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  1. Gwen, You got it at a bargain price. The book is still a good investment as to my mind it's the most comprehensive Vulcan book available (from the modellers perspective). It was a huge help during my research for the new Airfix kit as it includes every possible detail variation, individual airframe history and modifications, aircraft movements between squadrons and tech data. Bottom line, I think your boyfriend will find it very useful. You mention him replacing the upper surface of the nose but unfortunately the lower suffers from the same issue, although it's easier to sand
  2. Hi Gwen, I'm afraid there aren't any profile views in the book. I know exactly what you're talking about as I have the Aeroclub kit too and spent a long time modifying the nose to get the shape right. In the end I stopped, before burning through the thin vac styrene having being given the prototype 1/48th Icelandic Fine Arts resin kit from Alan Wilson (which had the same issue with the nose but overall a lot more accurate (and, of course, newer) than the old Aeroclub kit. It's quite hard to find accurate profile drawings of the Vulcan's nose, most, like the two kits mentioned, have them too b
  3. Thanks guys, agreed, Vulcan 607 is a great, inspirational read. If you want the ultimate guide to the Vulcan Mk2 that includes every variation of the aircraft throughout its life then get hold of a copy of Craig Bulmans 'The Vulcan B.Mk2 from a Different Angle', a superb reference work. Every Vulcan period is covered along with squadrons, equipment and final disposal. Thanks AD-4N, the Vulcan made a pretty good show of itself when displayed due to it's power and that large wing. I remember watching them at UK airshows in the mid 60s and being blown away by the noise and maneuverabi
  4. Thanks Dutch, that's very kind of you. Dave, thanks, yes this issue includes three nose configurations, two nose cones, one completely smooth, the other with a recess for fitting either just the TFR pimple, just the IFR probe or the IFR probe and TFR. Also included are two styles of exhaust jet pipes (Olympus 201 and 301), three styles of counterpoise ECM panel, (that fit between the rear end of the underside engine tunnels, either single or a pair, depending on the airframe), two tail fin caps, one the original smooth style and one with the rectangular AR18228 Passive W
  5. Hi all, been a long time since I've posted anything here, so thought I'd share one this with you. This is a model I finished for Airfix Model World, a few months ago and it featured in the March edition of the magazine. It is, of course, Airfix's all-new Avro Vulcan B.Mk2. Early in the project I was asked by Airfix to provide research for the kit, in particular detail photography, aircraft history and to select the colour schemes to be used. As for the kit itself, it was a pleasure to build, however there were a few annoyances (and minor omissions) along the way, which I covered at length in t
  6. Hi guys, it's been a very long time since I posted anything here so hopefully this will be first of many, in this case an early test shot of the much anticipated 1/72nd Airfix Buccaneer S.2C that I built back in June and appeared in last months issue of Airfix Model World. A great little kit with excellent fit, good detail, easy assembly and an accurate overall shape, thanks mainly to LIDAR, though there is a slight issue with the shape of the rear tailplane fairing which should be a smooth cone on the S.2C. The Buccaneer was fitted with three styles of rear tailcone fairing during it's life a
  7. Great breakdown Gabor, MV just seem to improve with every kit, the details are certainly more refined than with the earlier kits, (particularly noticeable with the instrument panel here). I'm sure new moulding techniques have helped a great deal. Ha, I think I have about the same amount of tweezers. I bought some Dspiae products at the MK show at the weekend including tweezers and single blade nippers, not cheap but superb quality. Add to that the now necessary reading glasses and headband magnifier and you know you're getting old!
  8. Look forward to your impressions Gabor. Strange not to release at least a few kits at the show but that's MVs (or BG) decision, may well be an opportunity missed. The An-225 is something else...I have several friends with orders in to buy the monster, personally, I'd be tempted to add an Amodel Buran to really top it off.
  9. Unfortunately it falls on the same weekend as the Milton Keynes show over here and I have meetings with folks already booked. ...Next year, however, is a different matter, I shall be there... Ha...you go get 'em Gabor...(I'd love to be there to hear the answer to the first one, but then again I think we know already 😉)
  10. Must agree Gabor, as you know I'm also really looking forward to this one, so many scheme options......enjoy Moson my friend, wish I could be there. Andy
  11. Thanks guys, your comments are appreciated as usual. There really isn't much need to weather these aircraft as they were kept pretty clean by the hardworking ground crews....so the decision not to do so was quite easy, (in fact I haven't weathered any of my white V-Bombers for that reason)... Thanks again, Andy
  12. Thanks guys, glad you like it, not a bad kit but needs a fair bit of correcting to get just right...Neo, the white finish wasn't really much of a problem to be honest..it's automotive acrylic decanted into the airbrush and applied in multiple layers at about 20 psi. Thanks again, Andy
  13. The kits vortex generators were sliced off and replaced using thin card after the fin flash was put in place, (much easier than trying to fit the decal over them!!). I also added the mainplane topside ones too..these are missing on the kit, The kits nose gear bay is pretty empty and needs a fair bit of extra work to improve including retraction struts, steering servos, door retraction stays, pipwork and electrical points amongst other things, One of the worst parts is the main gear bay doors as the interior surfaces are completely fictious, so I've added the dished inner skin and extra r
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