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  1. Looking at those old pictures of missiles in 1980s, the color looks more like white but with gray undertone. I think Gunze H316 captures that color very well. Its neither totally white nor gray.
  2. With so many manufacturers coming from China recently, the world order in scale modeling is certainly changing. I find Meng, Bronco, GWH, Dragon to be producing some high quality kits. They are offering varied subjects with great detail and engineering at a very high frequency. My recent 5 purchases have all been from these manufacturers and I m quite fascinated by what comes in the box. All very good quality kits. Tamiya and Hasegawa, the more traditional manufacturers have been left quite far behind.
  3. Yes. Mr. Airbrush 770 is the one I m targeting for my Christmas shopping. It has great review both in terms of build quality and performance. Its half the price of Iwata and is equally. good.
  4. I use Iwata Revolution for all my work. Its a 0.5 mm nozzle. Recently I found out that for fine work like mottle on Luftwaffe aircraft, I need a fine airbrush. I did some shopping around and Iwata for super fine work are out of budget. However, Mr. Hobby has a 0.18mm air brush and it has great reviews. So I m looking to buy it soon. http://www.mr-hobby.com/en/itemDetail.php?iId=16
  5. And what if we dont find it there? That means this AMK kit is no good!! Another reason to trash this kit and do 250 more pages 🙂
  6. Let Grumman build the real F-14 in 1/48 only then we will be satisfied 🙂 🙂
  7. I found Monogram RF-101B kit after a lot of effort. The reason I went to look for it is because KH kit has some fundamental mistakes that to me at least are hard to fix. Like its cockpit, the filler plate underneath that replaces the weapons bay for RF-101B is missing. I had Monogram F-101B in Revell boxing and comparing the KH with Monogram, I felt keeping aside the raised panel lines, the Monogram kit is much better. The raised lines can be rescribed and you wont need to rescribe each and every line. For Monogram kit, the cockpit out of the box is so much nicer you will not need an aftermarket. There are some improvements needed of course but wont be so hard in the realm of modern day kit building.
  8. If that is the price for a 1/48, then thank you very much for your effort. I cant buy it.
  9. If the fit is as good as the build thread shows, this is a better kit than Tamiya. Lot more options. Lot more details.
  10. I think time to stop criticizing and start building the kit. It looks awesome on the build thread at Britmodeller.
  11. Are there any images of how those camera windows looked like? Are the cameras or other details visible through those windows? Could be fun scratch building those details.
  12. The decal sheet does not have any stencils. If not for the markings, does Almark sheet cover stencils for may be another version which can be used on this kit? The kit does not have a lot of parts but it covers all the RF-101B areas like cockpit consoles, the blanking plate of right shape and detail for the rotary weapons bay and antennas at the bottom of the modified nose. All these details are missing in KH kit. What a shame!
  13. I chose this kit over KittyHawk. I had Monogram F-101B kit already. Partially built it. Its cockpit, overall accuracy is much better than KH offer that I have read in reviews. RF-101B is the same kit but with another sprue for the the nose, cockpit consoles and additional clear parts for the underside camera windows. If kit decals dont work, may be looking for generic decals will.
  14. I finally got hold of Monogram RF-101B. Its 1980s vintage with raised panel lines. Nonetheless details are very sharp for its age and the cockpit is more than adequate, better by many miles the rubbish Kitty Hawk has produced in their more recent F-101 kit. The dilemma I have is that its a very old box and since the kit was produced in 80s, the little decal sheet it has seems to have badly aged. It seems like the decals may not even work! Do you guys know if there is any aftermarket decal sheet for RF-101B? Thanks
  15. I just checked. I dont have the Speed Hunter ANG sheet which has that marking but the Wild Weasel one. 😞
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