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  1. Revell 1/144 Straight Wing B-52G Stratofortress 34th BS @ 1992.
  2. I started this build many years ago when I got a cheap partially assembled ACE (Revell) 1/144 767-300 kit with Liveries Unlimited partial EVA decals. I cut it down to a 200, sourced a radar dome from a Revell E-3A AWACS kit , sprayed some medium gray paint on some parts and promptly put it back in the box in preparation for one of my many moves about 15 years ago. As I have decided to not buy any new kits this year (fingers crossed) and complete some or most of my hangar queens. The fact that CTA (Russia) released a resin conversion kit with decals prompted me to decide that this will be project No 1. Please follow the thread https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=11761&p=projects&project=3949
  3. After first applying a couple of thin layers of Testors enamel Glosscote, I let them dry over night on Friday and applied the final layer of Testors Enamel Dullcote (rattlecans) on Saturday. Today, I superglued the outriggers, then outrigger and main gear doors, and lastly the missing .50 cal barrel. I then touched up the guns barrels and engine exhausts with dark metallic grey paint. I am quite pleased. Not perfect, but I have learned much and will use that knowledge to better build my next bevy of BUFFs. My thanks to Jonah for creating and printing the custom decals for B-52G 57-6520 in 34th BS, 366th WG markings circa 1992. C'est finis! Enjoy the last 8 photos. My friend is due to stop by in a couple of hours. He has an inkling, but I am not sure he knows exactly what is in store.
  4. Dutch

    B-47 suggestions?

    Good work, Rick! You have earned "The Dick Tracy Award" for this month! Keep up the great work!
  5. Dutch

    USMC CH-46

    My apologies Dave. Old age setting in again. Can't remember !@#$ anymore.
  6. Dutch

    USMC CH-46

    I am pretty sure that Dave Roof of MAW decals has artwork prepared for the USMC rescue schemes, but not yet printed in 1:48 scale. Search the Helicopter forum for it. I think he uploaded profiles at one point. R/ Dutch
  7. Dutch

    RAF Lakenheath photo thread

    Niels, What a beauty! Yes, Gary, more pics please.
  8. Dutch

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    Great. I have a few sheets to order. R/ Dutch
  9. John, I was wrong. I have a 80% sheet for the Williams Brothers 1/72 Lockheed 10 Electra. It includes markings for: USN R3O-1 , USCG XR2O-1 #383, Delta NC14990 and missing the Eastern parts, but I do have the small reg NC14958 & large NR16020 & red trim for Miss Earhart's around the world attempt. Send me a line and I will email you a photo. Not sure if it will fit the Northrop Gamma. R/ Dutch
  10. Dutch

    Good Aftermarket Military Decals?

    I hate to mention that CanMilAir is out of the decal business as of Aug 2018. That said, he printed on demand, so no huge stockpiles are resident. You may still find some of his decals available on eBay or other resellers from time to time. I have ordered directly from both Vector144 & BestFong. Very reliable and quality is ok.
  11. Dutch

    Hobby Shop in Tampa?

    There used to ba a hobby shop in Largo, but it went out of business around 2009 / 2010. You could look up the local IPMS club: The Pelikan Model Club.
  12. Does anyone know if IPMS Nederlands or anyone else ever issued decals for a 1/144 KLu KDC-10 for the Revell KC-10 kit? Just curious. I'd be interested in obtaining a set. R/ Dutch
  13. Dutch

    LF 1/72 F-4E Decals

    Bill, I have Modeldecal sheet #16 with two early F-4E options: "Here Come the Judge" JJ 208 and "Wreckin' Crew" JJ 079. Let m know if you are interested. $10 postfree. R/ Dutch
  14. John, I think I have some Golden Era TWA decals, not sure what aircraft. let me look when I get home tonight. R/ Dutch
  15. LF: Attack Squadron 1:72 #72064 C-130J Sponsons PM with price or trade wants. R/ Dutch
  16. Dutch

    Auroroa 1/108 (?) C-141A Aftermarket

    Don, when I built mine back in the late 1970s, the Aurora decals were dried and cracked and the colors were way too light anyway. I don't think I was too concerned with accuracy back then, just good enough. I used generic Microscale US insignia and USAF titles (not sure of exact size, but looked close enough), MS black striping for the wing and tail walkways, the MAC tail band and badges from an Airfix 1/72 C-130E kit and I think the serial and possibly the MAC badges from a MS 1/72 C-130 decal sheet (#72-194?). There are generic number & letter sheets available, as well as the old Microscale USAF Command Insignia sheet #72-190 for the MATS / MAC badges. As to the MAW badge, a custom print may be in order.
  17. Dutch

    Hobby Shop in Tampa?

    Try local Michael's and HobbyLobby stores. They put coupons in the mail every two weeks or so. Michael's usually has a 50% off one item coupon, but the selection is rather limited. HobbyLobby is a bit further for me, so I don't get by there too often.
  18. 11Bee, that really is some amazing work. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and struggles with us. I like to see your forethought and planning as you went about the build. The results certainly are astonishing. Kindest regards, Dutch
  19. Thanks, brother Jonah, brother Ray and brother Don! Wow, I have quite a model family here! I applied some Micro Sol and Set to the horizontal stab walkway decals and they snuggled down very nicely over the vortex generators. Now for a gentle wash and clear coats. I accidentally broke off one of the rear gear legs, so super glued it back on. I hope the tires will all sit level. Don, yes the windows are Caracal decals. They are slightly off center, but i will do a better job in filling and sanding the frames on my next Revell Buff builds.
  20. Dutch

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    Thanks Paul. And please take note Kursad. I will buy another 1/72 B-52G for the Arkansas Razorback scheme!
  21. Spent about 1.5 hours this afternoon applying all the little data decals from Caracal CD144005 B-52H sheet. Thankfully, many are grouped together, making placement easier. However, I noticed that soem of the spacing is off from the Revell molded in detail. I am sure Kursad used the correct USAF Tech Orders, so Revell's spacing is probably suspect. Anyway, decalling is complete. Check out photos #57-60 in the SCM album. Now, I just need to seal with clear coat and add the wheels and doors. Good thing, my friend is coming to town this week, so it should be done just in time.
  22. Dutch

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    Quick question for all you Buff experts. What color was the large USAF on the upper stbd wing of B-52Ds in SEA camo; blue or black? I think Monogram had it in blue in their kit. I only ask, because my Vector144 B-52D decals include a black one. I can substitute a blue from one of my Microscale sheets, if necessary. R/ Dutch