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  1. Are there any images of how those camera windows looked like? Are the cameras or other details visible through those windows? Could be fun scratch building those details.
  2. The decal sheet does not have any stencils. If not for the markings, does Almark sheet cover stencils for may be another version which can be used on this kit? The kit does not have a lot of parts but it covers all the RF-101B areas like cockpit consoles, the blanking plate of right shape and detail for the rotary weapons bay and antennas at the bottom of the modified nose. All these details are missing in KH kit. What a shame!
  3. I chose this kit over KittyHawk. I had Monogram F-101B kit already. Partially built it. Its cockpit, overall accuracy is much better than KH offer that I have read in reviews. RF-101B is the same kit but with another sprue for the the nose, cockpit consoles and additional clear parts for the underside camera windows. If kit decals dont work, may be looking for generic decals will.
  4. I finally got hold of Monogram RF-101B. Its 1980s vintage with raised panel lines. Nonetheless details are very sharp for its age and the cockpit is more than adequate, better by many miles the rubbish Kitty Hawk has produced in their more recent F-101 kit. The dilemma I have is that its a very old box and since the kit was produced in 80s, the little decal sheet it has seems to have badly aged. It seems like the decals may not even work! Do you guys know if there is any aftermarket decal sheet for RF-101B? Thanks
  5. I just checked. I dont have the Speed Hunter ANG sheet which has that marking but the Wild Weasel one. 😞
  6. Thanks Dave! I think I have this ANG markings.
  7. I wanted to know if F-16 is capable of carrying SDB. Googling for this, I find earliest reports from 2012 that SDB is being integrated to F-16. However, I m not sure if F-16 has carried SDB in combat. Would be grateful if you could confirm which units has carried the SDB on F-16, if at all. And pictures will always be more than welcome 🙂
  8. Sorry to sound foolish. But what is NTS and non-NTS?
  9. In my experience, HLJ has the best prices for Tamiya kits and if you could order two or three items together, it saves on shipping as well.
  10. White box review of the new kit. You will see all splendor of a brand new Tamiya kit here. https://ninetalis.com/reviews/aircraft/tamiya-1-48-p-38f-g-lightning/
  11. I have used crackle medium. It gives a great effect. But it also lifts up all the layers beneath the top layer revealing the plastic surface. So I dont know what is best way yet to use it. However, that surface seem to be broken and cracked. Crackle provides a good effect on the paint layer but not sure how to do this cracked surface effect. 🙂
  12. Looking at the sneak preview pictures, my guess is its some US aircraft from WW2.
  13. I m looking to trade my brand new, unstarted Kitty Hawk RF-101C & G/H kit. In the trade I m looking for Kitty Hawk F-101B Voodoo, kit no. KH80114. If anyone of you willing to do this trade, please contact. We will pay our shipping. Thanks
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