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  1. Hello folks! Set will be sell here very soon - http://www.coopersmodels.com/catalog/item/8339968/9478245.htm
  2. Tried to "dry assemble" parts. It's OK I think. Only need to make and print instruction scheme.
  3. Hi Terry! It is too early to speak about the price:) But I think the cost will be near $50.
  4. Of course, I modified the part of fuselage. It was stretched by 2,1 cm. Also I redid the nose cone shape. Front windows are without frame.
  5. Yes, I make it for Trumpeter kit. I think set can be fit to Monogram kit with some work.
  6. First cast of fuselage half. Set will be ready to sell very soon:)
  7. The last fight:) I have started to make molds finally.
  8. Hi everyone! Got decals from Begemot yesterday. Conversion will be released very soon:)
  9. Thank you Denzil! Hi Jeff! Thank you. I plan to make AC-47T next.
  10. I don't know, sorry. I have no Monogram model for comparison.
  11. Some progress. New spinner and wing tips.
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