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  1. Algerian MiGs and Sukhoi have French markings.
  2. I am not russian 🙂 A large number of visitors were foreigners, including some familiar faces from previous editions of MAKS.
  3. Strange. Could you please try this Google Photo album? https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ec9zoaQJhth4QNus9
  4. This is actually better than MAKS, free entry,no crowds and a lot of hardware!
  5. Changed the host, should be ok now
  6. This is my first time gaining access to the famous home base of the Russian Knights & the Russian Swifts and I was not disappointed! Free entry and no crowds at all: I will start with the most beautiful jet ever made:
  7. I was freaking out too :) my son almost fell down from the Tugunska. Some ladders were not secured, and I felt not really safe using them.
  8. Yes the kids loved it, but not my knees after climbing on top of dozens of tanks...😅
  9. Thank you Ken, I spent a lot of time there (from 9:30 to 16:30 😅) climbing on the tanks was a lot of fun! Quite easy to reach. Express train from Beloruskaya train station to Kubinka-1 in 58 minutes, then a regular taxi to Park Patriot or the Tank museum. The drivers are used to foreign visitors he gave me a card in English with his phone number, I called and he picked me up on the return. I just purchased normal tickets, there is no more foreigners pricing/photography extra like it used to be, Monino as well. No need to show your passport also, only for the bikes rental.
  10. Yes I was dissapointed by the lack of operational markings...
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