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  1. True, Brother Ray. But possibly including one on a future announced KC-135 or Convairliner sheet would be an interesting subject. Kursad said he might do airliner decals, so just food for thought. Kursad does like to surprise us. R/ Dutch
  2. Oh, I just found a Minicraft C-47 kit with FAA decals.
  3. Or this one, Douglas DC-3 / C-47.
  4. Kursad, How about an FAA sheet with multiple subjects? Hmm, probably 1/144 scale as most are transports. But the good news is that most are available as kits. Here is a DC-7:
  5. Tom, Yeah, maybe I should send a letter. It might have a better impact. Anyway, these markings are available on Wolfpak 72-122 decal sheet, but for a couple of different serial numbers. What does the instruction sheet say? Are you building 1/72 or 1/144? Let me know if you need help as I have this sheet. I can send a copy of instruction sheet to you. Or email Mark S. @ Wolfpak decals. R/ Dutch
  6. Yes, USMC hi-viz & lo-viz (TPS) Hercules markings would be most welcome in 1/72 and 1/144, especially KC-130T-30 164597 of VMGR-452 (tail code NY).
  7. @82Whitey51, Andy, Calm down. We all make aircraft identification mistakes. FLA ANG did indeed fly Hs, but those are still nice photos of Ds and the last one of Hs. @titan8251, We all have our ANG state preferences. I'm a NH guy. So far, I am not having much luck getting my state's markings in decals other than Caracal 1/72 & 1/144 KC-135R and Draw Decal 1/72 & 1/144 C-124, plus a few kits (1/72 RS P-51H & 1/48 CollectAire F-86L). So I am content to make my own.
  8. Way to go Dylan! And a very attractive scheme as well. Congrats.
  9. Woohoo! I will start building a B-52G & H now!
  10. Derek Terrific work thus far, particularly the cockpit / pilots and the bomb bay. In case you're wondering, Kursad said that he will release a tall tail B-52 sheet, possibly more. So you should have some markings to choose from before too long. R/ Dutch
  11. @pminer, Ah yes! The old firecracker/ bottle rocket trick. Performed it myself a time or two, or three, or four... You get the idea.
  12. Kursad, Could you release a "foreign" C-135 sheet with markings for: Chile, France (early basic is ok, if the special 50 ANS scheme is not there yet), Singapore, Turkey & UK (RC-135W)? You have already done Singapore & Turkey in 1/72. The others in 1/72 would be awesome. Eventually I would love to see these all in 1/144 scale too. Thanks. R/ Dutch
  13. Wow! This post received almost a thousand views in eight months and not one reply! Also, it has remained the most recent post within this "Performance" thread during that same period. Is this thread dead?
  14. That is a very nice photo of the 101st FIS, 102nd FIG MASS ANG ramp at Logan. What is interesting to note is the variation of the markings: e.g. F-94A 15500 with a shark mouth. While it looks like the tip tank seagull markings are uniform, only birds #3 & 4 have the seagull badge on the nose. Also of interest are the three TB-25K radar trainers, C-47 & T-6 squadron hacks parked in the background. The C-119 must be visiting, as the MASS ANG never flew those. The 133rd FIS, 157th FG, NH ANG flew both the F-94A & B for a few years in the mid 1950s, before converting to F-86Ls. I know I have a couple of b&w photos back at home and will see if I can upload them here. NH also flew the T-33 as a companion trainer. I have a photo of a T-33 port side with a large "Wildcat" badge on the nose. I will check the other F-94 photos when I get home. R/ Dutch
  15. Kursad, Will CD144020 SAC B-52G/H Part 1 be released in the September batch as well? Just curious. R/ Dutch
  16. Dave, Any chance of releasing VMGR-152/252/234/352/452 & VMGRT-253 KC-130F/R/T high-viz and TPS decals in 1/72? I'd settle for TPS schemes for now. High viz can come later. You know my choice: KC-130T-30 164957 of VMGR-452, NY. K/r, Dutch
  17. And, on eBay, there is a 1/48 snap-fit DHC-6 Twin Otter [wheels or floats] for $22 + $12 postage. I am in no way affiliated with the Ebay site.
  18. I would like to update this thread for a minute now that I have received some new information. I received some scans of official drawings for the Cosmopolitan and Argus from the CAF Aircraft Finishing and Marking Guide via Chris. I have already shown the Cosmo drawing above, so I will now give an update on the Argus. I do not have a drawing to post, as it is on a different computer, but I do have the measurements. From the official Argus diagram, I know the base length (130”) and have determined the height (77.625”). I can then use a basic geometry calculation to determine the splice angle. Tan (of angle) Theta = opposite / adjacent Theta = tan-1 (opposite / adjacent) Theta = tan-1 (77.625/130) = tan-1 (.59711) Theta = 30.840 deg Let’s round up to 31 deg as my estimated height measurement may be off a little. Remember, this is the overall lightning bolt angle, so the "splice" angle is half the overall value, or 15.5 deg. Close, but not equal to the Cosmo angle of 15 deg.
  19. According to Hannants website. Airwaves has reissued AES72037 1/72 B-52G/H wingtop tanks for £17. Ouch! But a necessary fix to the mis-shaped AMT/ERTL & Modelcollect tanks.
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