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  1. https://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/urbans-color-reference-charts-part-i/urbans-colour-reference-charts-federal-standard/ Gunze H-61 and Tamiya XF-66 are shown to be match for ADC grey on this link. However, the color I have seen on F-101 Voodoo seems to be slightly bluish. Voodoo color is suggested to be ADC grey. May be its the way it shows in light. I have both H-61 and XF-66. To me , XF-66 looks like any grey while H-61 is grey but slightly green.
  2. These Images Of An F-22 Raptor’s Crumbling Radar Absorbent Skin Are Fascinating https://getpocket.com/explore/item/these-images-of-an-f-22-raptor-s-crumbling-radar-absorbent-skin-are-fascinating?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  3. Tamiya has discontinued P-47M kit. It was a wonderful kit. Confirmed by HobbyLink Japan in an email.
  4. It was a 737-800. Not MAX. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-03-21/china-eastern-airlines-passenger-jet-accident/100928004
  5. But have you seen their prices? Its like eBay. Some sellers are demanding as high as $105.
  6. I cant seem to find Tamiya P-47 kit in 1/48 anywhere in stock. I dont find P-47M (kit 61096) at all even when other two P-47s, the Bubbletop and Razorback, are listed but show as 'out of stock'. Are these kits discontinued by Tamiya? Does anyone know? Thanks
  7. If you are not using this decal sheet and are willing to sell, please let me know. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the info. There is no better Zero than Tamiya's. Be it 1/48 or 1/32, Tamiya Zero is the benchmark of kit quality and design. Lets see how Academy can better it.
  9. SBD Dauntless! I have been wanting to make one but after Accurate Miniatures in early 2000s, no one ever offered this famous aircraft in kit.
  10. Stopped buying any kit from this year onward. I have about 20 unbuilt. There are 4 in progress. So to finish the 4 first and then start and finish the unbuilt 20, will take a lot of time.
  11. Great posts Gregg. Keep going. Please dont stop. These are fantastic photos. I thought Harriers were retired. Is US Marines still flying them?
  12. Su-24 and Su-25. On Minibase or Great Wall standard.
  13. I can tell you of several Tamiya kits in which parts point to a next version that never showed up. We have seen several times on this forum people talking about F-16D in both 48th and 32nd scale which was never released. Challenger kit in 1/35 has parts in the kit which point to a future NATO version. That too was never released. But no one can stop you from dreaming. So dream on 🙂
  14. Finally got my MH_60R kit. I have to say in the box it looks impressive. The details are very sharp. I dont know how accurate or inaccurate it could be but as a kit, its substantial in terms of content.
  15. Does the F-4B kit includes the top tail section without the antenna?
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