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  1. This is my first completed model after an absence of 20 years from this hobby and my only model for year 2022. This is an Airfix 1/48 Lynx helicopter, depicted balancing one skid on a concrete structure as part of Lip-landing training. Helo belongs to the training squadron with a tiger meet paint scheme. Some PE parts used and the kit transparent plastic inlet screen were scratch build with brass mesh.
  2. I have a Revell 1/32 UH-1D in the cabinet, started build but never finished for more than 20 years. Maybe I can resume someday after I see your build here. May I suggest you add the wall thickness to your helicopter since it it obvious if the cabin doors are going to be opened. Here’s my neglected helo. Would you be able to share your scaled down stock file of the seats?
  3. Does anyone have any updates on this build?
  4. I just bought this old kit and intend to build it like the photo of the SQ plane, in a take off position. I have gotten the same 50th anniversary livery, next would be to get the PW4000 engines. This is something I can see in the overhaul shop everyday since I work for PW. Where can I get the resin flaps and slats for my build? Your printed slats look good, simply beautiful.
  5. Hi all. 6 years later, this guy here wants to do the same. I just found an old Hasegawa B744 and would want to build a taking off pose of this plane in Singapore Airlines livery. Can anyone point me to the link to purchase the 1/200 flaps and slats?
  6. Oh what a disappointment. I was hoping to see this diorama.
  7. Sorry to hijack this post. I bought the Academy Kiowa Warrior THUGS and I need some clarification from the experts. The kit upper airframe around the rotor assembly seems to miss out the bulge and intake holes. Is the kit correct or are all OH-58D have the bigger front bulging airframe?
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