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  1. F-18A+ Splinter Aggressor

    I m looking to build this plane with this scheme and will buy Steel Beach templates. I too was intending to build Jorge's way of cutting my own masks using Tamiya tape. What an excellent build Jorge. As always, you set the benchmark.
  2. International shipping changes

    This is the second time I have been charged a sales tax. Earlier, the ebay item had the price wrong so I claimed and got the full refund. This time, the ebay price is the same as one declared on the package. So I dont think I can claim it. Deleted. Dont want to derail the thread.
  3. International shipping changes

    More recently, I have been slapped with an import duty on model kits I have bought from US. This adds to the pain of ever increasing shipping charges and then waiting forever for the kit to arrive from across the border with import bill attached on the parcel :(
  4. NSAWC F-16N Adversary Cockpit?

    The PAF F-16s were all A and B. When the agreement was signed to finally deliver the embargoed aircraft in 2006, they were still Block 15. They were then given MLU to bring them to modern version of F-16s with the kits purchased by Pakistan in the same deal. All PAF F-16A/Bs have been upgraded in Turkey by TAI.
  5. Pre-shading

    I use pre shading to create an effect of depth. If this effect is not created, a painted model will look like a toy. But this is subjective. I like pre shading and keep it subdued to create a subtle effect of depth. If pre shading is too stark, the model will still look like a toy, the effect we wanted to eliminate using pre shading. You can then do different shades of surface color to create more effects of depth called post-shading. You can use oils, pigments and all other conventional techniques to create a realistic model. It all depends on what you like and how like your model to be.
  6. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    That is true. Tamiya quality is consistent and the fit of their kit is awesome. It remains to be seen how AMK kit fits. Some Dragon armor kits were awesome in detail. Tamiya kits of same models looked plain enough. But Dragon kits were a disaster to fit. So details are a great thing as long as the kit fits well. My comment was because that wing aroused interest in me to consider buying an F-14 kit. I have not considered buying Tamiya or any other F-14 kit before for that matter.
  7. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    That wing is looking awesome. If thats the way the model kit will be in terms of detail, its going to beat Tamiya. Tamiya kit is too plain for today's plastic model kits anyway.
  8. Su-25 Frogfoot

  9. 1/48 Iraqi Mig-25 PDS - finished!

    Great stuff as always Romain. You have been an inspiration.
  10. Su-25 Frogfoot

    May be as mentioned, some Chinese company like the anonymous one that did a fabulous Su-33 kit, will do Su-25 one day. :)
  11. Su-25 Frogfoot

    I will be reluctant to buy Eduard sets. Over sized or under sized. With details too shallow or out of proportion. I was more interested in resin cockpit that I can fit in SMER kit currently available online at a civil price not ebay price :)
  12. International shipping changes

    Yes Kursad. I have found that ordering from US is more expensive than ordering from Japan or Hong Kong. This is extremely silly. Not just that the shipping charges are crazy, the USPS service is pathetic. Its like some Third World postal service, or even worse.
  13. Su-25 Frogfoot

    Who makes good cockpit set for twin seat Smer Su-25 Kit in 1/48?
  14. Kenetic C-17 - Any word?

    Go Tamiya way Raymond. Never announce anything unless fully sure of the release date.
  15. Su-33 R-27 missile question

    Other than FAB-500 bombs, which ground attack weapons did Su-33 carry in Syria mission?