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  1. Title says it all. I know Lonestar re-popped them but the site is down currently. I’m working with the Academy kit to build an early A and it seems to have everything I need with the exemption of the open exhausts. Just wondering if anyone had a set they’d be willing to sell. I figured I’d get more traction here before posting in Buy/ Sell. Thanks in advance.
  2. Any news on these sheets, Kursad? Specifically CD72097. Thanks in advance
  3. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking Nigel’s work, I’m totally onboard with his work and definitely ordering a couple of his noses. It’s just that I’m interested in all these variations which we all seem to be discovering on a nightly basis it seems.
  4. @Corey https://www.markstyling.com/b52s5.htm Not sure about references, I’m sure we could reach out and inquire.
  5. Although this is only a rendering it shows it pretty well. I literally had no idea, I thought structural changes for EVS dictated the radome shape.
  6. Lol, in all fairness it was never THAT extreme but ya, she wouldn’t be happy!
  7. Nice work Nige! I’m watching from afar but I’m super impressed with your tenacity and skill!
  8. Anyone hear any news on this release? I’ve scoured the interwebs for the past few months looking for sprue shots or anything really and come up empty.
  9. I’m hoping Hobby Boss does an MH version after it releases its planned A and D models in 1/48 but as far as skis go; https://blackdog-model.com/a48049-1-48-ch-47-chinook-ski-accessories-set-1/
  10. I recommend thumbing through Mr. Vark’s 29 page in depth report and try to come up with your own conclusion. I say that not to be snarky but rather it’s all subjective. The things that I found important made the HB kit the better kit. I’ve also read posts where Mr. Vark, who actually flew the jet, found the Academy kit the better choice. It really comes down to what details YOU find more important that’ll determine the best kit. Neither kit is anything close to a perfect Vark, both have glaring issues, in different areas. But both have really nice aspects, in different are
  11. Hasegawa made a line of 1/72 F-111 kits 20 some odd years ago. They pop up on eBay regularly but are usually pricey. The Hase kits are very nice indeed.
  12. I built the HB FB-111A kit a couple years ago, which is essentially the same plastic. As Dave mentioned, the windscreen has a bulbous profile to it which throws off the look pretty drastically. The Squadron/Ozmods/Scaledown canopy fits fairly well with just a bit of work needed on the lower front edge to fair it in. The bomb bay doors are molded improperly. They molded them as two halves that swing open when in all actuality they’re two bi-folding pairs. If you plan to keep them closed then no problem but If you want them open you can get away with cutting each in half lengthwise a
  13. Very clean build, I like it! With the F-15 in the back ground it almost looks like FS 36251 Aggressor Gray possibly?
  14. I know this post is a few months old but it resonated with me, Bastian. Congratulations on finishing the job you’re Dad started. I know he must be proud as it’s a fine model!
  15. That talent on this forum always amazes me! Well done!
  16. No doubt! Those might be the nicest metal finishes I’ve seen!
  17. @Dutch we’ve got try to work VMA-322 from South Weymouth NAS into this sheet! http://skyhawk.org/article-unit/vma322
  18. Great pics! Nice to see ‘Big Sexy’ (the Chinook) leading the way!
  19. Title says it all. I know it’s a long shot but I’m looking for this set numbered 48056. Lonestar models bought the molds but hasn’t reproduced this set yet but I’m ready to start my conversion soon. Thanks in advance
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