limitations that varies with what is under the wing, and also with whether or not there are missiles on the wingtips. Also, an expended missile doesn't have an inert motor, it has an expended (burned) motor; it has nothing inside anymore. An iner
  5. No, BRU-61 is not authorized on an F-18.
  6. Well, I am buying new, and the only Hasegawa kit that I could find at the usual places I deal with was an FA-18D. So I ended up ordering a pair of Kinetic 48030 FA-18A+/B/CF-188 kits for my Blue Angel single- and two-seaters. Price was about the same as the Hasegawa D. Probably going to do the 1987 season on at least one of them.
  7. OK. Since I'm not interested in opening the refuel probe or folding the wings, it sounds like Hasegawa might be the better option for me. I'm planning a couple of Blue Angel jets.
  8. How do they compare (particularly in fit and ease of assembly)?
  9. I'll likely pick up a Tamiya F-4B, as I wish to build the VF-111 jet they include. In all honesty, however, Hasegawa's kits are perfectly acceptable to me (raised panel lines or not) for what I want to accomplish. I don't typically open canopies, so I don't really care if every switch and dial is correct in the cockpit, and once on the shelf, you can't see if all the wheel well detail is there or not.
  10. For those of us who don't give a rat's derrierre about contests and IPMS rules, "OOB except..." is a convenient, easy to understand way of communicating what went into a model, when one is referring to small enhancements like use of a resin seat or wheels, or adding weapons to a Hasegawa jet. When one starts going it a list of upgrades or changes that require moderate to major surgery (full resin cockpits or wheel wells, etc.), not so much. So I, for one, will continue to use that description as it is an apt description for most of what I build.
  11. I don’t think any of the options readily available are really intended to be built gear-up, but I’d say that the option that would probably be the least hassle to build that way would be the Hasegawa offering (which is actually an F4U-1A; it lacks the inner wing pylons that make a -1D a -1D).
  12. That would be me. There's only 1 F-14 I'm interested in buiding, ergo only 1 kit needed.
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