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  1. Xtreme Modelers Studio spammed a bunch of pics of a G conversion set on the 1/48 Hobby Boss CH-47A thread a while ago but have since gone silent. I hit them up on their Facebook page with no reply so…….no idea if it’s still planned.
  2. Thanks 11Bee, I meant to include a pic of the dispenser with the original post but got sidetracked. As far as I’m aware the buckets were only on Navy Sierras and Romeos. It’s possible that Army Mikes have them now but not entirely sure. Here’s an image of the dispenser fairing.
  3. I’m building the 1/35 Academy boxing MH-60S for a co-workers daughter who flies in the Navy. She’s out on cruise right now and I have until Thanksgiving or so to finish. I’m missing the flare/chaff bucket housings that come in the Kittyhawk kit. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to part with them and I’ll pay for them and shipping. I would ask over on the classifieds section but figured I’d get more traction over here. Thanks in advance Mike
  4. Kursad, I know you’ve been busy launching our other highly anticipated subjects like the KC-135A/E and B-47 sheets but how is the the SAC B-52 part 2 sheet progressing? Again, no pressure just curious. Thanks in advance
  5. We’ll, the answer is kinda subjective. It depends on what you find important ie; shape, detail, panel lines etc. For me, it will become the leading -47 on the market. The HB kit should make a fairly accurate A, B or C model with only a few small modifications. It’s just when they move on to the D model that the HB kit will really start distancing itself from the Italeri kit. The killer is the aft pylon detail on the Italeri kit with its ‘trenched’ work platform and hydraulic bay outlines. But the Italeri aft pylon shape is more accurate than the HB, which is too long, so there are tr
  6. That’s very kind of you Dutch, but I’ve seen your work and there’s no reason for you to be jealous! I’ve learned a thing or two from you as a matter of fact. Regarding your question, I’ve only seen TPII inlets with the Ram panels. I haven’t seen, or I can’t find any TPI intakes with Ram. That’s obviously not saying they weren’t mod’d later though. Maybe Mr. Vark could chime in here and give us a definitive answer. Mike
  7. Thanks Dutch! Over the years I’ve built the A using the old Three Guys sheet, a 157th E model using custom printed decals and finally an 157th R using Kursads decals. His new -135 sheet should help me complete my Pease collection and let me move on to the SIOP and Dark Vark FB’s............... which happen to need new decals of they’re own (wink-wink Kursad😉)
  8. So it’s looking like we were correct in our assumption that it would be a scaled down version of Trumpeters 1/35 kit. The large parts are nearly identical along with the parts break down. Here’s a link http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=1603&l=en
  9. Sorry I can’t help with parts but there’s a left wing assembly available on EBay. I’ve purchased single spues this way previously.
  10. I’m with you Tim, I didn’t see it at first either. You got any of that sandwich left?🤷‍♂️
  11. There’s nothing in there. It’s a hold over from the A through C’s which had the AFT transmission oil coolers mounted flat to the deck. They changed the layout of the screens and the method of access from earlier models but as far as the D and F models, it’s empty.
  12. I hadn’t but now I have! Looks good! Sorry I couldn’t help sooner 👍
  13. I guess, with this being a ‘what if’ build, you could go in either direction. You could copy an actual in theater customer such as the Brits and model it after HC mk6 or possibly a Japanese CH-47JA with enlarged fuel tanks and radar nose. I’m not real familiar on the German requirements but I’m sure you could research those and add the cabin door hoist and various antennas if needed. The 1/72 MH-47E kit should give you everything you need except the regular non-radar nose.
  14. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, how did the crew secure their Air-60’s in the window when not in use. For example, we Hookers would bungee cord ours in the forward or aft direction when mounted, to prevent them from blowing around. Just curious how you Hawk guys secured yours. Thanks in advance
  15. I got an answer for you Don. This is a quote from ex-Bone avionics guy. “We think the antenna is part of the block 16 upgrades that replace the APQ 164 forward looking radar with SABR-GS which is just a much more capable synthetic aperture radar and integrates with the mapping and sensor operation. Just makes it more capable as far as situational awareness in the cockpit.” He also mentioned the black is a RAM coating associated with the SABR-GS. All this is mentioned in the following article. https://www.airforce-technology.com/news/newsnorthrop-introduces-n
  16. There are 4 “antenna” in that area, it seems the black semi circle corresponds with the direction of orientation. I suspect Habu may be right on this one😉
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