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  1. I was looking to buy this kit after reading some good reviews. But shelling out so many dollars on the kit and then having to buy after market to correct some basic mistakes!!? Its ridiculous and that wont work for me.
  2. My item has shipped and eBay has delisted this member. I dont know what happened. But hoping will get the item.
  3. Are those centreline pylons APU-170 or AKU-470? Asking because Kinetic instructions are not clear and I have not much idea about Russian jets.
  4. What is the number of those centre line pylons? Can these pylons be bought aftermarket? Kinetic kit dont seem to have them.
  5. I was looking at Su-33 stencils in Begemot sheet for Su-27. The stencils are by production batches. So I was wondering if I intend to build a Syria operation Su-33, how would I know which batch it belongs to? For example the three camo patterns in the thread, which production batches will they be?
  6. From the same seller I have bought Meng BuK SAM missile system. I would have never bought this kit at $80, the market price. But this seller had it priced for $27 including shipping to Canada. The kit is marked shipped. The seller has a eBay Power Seller badge so it cant be a fraud. But lets see.
  7. I want to build a Danish F-104 with all its variations in green color. I believe Danish F-104s were either ex-Canadian or ex-Luftwaffe F-104s.
  8. Thanks @Zactoman for such meticulous research. It would be great if we can create a thread with photos of Su-33. I was particularly interested how carrier borne Russian jets weather.
  9. Hasegawa is a beautiful kit. However, Hasegawa for some strange reason dont provide weapons or under wing fuel tanks. The extra details like radar and electronic bay at the back of the cockpit seems to be included in the kit. Those details are not available in Hasegawa kit. So this is a different product of the same aircraft model. Also one of the criticisms of Hasegawa kit is the wings are short in span as it seems the kit was designed from the plan drawings and the wing was not actually measured.
  10. Thats so true. I have a Meng M1A2 SEP. Its ready. All painted and done. But its tracks are so tedious, I got bored and shelved the model kit. I dont know why tracks have to be 'movable'. It adds so much work to the armor kit. Also, the other for stall for me has been that I started a kit and realised I dont have the skill yet to paint in certain way or scratch build a certain part
  11. I have been building Italeri Wessex for 4 years!! I have completed almost 80% of the work. It keeps stalling because of fit issues, too much scratch building due to very obvious details missed and some obnoxious fitting parts. Although such kits bring out creativity and challenges you to work on ideas and techniques you have never attempted, at the same time, the build becomes boring as it keeps meandering with end in sight.
  12. I have a damaged Tamiya F-16 kit. I will check if I have that part.
  13. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/05/for-those-of-yall-who-love-whiskey.html#more
  14. A good Su-25 kit was long overdue. Looking at their Su-17/22 kit and now looking at reviews of their 1/35 Blackhawk, I hope a good fitting and accurate kit. There will always be problems in the kits as its a subjective matter. But Kitty Hawk should be commended for attempting so many different subjects.
  15. Beautifully detailed. The engine is a killer. 👌
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