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  1. HB or Hasegawa are very high priced here in Canada. Average for either one is $100 plus tax. I was at my LHS today and they had one Hasegawa F-14D, it was $110 marked down to $60.00 in the clearance section, got all excited until I realized it was the F-14D black tomcat molded in black plastic.
  2. With hearing the announcement of the AMK Tomcats it does not make sense to stock up on Has or HB kits and wait for the AMK as sounds very nice indeed. I would think for now if I want to work on a F-14 I guess I will pick up a HB as I think I will have to purchase less AM for it: Hasegawa - Decals - Aires pit - Aires exhaust - Royal Resin wheels - Weapons - Pods - Wolfpack update set with rails/lunchers HB - everything above minus weapons, pods, and cockpit (just buy seats) as I have read the HB is one of the best OOB cockpits. Anyone disagree?
  3. Thanks Jgrease, I was a bit thrown back with Jennings replies on all my posts, almost thought to myself I should stop posting topics, never met anyone like that before. Anyway, I agree, we could use new legacy hornet kits. I have build a few Hasegawa and they are nice but one thing I always hated about them was the no weapons, go spend more money on our separate weapons kits mentality. In today's times with the prices of some of these kits I think we should expect a few weapons of choice. At least they put a few in their super hornet kits. And hopefully Kinetic puts parts to build updated ve
  4. Just to point out I was asking people to speculate their thoughts. Thoughts can be based on the other Kinetic kits to date and how accurate they have been. For example, there are many who think the Hobby Boss Intruders are better than the Kinetic kits. I understand that none of us for a fact can say they are worse or better until the kit is released, just wondering what people think and expect.
  5. I heard the first kit is to be released sometime in 2016 and I know there is not a whole lot of images out there right now but does anyone think these new kits will be any better than the Hasegawa kits besides having crap load of weapons?
  6. I have ordered on-line and it has almost cost me more than buying in Canada as I take a big hit on the exchange rate, shipping, etc.
  7. What is the expected release date? Wonder what version will be released first...A? Also afraid to ask the expected retail price? How much is the MIG 31? Some kits are getting crazy priced like here in Canada where I live the GWH F-15C retails for $155.00, can get a 1/32 F-15 for that.
  8. The F-14 is one of my favorite jets. I have never owned a Hasegawa kit as I have heard they are a real bear to put together and you get no weapons, pods, etc. So I was excited to see another company release tomcat kits but I have heard they are no better than the Hasegawa tomcats, I have read the main big issue is the shape of the intakes so I say toss some steel beach intake covers on them. Does anyone know are their other issues with the Hobby Boss F-14 kits?
  9. I agree, I hate mixing scales, I think it looks weird in the display case, that's just me, each to their own.
  10. What scale does everyone build and prefer and why? I love 1/32 jets, great detail and so easy to work with the parts. Some say so expensive but I don't agree. Take a 1/48 F/A-18 Hasegawa kit, expensive, then if you get AM exhaust, cockpit, weapons, pods, wheels, decals, etc it could be over $200 plus once done. I got an Academy 1/32 F/A-18, resin exhaust, cockpit, decals in the kit are high quality, some resin wheels all under $200 and the kit is loaded with weapons. I love the Hornet and Navy jest, just frustrated that Academy has not moved on and released a 1/32 super hornet, as the onl
  11. And I also find it interesting the lack of tv series and movies involving air force jets or subject, majority is base on the navy: JAG - Navy NCIS - Navy Flight of the Intruder - Navy jets Hunt for Red October - Navy carrier and jets Clear and Present Danger - Hornet Independence Day - Hornet Top Gun - Tomcat Behind Enemy Lines - Super Hornet Executive Decision - Tomcat and yes opened with F-117 Wonder why this is....Navy more cooperative when it comes to Hollywood moves and tv shows maybe?
  12. Model Master metalizer or Alclad paints are really good.
  13. Thought it would be fun and interesting to pose this question for discussion: Do you prefer to model Navy or Airforce jets or other and why?
  14. What is the best resin seats for the Tamiya F-16 and Revell F-15E kits? I have heard Quickboost does not fit the Tamiya kits and on the F-15E the cockpit is deep, the kits seats have plastic parts on the bottom to make them sit higher. There is Aires but not sure how they fit. Also find it funny how all AM companies have a different size ejection seat in resin, is 1/48 not 1/48, how can they all differ? Maybe it is just best to get Eduard PE as I don't think the kit seats are that bad and may look nice dressed up with all the PE.
  15. May differ by where you live but I disagree with the statement regarding Tamiya's high prices. I live in Canada and we have lost our distibutor for Hasegawa and Eduard a long time ago. If I can even find a Hasegawa kit is big time expensive as the LHS have to pay so much more to get the product shipped in to Canada. I know Hasegawa prices have increased in the U.S. too, but my god....a couple years ago I could buy a 1/32 Hasegawa prop kit like FW190 for $59.99 now it is over $90.00!!! Tamiya prices here in Canada have not really change much, most Tamiya kits are priced the same they were 2
  16. Personally, I would love to see them shrink down the 1/32 Spitfire kits to 1/48 just like they did with the Zero's. I would also like to see them do a 1/48 Bf109F and G series, that would be nice. And then re-do the P-51D with gun inserts that are more accurate, better instrument panel and my lord a one peice bubble canopy, what were they thinking with the 2 peice. It would also be nice to re-do their FW kits with more accurate wheel wells and separate wing guns and the D-9 with proper wheel wells. A Typhoon in 48th would be very nice also. I know we all have are wish list that will never
  17. Has anyone ever tried fitting the Vector wheel well resin set for the FW190A-8 into the Tamiya Kit? Vector states it is made for this kit (should work for the F-8 kit as well) but I can not locate any reviews. I have heard the MDC wheel well resin set for the D-9 fits like a glove. I love the Tamiya kits but hate the wheel wells and hate that they molded the guns into the wings.
  18. I have quite a few Tamiya and Gunze paint jars that I can't open. I don't want to soak in hot water as the Gunze labels come off. Any tips or tricks on how to get these paint jars open would be much, much appreciated.
  19. This is why I love Tamiya, no kit is perfect but they do good research. Hasegawa 1/32 P-47 kits have errors, this glare shield in P-47D and M kits and they messed up the engine gear cases and magneto's. Unreal! Can only hope Tamiya continues to release more kits, would be nice to see P-47N, F6F, Avenger, Dauntless, P-40, Typhoon, I am sure there are others on many wish lists.
  20. I second that, there must be a reason Tamiya only provided this part in the Razorback kit but Hasgawa provides it in there Bubbletop kits.
  21. In the Tamiya P-47D RB kit there is a part E5 that indicates in the instructions is not for use and this part does no appear in the Bubbletop or P-47M kit but, this same part is in the Hasegawa 1/32 P-47D and M kits labelled B19, can anyone explain to me what this part is called, what is it for and why is it in the RB kit and not used but used in all Hasegawa kits? Mystery needs to be solved. Thanks.
  22. Viper88

