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  1. Touch ups after decaling

    The only time tape won't pull up a decal is when you WANT it to.
  2. Decals for Tornado F3 in ODS

    Desert Storm was the US part of Gulf War I. As the US doesn't, or didn't, fly the Tornado, there could be no Tornado participation in ODS. The British operation was Granby, IIRC.
  3. How to Protect Paint in Movable Parts

    Really, there isn't anything that will prevent paint rubbing off if there is contact. Even 1:1 articles are not immune. Some paint will stand up better than others, but moving surfaces will wear through the paint. The only way to be sure is to have enough clearance so the surfaces don't rub, or not to move them at all.
  4. Horrifying Landing!

    Some do, but the main runways are typically aligned with the prevailing winds, more or less. The runways not aligned so may or may not be long/wide/strong enough to handle large aircraft. If there are strong winds off the main runway directions, ya do what ya gotta do (meaning fly a crosswind approach and landing).
  5. What's the worst kit you ever built? (60s-today)

    Unicraft XF14C. Get one, build it, and THEN tell me just how bad your Kitty Hawk whatever is. I DARE you.
  6. ProModeler Blue Angels A-4 1/48

    Darren's right. The Hasegawa Blue Angel release is the one with the parts unique to the BA jets (SF intakes and a white metal boarding ladder housing).
  7. ProModeler Blue Angels A-4 1/48

    The kit decals vary. They are printed sharply; the variabilty is with the yellow. It is printed over a white base coat to make it opaque, but the white base doesn't quite match up with the yellow over it. I've seen several sheets, and the yellow overlaps the white around the edges by varying amounts. That's why it looks "fuzzy". If you don't have 2 sets of decals to double up and make the edges more opaque, get an aftermarket set.
  8. I don't have any parts for you, but I do have a tip on how to fix the cowl step. Easiest way to do that is to enlarge the hole in the front fuselage where the engine mount fits. Make the bottom of the hole larger, so you have an oblong hole rather than a round one so the engine, and therefor the cowl, will sit lower on the nose.
  9. F6F-3 Hellcat (another question)

    The painting spec for the mid-war "three-tone" scheme specified semi-gloss on the upper wings, and NS on the upper fuselage and leading edges. The 3-tone scheme was actually a 4-color scheme.
  10. F6F-3 Hellcat (another question)

    Except the X5042 are modern colors; not necessarily the same as the ANA colors they replaced. The ANA colors are what you need to match, since the FS system didn't exist at the time. I don't recall the ANA numbers, but GSB is NOT the same color as NS Sea Blue. It's more than just gloss vs. flat, although the NS and SG Sea Blues in the ANA series were different sheens of the same color.
  11. Modern VFA-103 loadouts?

    I believe you misunderstood. The pylon orientation was intended to FIX a potential separation problem that was discovered while wind tunnel testing the design. Whether or not it would have been a problem on the full-size jet will never be known; no bombs were ever dropped from a straight-pylon jet, nor will any ever be.
  12. Modern VFA-103 loadouts?

    Yep. Pylons were toed out because the wind tunnel data said that 2 specific stores in particular load configurations and release conditions might hit the fuselage.
  13. Calling on Super Hornet Experts

    That is the ALE-50 towed decoy dispenser. Yes, it is removable, and is fitted to the FA-18E/F. The EA-18G does not use that system.
  14. Have the US Navy Blue Angels switched to the F-18E/F yet?

    That says that Boeing has a contract to do the design work and figure out what it will take to modify the jets. I'd be surprised if the modifications are very different from what had to be done to the legacy birds, just tweaked for the newer design.
  15. Boeing F4B-4s

    Starfighter decals are first-rate. You should have no issues with them using standard decalling techniques. As for the resin interior, Starfighter's product is nice and the one for the F11C fit well. You're right about the small opening, so it's up to you to decide if it's worth it.