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  1. 'To our friends overseas, we havent forgotten you. So watch this space!' This comment from that announcement points to something in addition to selling the overstock. May be, may be not.
  2. Found this bit of exciting news on another forum. I hope it turns out to be true. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235089321-wingnut-wings-perhaps-not-out/
  3. Tamiya XF-20 looks like the closest color shade to my eye.
  4. Which means Kinetic cockpit was wrong!
  5. This is brilliant. I stand corrected. But lets see if I could reproduce this result. Now I m wondering if the cockpit instruments were micro painted or is it a decal? I have never been able to paint cockpit in such great detail. With the kind of detail this kit has, it deserves this attention to detail in painting.
  6. I sold my Kinetic kit to get this kit.
  7. Do all Phantoms always have a silver leading edge on its intake or it depends on the squadron/livery?
  8. Dave your MERs/TERs and Mk.82 bombs are just in time for this release 👍
  9. Isnt it always the case when a new release is announced? 😄
  10. Academy kit isnt bad at all. I m currently building it. Its better than Hasegawa. For double the price, you will not get any better value in ZM F-4 than what you get from Academy out of the box. Though the game changes when Tamiya kit comes to market.
  11. Any other company is not Tamiya and that is why expectation from Tamiya is much higher. Look at their F-16 kit. Its probably the best F-16 kit in the market. I have 4 of them. With such great quality and seeing how kit is jigged for a two seater (even its photo etched set has two set of seat belts!), is it unrealistic to expect from modellers like us to ask for a two seat version? As for how Tamiya sees the market, I dont know. F-4 market is crowded with ZM, Hasegawa and Academy kits. If Tamiya thinks it can sell a new F-4 in such a crowded market, why cant it give us new variants
  12. Okay may be not 'brilliant' but still not a bad kit. 🙂 Somewhere in between Hasegawa and ZM in terms of value.
  13. Absolutely! Probably Tamiya do market research somewhere else. I dont know why they came up with F-4 when Academy has a brilliant kit (I m currently making their fantastic F-4J Jolly Rogers) and Zoukei Mura has another amazing F-4 kit, granted a bit on expensive side. At the same time when you look at their 1/32 and 1/48 F-16 kits, both seem to be rigged and primed for two seat version which never showed up in last 16 years! Im sure this will be great quality kit. I m sure too it will sell in big numbers. But something tells me looking at the kits coming from Chinese
  14. Academy has a very good F-4 but this will be a Tamiya with its unique engineering and quality. Hasegawa is too old with raised panel lines. Having said this, did we really need another F-4 in 1/48?
  15. I hope they get the instructions right first time!
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