    P-47 Variants

    Sorry timc, I think I mixed that up. For the P-47D Bubbletop I use the bullet shaped crank case like found in the kit but I use the turtleback magneto's out of the 3 types that are supplied in the kit. For the P-47M I use the round crank case that is found in the kit and I use the hex shaped mageneto's out of the 3 supplied in the kit. So what I can see Tamiya got it right providing the correct crank cases in each kit and providing all 3 types of magneto's but, what are the 3rd type of magneto's used for? In 1/32nd scale Hasegawa got it wrong then, they put the correct crank cases in each
  23. Viper88

    P-47 Variants

    Wow, great info timc. So if I understand you corretly, Tamiya and Hasegawa both mixed up there kits. The P-47D kit should have the round gear case and use the turtleback magneto's and the P-47M should have the bullet shaped gear case and use the other magneto's, correct? So as you said, in 1/48th buy the M kit and you can build P-47D bubbletop or the M.
  24. Viper88

    P-47 Variants

    I was just looking at the P-47 kits offered by Tamiya in 1/48th and the ones offered by Hasegawa in 1/32nd and noticed that the Hasegawa kits offer you to build P-47D-25/30/40 and the P-47M and that Hasegawa include the dorsal fin in their kits but the Tamiya only has the dorsal fin in the M kit. I can't believe Tamiya would not of included the dorsal fin in the Bubbletop kit, so you can not build a P-47D-40 unless you buy the M kit. Am I missing something here?
  25. What's up with the shortage of these kits. I have been searching on every hobby store site includig Sprue Brothers, Ebay and having a hard time finding these kits. I live in Canada, so finding Hasegawa kits in a LHS is mission impossible. I can find the odd P-47D but I can not find a P-47M kit and I want that one bad. If anyone knows where I can find a P-47M kit for sale (or 2) please let me know. Thanks so much.
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