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  1. M1A2 Abrams TUSK I - Meng 1:35

    This is an awesome build and very inspiring.
  2. New Tool su-25?

    SMER makes both two and one seaters. But reviews are not that good. https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php?product_category_id=&product_division_id=&manufacturer_id=8210&code=&product_type_id=&scale_id=955&keyword_search=su-25&setPerPage=25&currency_id=11 Su-25 is a very interesting plane so there should be good representation of it in the model world. May be not from Kitty Hawk or Hobby Boss, making their fundamental mistakes, but some more reputable model manufacturer.
  3. Photobucket

    How do they define heavy users? We all cant be heavy users. We make models and we do it as a hobby, not doing this on commerical basis.
  4. F-15e Strike Eagle Weapons loadout

    I think I will go with @BoeingDriveropinion. Reason being he has seen the aircraft from very close. The F-15 info web page also almost seems to confirm what @Boeigndriver says. That scoops were installed on PW -229s and GE powered aircraft.
  5. F-15e Strike Eagle Weapons loadout

    So I m planning to build one of the jets covered in this decal sheet. Two Bobs 48-068 F-15E Saddam Hunters http://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p158.html To me it seems these planes do have scoops. The link below explains the differences and the necessity of scoop on the fuel tank. It also lists which squadron is flying an Eagle equipped with a particular engine. http://www.f-15e.info/joomla/technology/engines/101-engines I would still like experts to weigh in if the plane I m planning to build do carry this scoop.
  6. F-15e Strike Eagle Weapons loadout

    What is part 40a in this step? It seems like some kind of intake. Is it optional or every Strike Eagle has it?
  7. F-15e Strike Eagle Weapons loadout

    So finding that DLP/IDLP pod in 1/48 is the next challenge then. I dont think I have seen this pod in any weapons set. Edit : Revell kit, which I m building has the data link pod I m looking for. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/7/5/3/467753-90-instructions.pdf Step 47c.
  8. F-15e Strike Eagle Weapons loadout

    Which weapon is on the wing pylon and is that an IDLP pod on the centreline?
  9. F-15e Strike Eagle Weapons loadout

    I m building an OIF F-15e. So my intention is to make the weapons configuration used in real operations. Although I m not a rivet counter, but installing GBU-39 on an OIF F-15 for instance, would be chronologically and factually wrong.
  10. F-15e Strike Eagle Weapons loadout

    So it means SDB GBU-39 wasnt deployed in Iraq in 2003 but later.
  11. F-15e Strike Eagle Weapons loadout

    At the time of OIF, is it correct to say GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs was not deployed in service? As far as I have understood, it was not. Yes I have. Thats what @Murph shared :)
  12. F-15e Strike Eagle Weapons loadout

    So if I intend to build an OIF F-15e with two GBU-31 JDAMs on under wing pylons and centreline tank, will this be a hypothetical or practical loadout? This is barring what @Murph has shared in a link. A similar kind of configuration is suggested by Tamiya in their 1/32 Strike Eagle. Good thing now with Tamiya USA website is that you can download all manuals. https://www.tamiyausa.com/pdf/manuals/60312ml.pdf
  13. CD48056 - CAS F-16 Vipers

    Yes!! I think I saw these images but could not find them. This is what I meant. All the wheels in those CAS Vipers were either black or all of them were white. Depending on registration number, we must check our references.
  14. CD48056 - CAS F-16 Vipers

    So does this mean all examples included in this sheet had white nose wheel and black main wheels? Also, Tamiya includes AIM-9L/M missiles in all their boxes. If we are building the lizard camo Viper, we will need to backdate it to carry AIM-9J.
  15. Italeri Westland Wessex HU5

    After a long time!! As I had been working on different projects. In between I moved homes, Photobucket changed its policies and this project, though not abandoned got lost in events of life! In my new place, although bigger, I dont have dedicated space for my hobby cave. Hence I had been working in a makeshift workshop. On to the project. I m slowly moving toward completing the cockpit of the aircraft. The fuselage halves were glued as loading/passenger compartment was finished in previous posts. The front of the fuselage is now in place. The bottom of the fuselage is also in place now The vent provided in Eduard set, although intricately detailed has some size issues as do almost all Eduard parts. So I will remove it and cut it to size so that it fits properly Italeri kit windows dont sit flush in the window cut outs. The kit also does not represent the rubber sealing around the windows. In order to create the rubber sealing I m looking to wound the thinnest Evergreen plastic rod around the windows. Lets see how it goes.