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  1. I'm back,not a lot of time to work on my foxbat,here is a small update :) Following the ICM instructions sheet,I've started painting the dielectric panels on the fins,and I did this small mistake: Indeed,on the starboard vertical fin,there is no dielectric paint on this place,as opposite to the instructions,and opposite to other Foxbats. Normally a RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) antenna is located below the paint. It looks like that on the export versions (I still don't know if they are "true" PD) the RWR antennas are located on the wing-tip fairings,like on this Libyan PD : But,on o
  2. The blue/grey is for marine operations - not sure though - as the AAF has no naval aviation. Following your advice,I was lucky enough to find the Heller Su-27UB kit (the hi-tech version),I think it was the only one available on ebay But as you're the Flankerman,please start yours first,I'm sure you'll bring an awesome model!
  3. Very nice....weathering now!
  4. This one is good too,the long range aviation section is well documented:
  5. What about a correct algerian sheet for the PDs?
  6. It's very hard to find detailed info on the Foxbat :unsure:
  7. me...a hero :blink: Selling the model to a manufacturer is a great idea,I've seen a lot of complaints on the MiG-25 afterburner cans available on the market,seems that nobody got them right so far. I'm not familiar with stereolitography,how much would it cost? Thanks
  8. Hi, On the different recce/strike version of the Foxbat,and prior to 1976,there were no lateral nav lights on the air intakes. Those started appearing after (transparent material?),but I noticed that on the RB/RBV/RBK - starting from 1978 - they are totally black,like made-up of composite materials,so I was thinking maybe they have been replaced by some ECM or SIGINT antennas,as the latest versions were upgraded with the SPS-151 (ECM) and SRS-9 Virazh (SIGINT) systems. As far as I know those systems were carried internally but I have no clue on their antennas...any idea?
  9. This is simply awesome...what a thread!
  10. Very nice start. I wish I had friends flying Hinds!
  11. The French "Les Chevaliers Du Ciel" I know it's not famous in the rest of the world.... The Mirage-2000 scenes are awesome and so poetic .Please watch the following sequence in HD Fullscreen and you'll know what I'm talking about:
  12. Good luck,I'm happy I'm building the ICM kit!
  13. The same sheet I got with my ICM box.
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