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  1. Toronto Pearson airport is a beautiful, clean and well maintained airport. Great spacious lounges. I dont like Heathorw airport. Its dark and dingy. But their new Terminal 5, the British Airways hub, does not look the part of the old Heathrow. Its all glass structure and very spacious. I have also been to Amman, Jordan and the airport there is quite nice.
  2. That my question too @janissary. I was looking at the paint on the exhausts and it looks so realistic. How did you achieve this @crackerjazz ?
  3. Hope this helps
  4. Hasegawa weapons set E also has Sniper pod. It also has other ordnance and the quality of the detail is quite good.
  5. 1/32 Tamiya Zero is an absolute work of art. Beautiful cockpit, superb surface detail, excellent engineering and fit of the kit is just marvelous. 1/48 is no different.
  6. We have been waiting for a Tamiya F-16D forever. Knowing fully well their current F-16 kits are engineered to accommodate a two seat version. We have been waiting for D version in 1/32 since 2005 and for 1/48 since 2007. So by that logic waiting for F-14C or D version will be simply futile.
  7. It does not seem like its a flying aircraft. I dont think they can and should paint an airframe in open air. In the open, particles can stick in the paint that might be harmful to drying paint.
  8. Great stuff and following the progress closely.
  9. First I saw this one and was totally inspired. And now this thoroughly impressive build. It seems modelling Abrams is in fashion nowadays. :)
  10. Is this a Tamiya kit? M1A2 Abrams: $25
  11. Only on border areas with Afghanistan. Not inside Pakistan.
  12. Unfortunately whenever Pakistan is depicted in a movie, its either shown as some extension of Middle East or worst case, its represented by Indians. Both of these are biggest contradictions. IDF is a combination of letters which shows number plate was issued in Islamabad, the capital of the country. The combination is in serial. Like there would have been IDE, IDD before IDF. Then for each combination of letters, there is a combination of numbers starting from 000 to 9999, I think. The way its shown on an Indian Maruti brand jeep is even more ridiculous. The govt issues number plates and they have a set format not some hand painted plate. The people in the move are shown in Arabic costumes speaking Arabic. No one in Pakistan speaks Arabic. They can read it but speak their own language. This movie was written with direct input from CIA. Wondering what kind of knowledge CIA has about a particlar country if there are so many factual errors in the move.
  13. When you type, do you still get the warning page? I m still getting the phishing warning.
  14. This is a great accomplishment Steve and the effort youve put in bringing this forum is awesome and highly commendable. Cant thank you enough.
  15. I m currently building Hasegawa Harrier and it seems the colors of markings of my choice in the kit are wrong. If you've this sheet and willing to sell please let me know it's price and how much it will cost to ship to Toronto Canada M1L0C5.