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  1. Date changed again to Dec 5th. https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/rnelpkqvaftddnyqafgm.html
  2. Your attention to detail is just awesome. Tamiya F-16 kit is brilliant out of the box. But adding so many little details needs a very keen eye. I was wondering what size of Albion tube you have used here?
  3. Looks like a beautiful kit. Hope it fits well. Looking forward to getting one.
  4. Dont wont to derail the thread but just one more point on Tamiya. I have not built a better engineered kit than Tamiya 32nd scale Zero. Their innovate ideas in the kit are better than their Spitfire I have built too. Having said this, just look at Bronco kits in 35th scale armor and their attention to detail. The quality of fit is amazing. The molding is sharp and detailed step by step instructions are very comprehensive. This I think is the future of our modeling world.
  5. Yes. Absolutely. Their 32nd scale kits are superb. My post was about their 48th scale planes and 35th scale armor.
  6. If you look at new kits from these various Chinese companies, Tamiya starts to look so dated. Their details are basic and although their molding, packaging is top class, it still feels Tamiya is stuck in 90s.
  7. Can agree more! That Gunze color is the most realistic undercarriage white.
  8. Very nice build. This is such an impressive kit. Beautiful surface details. The decals though are not in the box!
  9. Still nothing related to the kit.
  10. I sold my Kinetic kit to buy and build this kit.
  11. In my experience, eBay is the best place to buy. There are many legit Chinese sellers who offer great price with free shipping. The downside though is the kit takes time to arrive.
  12. This is very help and much appreciated. There is not a lot of aftermarket available for Rafale kit. There were few but it seems Wolfpack has discontinued them.
  13. Does anyone know of suggested retail price? It looks really good. Hopefully it fits well too. At times new companies make a mess of instructions.
  14. For an example, if I have to paint an F-16 in modern grey scheme, I dont find any color in Tamiya acrylic range. For me, Gunze Aqueous H series paints provide the best modern grey colors.
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