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  1. Not at all, just go there and buy your ticket like anybody else. And no need to spend money on an organized tour, public transportation is fun, convenient and cheap 🙂
  2. Again took the kids with me yesterday to visit Kubinka's Park Patriot, nicknamed "The Russian Military Disneyland" by western media. Easy to access using public transportation the place was almost empty during morning. The place is huge, I mean HUGE and we rented bicycles to move around and avoid waiting the shuttle buses every time. The aviation collection is of course not comparable to Monino, yet the fact that there are no fences and that you can touch the aircraft makes it a quite unique experience. There are a lot of ladders and stairs around the tanks and some planes, it allowed to take
  3. As a foreigner living in Moscow I can assure you that this is not the case anymore, last week I met French and Spanish visitors who came on their own like myself.
  4. Thank you for the insight Ya-gabor, I visited Park Patriot yesterday and I have mixed feelings now. I love Monino and have a lot of respect for the volunteers, but Park Patriot is modern with all the required amenities, the place is huge and more suitable for large displays. And you can touch the frames!
  5. You are all welcome, video in preparation 🙂
  6. Ken, this is the old website, the new one is much more intuitive: http://moninomuseum.ru/
  7. Thanks Mario, it would be extremely difficult to do, especially for the big frames and costly as well.
  8. I have never been there so I can not answer, I am more into russian hardware 😋
  9. I've heard the same rumors about a possible transfer to the recently opened Patriot Park in Kubinka, but I highly doubt it, it would be too costly. Yesterday the museum was buzzing with activity, a lot of volunteers were there (see scaffolding on the Mi-12 pics).
  10. My 3rd visit to this beautiful place, no new exhibits but better lighting for my 24-105mm. Taken today morning, enjoy!
  11. The 1st pictures of the Mi-28 sporting the so-called " Algerian Desert" camo, similar to their Mi-26s. And here in the background of his big brother And similar to their Su-24MK2 For info, Algeria has put an order for 42 Mi-28UB.
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