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  1. Where can I get 'em? I've already looked here on ARC and printed them out, and I've also visited ARC's gallery. I'm just wondering if there's any good cockpit and seat pics, and I'm especially trying to hunt down close-ups of the gear bays. Thanks in advance :) :blink:.
  2. I could've sworn that I saw an SR-71 that took some damage in there. Am I right??
  3. Sweet looking SuperBug. Hope mine turns out as good as yours !
  4. LITTLE fella ????? Can't wait to see the finished project!
  5. Gosh, I wonder why it's called ORCA !! Nice work! Great job on the paint scheme.
  6. What's the chances of them coming to Mugu in October?? Probably slim to none, huh
  7. It's Mig-21 Fishbed look here Steven L Thanks!!!
  8. And finally, the Viper - headed straight into the sun. This picture didn't acutally turn out that bad.
  9. And now a couple of (crappy) in-flight shots of the demos. First up, the Hornet.
  10. There was nobody around this aircraft, and no information about it. I know it's a MiG, but am not sure which model. Fishbed, Flogger maybe???? Somebody please enlighten me.
  11. I have NEVER seen a Piper cub look like this. Any Cub afficionados out there that can give me more info??
  12. Another shot of the visiting Hornets...VFA-125 I've got a couple more shots to post a little later on !
  13. Just thought I'd mess around with the camera a bit. F/A-18 Hornets:
  14. I was surprised to see this there. Lots of history!
  15. The visiting Harrier squadron was VMA-214 Black Sheep
  16. Just a few pics from the show I'd like to share...
  17. Our local municipal airport is having their yearly "Thunder over the Valley" airshow this weekend. On the list to be there is F/A-18, F-16, Harriers, and a B-52 flyover, along with some WWII era aircraft. Hopefully I'll get some cool pics to share with you guys!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Awesome work! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep posting pics. I've got two of these things sitting in the stash (one is a raffle prize I won in the GB ) and can't wait to get started. I especially like the job you did on the instrument panels. Truly amazing work.
  19. I feel really stupid about asking this question , but here goes anyway. I was thinking about using the Blu-Tac for masking canopies. It supposedly doesn't leave any residue, and I think would be a lot easier than masking with tape.
  20. Somebody needs to fix that crack in the window :)!
  21. Last one. Thanks for looking, and I'm anxious to hear what you all think .
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