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  1. Here's some shots of the gear doors I modified. I noticed in the pics that the doors needed a LOT more touch-up as far as putty goes.
  2. Here's some in-progress shots of my RoG 1/144 BUFF. I've modified it to a gear up cofiguration, so I'm interested in getting opinions on that. I did it gear up for two reasons - 1. I f***ed up the gear struts , 2. I thought it would be interesting to try to do some in-flight shots with photoshop. Anyway, here's some overview shots.
  3. OK, this is going to be a really stupid question, but I seem to be having a very difficult time finding that Blu-Tac stuff I hear so much about. Any suggestions on where I could get it in the US, or is there a close substitute? I've tried about 5 or 6 different on-line hobby shops - no luck. I've tried micromark.com - no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!
  4. Those are pretty incredible, aren't they? I remember visiting the thread you put in your post, and I think he's had an article or two here on ARC not that long ago. Wish I was that talented!!!
  5. Sweet, real sweet. I've got both a Tamiya and a Hase F-15C, and I'd love to do a diorama with those guys. Which kit is that? What scale? Also, what accessory kits/figures did you use?
  6. WOO-HOO!!! My first post in the "dioramas" fourm. OK, now that I've got that out of the way , onto my question. I'm almost done with my 1/144 RoG B-52H. I've modified it to a gear up configuration (that was a job and a half :blink: ), and would like to do some "in-flight" type scenes with a sky-type background. Any suggestions on how to do that? Do y'all think it would require Photoshop?? Thanx for the help
  7. EDIT...I screwed up...sorry.
  8. Don't know if this image will be clear enough, but is that one of the offending gap fillers that had to be removed from Discovery? Just noticed it on my desktop background pic. Here's a link to the Hi-res version, where it's a lot easier to see... DISCOVERY
  9. Yeah, saw this on the news today, was going to ask around here if anybody had any more info. You beat me to it ! Could they ground the entire Hornet fleet because of this problem??
  10. Not to take over the thread here, but is there decals for this particular Tomcat???
  11. there's another pretty cool shot of the nose gear door on spaceflightnow.com (probably on NASA site too). Really amazing pictures...you can see each individual thermal tile. The pic that's posted in this thread is my wallpaper right now.
  12. Nice pic...thanx for sharing!
  13. WOO-HOO I WON SOMETHING! I WON SOMETHING! I WON SOMETHING! To Steve and all of the people who ran this whole show, thanks for a great time! I enjoyed looking at all the in-progress shots and the completed entries...not to mention it was kinda cool to see my entry on the website ;) Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Gone...but NEVER forgotten. Tomcats FOREVER!!!!!!!!! <_<
  15. Well, if I really wanted to start some s**t, I could say that whatever the mission may be, a Tomcat could do it better :P :D
  16. Just wanted to say thanks to Steve F. for throwing this GB together. Fitting tribute to a legendary aircraft. And also thanks to all of those folks who put some raffle prizes out there (sure do hope I win one ). This was the first GB I've participated in, and it was a blast. I enjoyed my daily visits to this forum and to the ScaleAIR website to check out the in-progress pics, and the completed entries. Thanks again Steve, it was a pleasure contributing to this group build, even though it was a bit stressful at times (let's see here - broken AOA probe - had to repair it...paint on the canopy - had to deal with that one, oh, yes the list goes on and on), and to everyone that entered - AWESOME WORK, GUYS !
  17. I can't even do that in 1/32! Damn nice job there !
  18. Sweet! Hope you get some good pics! Thanks Chappie! I appreciate it!
  19. A few questions regarding BUFFs in OEF and OIF. First - did BUFFs even come to the party during OIF? I don't remember hearing much about them. I know they made (many) appearances OEF with their J-DAMing the Tora Bora caves. Secondly, during any of these ops, did BUFFs carry ALCM's, or was it always with bombs, guided or unguided? thanks for the help! PS: :wacko: (I just wanted to use the new emoticon )
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