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  1. I know that N-scale figures will work with 1:144 stuff, due to variations in people's size, build, etc., but would N-scale accessories work on a 1:144 diorama? Specifically, I'm talking about vehicles and chain link fence. I know the two scales don't match up precisely, but would there be a noticeable difference? Thanks for the help.


  2. I'll definitely post pics and write up a quick review when I'm done with the build (which should be very soon). I've been working on a Hasegawa Tomcat, and we all know how stressful those builds are, so I whipped this one out because I needed to pump out a decent looking kit to remind me "Yes, James, you still can build models." For a build like this, accuracy is nice, but it's not the be all, end all. As long as the fit is good (which it has been so far), somebody can glance at it and go "Yep, that's a C-130J," and it looks halfway decent, I'll be happy with it.

  3. So I picked up the Minicraft 1:144 C-130J Hercules from Hobby Lobby the other day, and I'm wondering if anybody has built this thing. Heard anything good/bad/ugly/pretty about it? I Googled it, and I can just find it for sale. I can find a review for the WC-130J kit, but not for this one. Also, are there any aftermarket decals available for it? Can't seem to find any of those, either. Looking at the kit in the box, it looks like it's really easy to slap together, and the included decals are high-quality Cartograf ones, so I'm actually looking forward to starting it and seeing what happens. Any info would be helpful. Thanks :)

  4. So I primed my Hasegawa Tomcat, and I noticed some cracks and gaps that I missed that need to be dealt with. I'm planning on using CA glue to take care of it, and I've already sanded the primer off the areas I need to deal with. So that brings me to my question...what do you folks use for gap-filling CA, and how long should I let it dry before I start sanding it?

  5. Yeah, I went and took another look at the sprue map included in the instructions, and the assembly of them, and they are the same. Somehow I misunderstood the instructions and/or read them wrong. Major brain fart on my part.


  6. 36 minutes ago, Parabat said:

    Danny Coremans said not too long ago that they will be releasing an updated version of the Tomcat book at Scale Model World in the UK in November, it should also be available internationally so hopefully you can get one soon! I have the original and it's a fantastic resource for the later Tomcats.



  7. 10 minutes ago, Brian P: Fightertown Decals said:

    Rudder braces were not a block item. They were a full fleet mod, beginning in 1977. You'd have to know which jet got them when. Apparently a few jets made it through 1981 with the old version as in the kit. Standard wheels also started in the fleet in 1977. I know of no jet post 1981/2 that had the old braces and old wheels. The Tamiya kit represents a Tomcat late 1975 up until 1977 fleet wide. 77-82 would be a jet by jet reference issue. Nothing past early 80s can be done OOB if these details are of necessity to you. One nice thing is that Tamiya did include 2 tall Tacan antennas and those did make the F-14A fleet for ODS. To get past late 70s and in the rare early 80s jets, you will need:

    -rudder braces

    -standard wheels


    Starting with the Blk 110:

    -ECM bumps on boat tail, and above intakes

    late 1991/early 92:

    -Naca vents (came after ODS)

    -tall Tacan (added for ODS jets first)


    -ALR 45 and nose ECM suite like the B/D

    -Lantirn mod


    Post 1991 you will need


    We should have a pinned thingy on this. I've posted the info 4 times now, Darren's covered it at least 5 times and several other people have done the same. If you have a picture of the jet you're building, or decal profiles, these things should be pretty easy to cover.



    GREAT info. That sums things up nicely, Brian. Thanks! And I agree...this should be pinned somewhere.

  8. I assembled and painted the exhaust nozzles on my Hasegawa 1:48 F-14, and I'm very happy with the way they turned out, BUT I have a slight issue. The tubes that fit inside the fuselage are numbered differently, one for the starboard side, one for the port side. Well, my problem is that I totally forgot to mark which was which, and they both look and fit ridiculously similarly. Is there any secret of figuring out which side is which? It's probably something really simple, which is why I feel like an idiot asking this, but oh well. Thanks in advance for the help!


  9. I want the Tamiya F-14. No, I mean, I WANT the Tamiya F-14. But every time I go to pull the trigger, either my girlfriend or parents start with the "well, you don't know what you're getting for Christmas. Cool your jets." What an awesome dilemma to have :thumbsup: What to do, what to do?!?!?!?!?!?:touche:

  10. 1. I do believe the missiles were still white in the late 80's. If I remember right, that's about the time the transition over to the Light Ghost Gray began...late, late 80's to early 90's. There were still F-15's lugging white missiles around during Desert Storm. Come to think of it, for that time frame, you may even be able to get away with either color.

    2. I don't believe VF-84 ever embarked on the Independence, and for the timeframe you're going for, the Roosevelt markings are correct (VF-84's CVW joined the Roosevelt in 1988).

    3. If it's an overall gull gray scheme, then no, it shouldn't have the white/tan striped radome.

    4. Yes, the TF-30 engines had the white insides, but a lot of times they'd get so scorched up, it was hard to even tell.

    Hope this helps :)

  11. Looks absolutely awesome so far! Everybody is telling me to leave this alone because it'll be a perfect Christmas present, but the more photos and in-progress builds I see, I don't think I can wait.

    So, do the vertical stabs require any sanding to install those stiffening plates?

  12. From the Kitmanaic.com FaceBook page.

    Amazing work from the Master modeller David Parker;

    New Tamiya F-14A Tomcat 1/48. Full build article on a forthcoming issue of the AIR MODELLER Magazine.





    Absolutely STUNNING. These are the markings I want to do on my first one.

  13. I decided I wanted to switch to Vallejo Model Color paint for my brush-painting, as I've heard a lot of great things about it. So, for my birthday in July,the parental units got me a beautiful 72-bottle set of the military colors, and I was thrilled. I haven't used any of it yet, because, well, I haven't had anything to brush-paint, but I will soon. So this brings me to my question...how do you mix the stuff? With the Tamiya/Testors/Model Master bottles, I have my battery-operated paint stirrer. I obviously can't use that for the Vallejo colors because they squeeze out. If I just shake the hell out of the bottle by hand will it mix it well enough? Should I invest in one of those paint-shaker table things? I know it's a silly question, but thanks in advance for the help!

  14. They look "OK" to me, but I'm sure you'd be the better judge. Sorry for the poor picture, but my phone had trouble with the black and this is the best I could touch up. (kit seat is under the Number 4 on right)

    Gene K

    Actually quite impressive. Throw a little Tamiya tape harnesses on and scratch the between-the-legs ejection handle, and you're good to go.

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