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  1. YouTube is putting more and more ads in between videos and before. There are some ads that you dont have option to skip. This is a ploy to force you to their Premium service. The best advice I can give you is to install ABP Plus add on. Its available for both Firefox and Chrome. No ads at all anywhere on any sites.
  2. This delay is quite usual these days. I ordered some stuff from BNA Model World. Its a great store from Australia. Their service is top quality. The items were ordered in April and shipped in April. I received them yesterday, June 22nd. I ordered some decals from USA. Usually lettermail takes about 8 business days. I received the decals a month after they were shipped. There are very limited flights and then there is a limited staff working at postal services. On top of that, since most of the shopping is closed, people are buying online. So instead of workload coming down due to pandemic, postal service workload has increased. For example, Canada Post is now delivering regular mail on weekends as well.
  3. The door mounted missiles look very weird. Wonder what kind of pylons they would be? Also, the ejection seat in demo F-16 is different from ejection seat we find in most of the F-16 kits.
  4. I have used a macro lens, a wireless remote and good steady tripod to do some closeup photography. You dont need a new camera. You need a macro lens that fits your camera. Usually take pictures at high f-stops like f/20 or f/22 to fully focus the object at close range. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235062402-opel-blitz-with-flak-38-dragon-kit/
  5. Of all Testors range, I only liked their Metalizer line. They have been out of Canadian market for a very long time.
  6. Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Beautiful German camo. I had stopped so many times from doing a German aircraft and its because I couldn't even do mottle effect properly. This is definitely out of my skills zone.
  8. This is such a sad news. Wingnuts puts so much effort in putting together their kits. Even if you dont end up buying, their website is a great experience to just browse. The attention to detail and effort they had put to research kits is quite enormous. They will be sorely missed.
  9. I m not a fan of WW1 kits but WnW quality has impressed and convinced modelers like me to consider WnW kits. If the news of their closing down is true, I m really shocked. I have a few kits shortlisted which I may or may be able to build but still want to buy. The problem though is that they are quite expensive and buying a few together could be a challenge.
  10. Theres another one https://www.sincerehobby.com/
  11. Gunze has two Olive Drab shades. One for weapons, the other for US armour. The one for US armour looks very realistic. That was the color I remember Tamiya was previously but a little towards brown. However, now the new Tamiya color is very green.
  12. After many years, I m doing a US military vehicle and picked up Tamiya XF-62 in 10ml bottle. I was expecting it to be somewhat greenish brown but it turned out to be more green than anywhere close to the shade I was used to. I m wondering if Tamiya has changed shade of color. I have Gunze Olive Drab too and that looks more realistic or I should say more familiar shade to me. Has anyone noticed that?
  13. Seems like a beautiful sheet but Rafale kit cant be found anywhere. Its sold out, out of production or at prohibitive prices on Evil Bay. 😞
  14. Full operational details here. On the first anniversary.
  15. Of all the weathering shots, the most exotic and unique are those of an F-22. The colors fade and the jet weathers like it has whole color palette to itself! Most unique metallic, translucent and grey shades.
  16. Any idea when will this set be released?
  17. This is a beautiful kit with unbelievable details not seen before. I m thinking of selling my Kinetic kit now.
  18. Gone! Really?? https://www.testors.com/product-catalog/testors-brands/model-master/metalizer-lacquer-paint/bottles https://www.testors.com/help-and-support/store-locator/
  19. This is spectacular. How manufacturing aircraft for was was transformed by America. It would have been a gigantic task to stream in supplies, set up manufacturing processes and keep the quality in check. Some 8600 B-24s were built here. The whole film is worth watching.
  20. Looking at those old pictures of missiles in 1980s, the color looks more like white but with gray undertone. I think Gunze H316 captures that color very well. Its neither totally white nor gray.
  21. With so many manufacturers coming from China recently, the world order in scale modeling is certainly changing. I find Meng, Bronco, GWH, Dragon to be producing some high quality kits. They are offering varied subjects with great detail and engineering at a very high frequency. My recent 5 purchases have all been from these manufacturers and I m quite fascinated by what comes in the box. All very good quality kits. Tamiya and Hasegawa, the more traditional manufacturers have been left quite far behind.
  22. Yes. Mr. Airbrush 770 is the one I m targeting for my Christmas shopping. It has great review both in terms of build quality and performance. Its half the price of Iwata and is equally. good.
  23. I use Iwata Revolution for all my work. Its a 0.5 mm nozzle. Recently I found out that for fine work like mottle on Luftwaffe aircraft, I need a fine airbrush. I did some shopping around and Iwata for super fine work are out of budget. However, Mr. Hobby has a 0.18mm air brush and it has great reviews. So I m looking to buy it soon. http://www.mr-hobby.com/en/itemDetail.php?iId=16
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