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  1. Clarence


    While there have been 3D movies before this and my wife and I have seen several of them, IMO this was the first one to fully take advantage of the technology. (Up and Coroline also used it well) I left thinking I had seen a quantum leap in cinema technology, similar to the first talking movie (which probably had a lame plot). Anatar is going to have a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. We saw it New Years day in a packed theater two weeks after it was released. People applauded at the end of it. How often do you see that happen? Clarence
  2. Clarence

    Hangar Queens?

    In 78 on the Nimitz there was a new F14 that had a bent wing (elevator accident - lifted into the side of the ship). No way to fix that except replacing the entire wing. It got parked way up out of the way in the front corner of the hanger bay, slowly shedding parts to keep the other F14s flying. Brought it all the way back to the States from the Med like that. I saw it. Clarence
  3. That's one hard up moose. Clarence
  4. Hi everybody, Working on an F8 and my references are packed away so here I am asking. The F8 wing adjusted up for take off and landing only. Usually it was solidly attached to fuselage like any other plane? The slats and flaps were interconnected to the wing position - right? So they were down only when the wing was up? A parked F8 would usually have the wing down? Thanks, Clarence
  5. They're still flying that? I grew up next to NAFEC, now the FAA Experimental Center in Pomona, NJ back in the sixties. I remember those planes, except they were a silver, orange, and I think black paint job back then. They also had a Convair 880/990, (a 707 wanna be that didn't make it commercially), and 2-3 DC-3s. Clarence
  6. Software development legend has it that the F16 autopilot software inverted the F16 (cockpit side down) the first time they tried to fly it across the equator. A similar boo boo involving the international date line doesn't surprise me at all. Clarence
  7. Parachuting in from the land of Lurk to report that I did my bit for CoV/Pink victory over the octoplocky by dining on the calimari (but not prepared to Frank Steffens excellent sounding recipe) at our modeling clubs holiday dinner, held at BD's Mongolian BarBQ (Kolja reference). Supporting the best efforts of Frank, Bam n' Ivm, Waco, Murph and so many others to defeat the scourge of sentient celaphods, Clarence
  8. Eric, A very nice model you have made there. I aspire to your level of model building. I noticed when you masked the wing walks you used thin strips of masking tape (Tamiya?) and some sort of blue blobby looking thing. It almost looks like wax. What is that blue stuff and what does it do? Thanks, Clarence
  9. I grew up very near the Atlantic City Airport, home of the 177th FIS, last operators of the F106. The Six was the most impressive aircraft I've ever had the pleasure to watch. (Second = RA5C, third = B52) The Six was loud, fast, good looking, climbed like a scaled ape and did I mention it was loud! In addition to the normal roar of the engine it also made a wierd moaning sound and the hard light of the afterburner had to be experienced to be believed! They replaced the Six with the F16. The 16 is a far better weapon I'm sure, and that's what it's all about I know, but the Six had way more style and presence than the 16 does. Clarence
  10. MicroScale sheet 72-96 USAF F105D Thunderchief #2 (Lord knows how old that one is) has markings for aluminum painted thuds. Units are: 335 TFS/4 TFW Seymour Johnson AFB 561 TFS/23 TFW McConnell AFB 562 TFS/23 TFW also at McConnell (noTFS)/49TFW Spangdahlen 53 TFS/36 TFW Bitburg This also means there is another sheet numbered something less than 72-96. If you find these I'd be sure to coat them with decal sealent to minimize fragmentation first. At least now you know what to look for! Clarence
  11. Crikey! That thing's got an overhead crane it it! Clarence
  12. Clarence

    Got Legos?

    Ken, Check out pages 6-8 here to see a huge LEGO train setup last weekend in Palatine IL. Clarence http://www.pbase.com/cdguenther/hi_wheeler_2006
  13. Hi, I've got the Academy FR.Mk.XIVe kit and was wondering what I would have to do to build it up as a F.Mk.XIVe, in other words the straight fighter version instead of the kitted recon fighter. I found some nice decals for the F type. Is it as simple as just painting over the camera windows? Thanks, Clarence
  14. I couldn't tell if that was a float or a bush. The one on the other side must be hidden behind the H19. There's a lot of tonal gradations in that 94, so dulled/weather NMF makes more sense than a paint job I suppose. It's an excellent photo BTW. Clarence
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