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  1. Stopped buying any kit from this year onward. I have about 20 unbuilt. There are 4 in progress. So to finish the 4 first and then start and finish the unbuilt 20, will take a lot of time.
  2. Great posts Gregg. Keep going. Please dont stop. These are fantastic photos. I thought Harriers were retired. Is US Marines still flying them?
  3. Su-24 and Su-25. On Minibase or Great Wall standard.
  4. I can tell you of several Tamiya kits in which parts point to a next version that never showed up. We have seen several times on this forum people talking about F-16D in both 48th and 32nd scale which was never released. Challenger kit in 1/35 has parts in the kit which point to a future NATO version. That too was never released. But no one can stop you from dreaming. So dream on 🙂
  5. Finally got my MH_60R kit. I have to say in the box it looks impressive. The details are very sharp. I dont know how accurate or inaccurate it could be but as a kit, its substantial in terms of content.
  6. Does the F-4B kit includes the top tail section without the antenna?
  7. I have used Live Resin sets and their details are great. You can also buy them from this store in Hong Kong : https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/page/advance_search_result.html
  8. Why do we always see Tamiya kits released in Canada first?
  9. After deliberation followed by procrastination, I bit the bullet and order KH MH-60R. I dont know when and if I will build it but I bought it.
  10. On Ebay, prices that were reasonable on weekend for KH H-60 series helicopters have moved up significantly. At this speed, they will be beyond reach of us modellers by next week 🙂
  11. I have been thinking on the same line. I dont really want to buy it but I had been thinking to order their MH-60R because in a few months time, it will be impossible to buy at a justifiable price.
  12. Or may be some other manufacturer is taking over. Their kits had too many issues right from packaging, instructions, decals, missing parts to wrong instructions. All not too difficult to fix but just lazy oversight perhaps.
  13. If your set has the inner canopy parts, that will work. I m not interested in drag chute housing. I m more interested in canopy demister parts. Thanks
  14. I never had this set so I dont know which parts its contains. I have shared link in my original post. You can check it if it has the parts the link shows. Also, please check this link : https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/48-cutting-edge-104-starfighter-resin-127917017 Thanks
  15. Yes please, I m looking for it and if you have it, please DM me. Thanks.
  16. Does any of our members have this set that I can purchase? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/cutting-edge-modelworks-cec48284-f-104-canopy-demisters-and-open-drogue-chute-door--202034 Thanks
  17. Get the 'removable liquid mask'. There is one permanent as well. Both bottles are exactly similar.
  18. The frustrating part with Tamiya is that they seem to have different versions worked out in their moulds just that those versions never materialize.
  19. I have used Winsor and Newton mask. Expensive but perhaps the best in the business https://www.winsornewton.com/na/mediums/watercolour-mediums/?attribute_pa_additive_type=art-masking-fluid&attribute_pa_additive_size=75ml&sku=884955017333 Also Pebeo works too. Much cheaper but congeals too quickly and I had to throw it away after a while on the shelf as it becomes useless. At least 3 times cheaper than Winsor and Newton. https://canada.michaels.com/en/pebeo-drawing-gum-45ml/10397464.html?r=g&cm_mmc=PLASearch-_-google-_-MICH_Shopping_CA_N_Art+Sup
  20. Are there two different vertical fin top sections in the kit? It seems like in real F-4B, one tail type is with some kind of receiver/ warning node and other is smooth. Sorry Phantom experts. I m just a modeller 🙂 and get all aircraft related info from you experts.
  21. Thanks GeneK. I dont understand how Andy Hobby has final release kit when its not released for public. Wherever I see, its stated to be released in July. So how many kits sellers like Andy's Hobby get before its made available to the public? I thought they all get white box sets and get final kit only when its released for sale.
  22. So has this been released in North America?
  23. Seems like its sold separately. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/148-aircraft/f-4-phantom-ii-decal-set-a/ Its 'set A'. This means there might be one or two additional sets.
  24. The work on undercarriage is just magnificent. This is one modeling masterclass that no one should skip.
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