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  1. I've often wondered how military aircraft got their number designations (i.e. F-14, F-16, etc.) Anybody know?
  2. DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMNNNN!!! In-freakin'-credible !!! I'm assuming that's the pre-painted color PE from Eduard?
  3. If you didn't tell us it was a model, I'd swear to God it was the real thing :D! Awesome job :D!
  4. Revell makes a H-model BUFF? Or is it a coverted G model? Please do tell more about the kit and all of that fun stuff. BUFFs visitning Vandenberg AFB used to fly over my house quite often when I was younger. Great work! Don't get to see too many BUFF models!
  5. Last October...Pt. Mugu airshow - my famous last words: "I don't want any of that damn sunscreen, it makes you all oily and gooey and nasty." Can we all say "James is a dumb "
  6. Thanks Jake! I appreciate it a bunch!!!
  7. Damn Jolly Rogers bugs...just all over the freakin' place, ain't they ! Just kiddin' :blink: Awesome pics, man! Wish I could've gone (hell, I wish I could travel to all the airshows across America). My faves were the F-15C pics B) .
  8. Jake, Those dark stripes in the burner can - is that from engine use (soot and the like), or are they actually part of the engine? If they are part of the engine, what color are they? They look kind of gunmetal-ish to me. Thanks!
  9. OK, I tried to dirty it up a bit more...
  10. Awesome pics Richy! I'd love to see a Flanker in person! But why are you out taking pics when you should be working on that F-18 !
  11. And the business end... Weathering - too much or too little??? I may make some adjustments because it looks a little uneven to me.
  12. A few minor odds & ends to tie up, but for the most part she's done. I'm pretty happy with it. Now onto the Viper itself :huh: ! Critiques and opinions please, please, please!!!
  13. Sweet! I like it a lot. :unsure:
  14. The engine was spraypainted, as the fuselage will be when I get to that point. All the other little fiddly-bits will be hand-painted. Glad you like it :D Thanks a lot for the encouraging words. They are super-motivating for me.
  15. I see a boo-boo I gotta fix here. It's quite obvious, actually...
  16. Another shot. See, the engine is just too shiny for my liking, which is why I'm going to do a nice weathering wash on it.
  17. Well, made some pretty good progress on it today. Remember, all these photos are pre-weathering. I still have to weather up the white part inside the engine (which, when I'm done with it, will hide that seam in there), and I'm planning on doing a wash on the entire outside of it.
  18. Yeah...drybrushing...that's the part that's going to be interesting. IMHO, one of the hardest things on a model to get to look right . Yeah it really shows up in the pictures, doesn't it? Have no fear, I'll take care of it :) ! Thanks for the feedback and the encouraging words!
  19. I didn't even know Revell made a shuttle launch gantry kit :huh: . I want one!!!! Is it still available? I know they made the one that had the gantry and the shuttle stack in the same kit, but I think that one's OOP, unfortunately. If anybody has any suggestions on how I could get my hands on one, please do share ;) .
  20. One more I forgot to post earlier
  21. More progress. Kind of at a stall right now until I find some Titanium paint to finish up on the other parts of the engine that require that color.
  22. Early progress. No problems so far...
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