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  1. While the Tesla sedans are rather good-looking, that thing they're calling a truck is hideous!
  2. Drop me a PM and I'll take a look; I may have a Monogram Phantom pylon or two in the parts box. You're welcome to them if I do, in fact, have them.
  3. Drop me a PM; I may be able to help you out with at least some of what you need.
  4. Looking for 1/48 C-47 decals. Prefer a set from a Monogram kit, either the original or "Classics" release that included "Buzz Buggy" as that is the airplane I'd like to build, but realistically any markings as long as they're US in the OD/gray scheme - D-day stripes preferred. Willing to trade or purchase. Joe
  5. Pretty much concur with Geoff's assessment, with the proviso that the CGI flying scenes were, IMO, WAY over the top. Those scenes, to me, looked like I was watching a video game. But my son enjoyed it.
  6. They also recently found USS St. Lo off the Philippines, on the edge of the Marianas Trench.
  7. I don't have the DVD in question, but have you tried to take a screen shot of the page you want, then print it out from that? I'm assuming that you are able to read the articles off the DVD as it is intended.
  8. Someone please answer the original question; I'd like to know as well.
  9. In 1988, Discount Hobbies (the mail order place that was in Utica, NY) was advertising the 1/48 Monogram B-17G and B-24D for $10.87 each, and the 1/48 B-29 for $12.50. Given that they were also asking $5.29 for the Monogram Tomcat, and Squadron was offering the same Tomcat for $8.50 in the same magazine, and applying the same percentage difference in price, the retail for the B-17 and B-24 at that time works out to about $16, and about $18.50 for the B-29. This assumes that the Squadron prices listed were full retail, as was their normal pricing strategy. Source was the Feb 1988 issue of FSM.
  10. But what it costs is very relevant to many modelers. Dimishing disposable income is not uncommon today - cost of living goes up but wages don't necessarily keep pace, so $40 for a Monogram kit is a lot easier for many to swing than a c-note plus. And it's not too hard to find Monogram B-17s at a show for quite a bit less.
  11. Kits World does 1/48 and 1/72 decals for "Ye Olde Pub". They're printed with markings for the B-17 and Bf-109 that didn't shoot them down.
  12. While it's nice that a new kit is coming out, for me it's not worth the additional $ (retail is probably going to be north of a C-note) just to get an open bomb bay when I have 2 original-issue Monogram kits on the shelf. Especially when I got them for $10 each - with new decals for both I'm still less than $40 in. Now, when they get around to a late model with staggered waist guns and pumpkin tail turret, that's a different story...can't get there from the existing kits without a lot of work that I don't really want to put into a project.
  13. The AD had nothing to do with it; Skyraider was a Navy airplane, as was the Bearcat. Neither of them would have even been considered by the AAF at the time.
  14. I'm gonna go with "less expensive to operate". Follow the money...
  15. The serial on the tail says it's not a D-5. 42-72xxx would be D-20 or D-25 (depending on the last 3 digits).
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