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  1. USS Lexington found in Coral Sea

    That's why I said, "normally". The convention was for the CO to lead the first division, in X-F-1, and the XO to lead the second division, in X-F-10. Under the operational necessity present at the time leading up to the Coral Sea battle, complying with convention obviously was less important than getting the proper equipment to the units going into battle - it wasn't "normal" circumstances.
  2. USS Lexington found in Coral Sea

    I think the XO led the second divison, consisting of the 4th, 5th, and 6th sections, and as such the XO would normally fly the number 10 airplane.
  3. I always pictured a DC-8; the implication being that he'd be out of the navy and a civilian cargo job would all he'd be able to get...
  4. OT: PC speakers wattage

    As a music teacher, do you have a stereo in your classroom (amp + speakers)? If so, can you take the output from your PC and input it to the stereo and play it through that system? So you have the video on the screen, but the audio coming through the external system.
  5. Can a F-14 be flown by the RIO?

    No. No flight controls in the rear cockpit.
  6. T-38A vs T-38C external differences

    Maybe the intakes. But I think that TPS may have some T-38Cs now?
  7. Trying to upload photos from phone to computer

    Dropbox. Upload from your device, download onto the computer.
  8. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    My other main hobby is music. I started playing trumpet again a year or two ago and play with a couple community bands in the area.
  9. 1/48 Italeri F7F-3 Tigercat

    True, but the main gear is strong enough to hold the weight. Just make sure you protect the little tie-down rings on the bottom of the struts; they are NOT strong enough to hold up. It takes a LOT of weight - pretty much every empty spot in the nose, plus the whole nacelle forward of the main gear bay needs to be filled with lead to (barely) hold the nose down. It is prototypical to prop up the tail, though, or to just let it rock back on the tail as long as you extend the nose oleo. There are photos of Tigercats in that pose - empty fuel tanks lets the CG shift so it sits on the tail.
  10. Touch ups after decaling

    The only time tape won't pull up a decal is when you WANT it to.
  11. Decals for Tornado F3 in ODS

    Desert Storm was the US part of Gulf War I. As the US doesn't, or didn't, fly the Tornado, there could be no Tornado participation in ODS. The British operation was Granby, IIRC.
  12. How to Protect Paint in Movable Parts

    Really, there isn't anything that will prevent paint rubbing off if there is contact. Even 1:1 articles are not immune. Some paint will stand up better than others, but moving surfaces will wear through the paint. The only way to be sure is to have enough clearance so the surfaces don't rub, or not to move them at all.
  13. Horrifying Landing!

    Some do, but the main runways are typically aligned with the prevailing winds, more or less. The runways not aligned so may or may not be long/wide/strong enough to handle large aircraft. If there are strong winds off the main runway directions, ya do what ya gotta do (meaning fly a crosswind approach and landing).
  14. What's the worst kit you ever built? (60s-today)

    Unicraft XF14C. Get one, build it, and THEN tell me just how bad your Kitty Hawk whatever is. I DARE you.
  15. ProModeler Blue Angels A-4 1/48

    Darren's right. The Hasegawa Blue Angel release is the one with the parts unique to the BA jets (SF intakes and a white metal boarding ladder housing).