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  1. I have some nice and interesting commemorative pins you can place next to your finished model or collar or cap. Thought the ARC forum member will find good use of it to cheerish them for commemorative reasons. This pin is made by high quality stainless steel coated with clear epoxy. Each pin comes with a post card on the subject. The size is shown in the photos below. You can have EACH pin for only USD$10.00 inclusive of P/H. I will post it to anywhere you live from Malaysia. I take payment by paypal only. If you are interested, please email me datokim@gmail.com Please specify which of the below pin you are interested. Thanks for looking. You have a nice day SR-71 "BlackBird" 1964 - 1990 BYE BYE Concorde 1969 - 2003 The Red Arrow 100 Years of Flight 1903 - 2003
  2. Dong, I am interested on this item: Has. F-16C "Ramstein" (some assembly) + BB "A" Cockpit + PWMP Dutch MLU Update $30 PM sent. Thanks.
  3. email sent to enquire these 3 kits from you, mate. Thanks. 1/32 REVELL MIG-29A FULCRUM BAGGED (X2) $40 EACH 1/32 REVELL MIRAGE III $20
  4. Roy, From the above posts you have made many attempts to sell your 1/32 Tamiya F-14A "Black Knight" with the Irain update & decal goodies. You even begged us to make you an offer. I made you an offer and TWICE you confirmed to sell it as you needed the money urgently. Guess you are NOT a man of of your word then. I am very disappointed. Consider I am very lucky not paying you.
  5. Roy> Thank you for accepting my offer. You are the man of your word. I am waiting your confirmation to close the deal to welcome AliCat into my Cat Collection. Meow...meow...
  6. Bob> email sent on the below 4 big kits! Tamiya F-4C/D Phantom = $65 Tamiya F-4J Phantom = $65 Tamiya F-4E Phantom = $85 Trumpeter MiG-21UM w/Verlinden cockpit = $45 cheers, migky
  7. I am looking for a Academy Su-27 "Russian Knight" decal or 1:48 Begemot 48006 - "Russian Knight" Decal. Anyone has a copy to sell? Kindly PM. Thanks.
  8. PM sent for your kind consideration.
  9. Hi All, I will be visiting beautiful Italy for my summer holiday 2010. I will be staying a while in Milan. Would appreciate if you can help me with interesting hobby shops in Milan, so I can kill my time there. Grazie
  10. Sob...sob...that is alright. A long shot here, mate Thanks.
  11. Your stuffs are incredible cheap! PM sent........
  12. Update> Already found a Revell 1/32 Mirage 3 with TigerWings Kfir Decals. Anybody has a TacScale Dynamics 1/32 Kfir resin conversion to let go. I am interested to get it for my uncle. Please PM. Thanks.
  13. Holy cow...the stuff you have here. My keyboard is wet with my dripping saliva already. Wonder about the 1/32 Cutting Egde Wild Hare F-16XL Conversion. I have a 1/32 Kangnan 1/32 F-16XL. Any good for this kit? Good luck, mate!
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