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  1. Olivier Soulleys who makes stunning models for, among other, French modeling magazines has the following mixture: For the green - GUNZE H330 DARK GREEN BS381C/641 (FS 24064) For the blue-grey - 70% GUNZE H331, DARK SEAGRAY BS381C/638 (FS 36173) and 30% H56 Intermediate Blue (FS 26118/36118) The FS are approx based on the Gunze paint numbers. I´ve seen his models and am not going to argue with him over these colours :D
  2. Absolutely, that kit is a little gem :wub:
  3. I know what you are talking about, I also know what Bill is talking about. Both Peddinghaus and TL do generic number sheets in a variety of scales. Maybe something useful can be found on those websites, that's all I meant.
  4. Hello all. This one is pretty much a model of an aircraft that wasn't supposed to be there doing a job it wasn't really designed for. When Belgium decided to commit assets in 1991 to operation "Ace Guard" it was found that the newly delivered F-16s were not combat ready because they didn't have their ECM kits integrated yet. Instead they sent the venerable Mirage 5 fitted with Sidewinders to guard the Turkish / Iraqi border during the first Gulf war. BA54 Belonging to 8 Sqn. and was flown by 1st Lt. Didier Lecqeux who was also responsible for the Diyarbakir Express titles as far as I know.
  5. Belcher Bits do a conversion kit in 1/32 scale. Not what you are after of course but it gives an indication of the differences: http://www.belcherbits.com/lines/148conv/bb19.htm
  6. Peddinghaus decals in Germany do generic numbers but not the ones you need I believe. http://www.peddinghaus-decals.de/ TL also German are quite good for the general stuff as well: http://www.tl-modellbau.de/en/TL-Decals/
  7. Very nice Fitter ! Congratulations
  8. Maybe Kinetic wanted to portray all Greek F-5s in one illustration. They received new F-5A, F-5B and RF-5A straight from the US from 1965 onward but also took delivery of ex-Dutch NF-5A and B in 1991. Maybe parts for all single-seat F-5s are included in the box ?
  9. I was going to call this one the Short Little Ugly Tiger but that would probably have gotten me into trouble with the moderator :D Another one from my to-do pile finished ! Bought and started about two years ago, completely forgotten for ages but now finally done. I really liked the asymmetric load of a Greek Corsair I saw on Youtube once doing a live bombing exercise. One fuel tank, one targeting pod, a MER with 2 live Snake eyes. Just for fun I removed the Sidewinder launcher from station 4 as well. Finished as one of the A7s that has the rudder painted in a tiger pattern. This wa
  10. I`ll send you one as well. Am going to send you a "present" anyway :D
  11. Thanks for your kind words ! The airbrakes are certainly the "weakest" fit of the whole kit because, as you say, they don´t curve with the fuselage. As you can see I didn`t manage to get mine flush either. With hindsight it would have been better to keep them open but you can also remove the plastic that makes up the inside of the airbrake in the fuselage. That will leave you with a hole in the fuselage making it easier to position the brakes (they are a very tight fit) from the inside . If you leave them slightly "sticking out" of the fuselage it is easy enough to sand them flush. Ho
  12. This is the other one I finally managed to finish after starting it over a year ago. Bit of chore this one and it did cool my affection for Hasegawa quite a bit. Managed to pick it up at an airshow in Belgium for quite a good price (€25,-) but the full retail price is much higher. This is their "new" Mighty Shrikes boxing (No. 09849) which contained all the parts for a current Swiss or Finnish Hornet. Unfortunately it also contained sinkmarks all over the place, on the wings, rear fuselage, nose section, which all had to be filled and re-scribed. Comes with trying to milk the last drops
  13. Hello all. Not much time for modeling nowadays (or anything else for that matter) but I did manage to complete 2 kits that were started ages ago. This A-4C was started about 5 years ago and languished in the "I really need to finish this" pile for far too long. A heartfelt THANK YOU goes to Eric2020 and CraigSargent without whose help this would probably never have been finished. Model is the Hasegawa A-4C with decals by Victory. The Victory decals depict this aircraft after its return to the US from a deployment to Vietnam. I wanted to model it as seen during that deployment so I printe
  14. That store till seems to be there: http://www.koengeter-bb.de/Kontakt.html Quite a good selection if I remember correctly but it is at least 8 years since I was there last. Böblingen is close to Stuttgart, only a short ride on the S-Bahn. Also worth a visit is the large Galeria Kaufhof in the center of Stuttgart close to the main railway station. Mainly a large department store but they do have a toy section with the usual diet of Revell. Last time I was there, in 2005, I picked up a 1/48 A-37 for €5,- and a 1/72 Merlin HC3 for €6,- so a good deal can be had. If you have
  15. Neat idea very well executed: http://www.modellversium.de/galerie/9-flugzeuge-ww2/9559-grumman-f6f-3-hellcat-trumpeter.html Trumpeter Hellcats and Eduard figures.
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