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  1. I was pleased with how the vertical stab turned out though ... (vertical stab dry-fit only at this point)
  2. Here's Felix, with just a slight bit more painting to do, and a few little fiddly bits to put on. I know it turned out a little bit too dark. The decals are from the kit (RoG offering in 1/72). The instructions said that this bird was NOT two-tone TPS, so I went with it, and since this is the first model I've actually FINISHED, I figured it'd be OK. Personally though, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give this about a 3.
  3. Nice ...I know mine's not going to turn out as good as yours, though .
  4. The Tomcat kit I'm working on doesn't have the vinyl(?) texture on the instrument panel covers. Is there a easy way to throw something on there? I was thinking aluminum foil, but I dunno :P .
  5. What is the correct mixture (if there is one) for the green tint on the front windscreen of the Tomcat? I know it has something to do with Tamiya Clear Green, but isn't there some Tamiya Clear or Tamiya Smoke mixed in there somewhere?
  6. What the hell is it with all these 1/144 kits lately :D ?!?! Takes a patient and VERY talented soul to do one of these with all that detail! Nice work!
  7. Great pics! Anybody else think it looks a little funny to see a B model with that retro paint scheme? I kinda like it .
  8. The Revell of Germany F-14D doesn't come with the option to do a full AIM-7 loadout (two reasons: a) it only comes with 2 AIM-7's and second, the holes aren't open to accomodate the fins on the missile), so I decided to throw one together, because I wanted to put some sort of ordanance on this thing, but I didn't want to screw around with those damn warped and badly shaped Phoenix pallets . Also, the nose gear strut is done (hopefully). Is it still too clean or do I need to weather it more? Does the Approach Indexer look OK? Just looking for opinions...remember - be honest, not nice: if it stinks, tell me! Thanks guys - you all are awesome !
  9. Last view... Also, let me know about dimensions...did I get the probe too long? Too short? do I need to do any more reshaping nose-wise?
  10. OK, here's the story...I managed to snap off the AOA probe on this damn thing , so I had to come up with some "ingenious" way to fix it. Here's what I did: I drilled a hole right on the tip of the nose, split the two fuse halves, and jammed a wire in there. Once I got the wire in there, I put the two halves back together and then re-shaped the nose a little bit with some putty. What do you all think :D ?
  11. I was messin' around with GlobeXplorer ImageAtlas earlier, and I found my house, my 2 uncles' houses and my grandparents' house, but the most interesting thing I found is the launch pads at Vandenberg AFB.
  12. OK, here is my dumb*** question...can the front-to-rear fuselage gap be taken care of by using the "filling w/o sanding" technique mentioned in the Tools-n-Tips section, or do I have to fill it the old fashioned way? I would like to let it be known that the front/rear fuselage assembly is my LEAST favorite part of building a Tomcat... :lol:
  13. Thanks! I'm hoping I'll be able to "call the ball" on this baby by the end of the week, barring any other snafus. Really sucks to FUBAR a kit that was coming along as nice as the last one was, but I learned a lot from that experience. After I finish the 'cat, it'll be onto making ground crew, equipment, and some AIM-54's to put on a weapons cart.
  14. Well, I managed to seriously F%&^ up my first attempt at an entry in the GB (trust me, you don't want to know...), so I ordered another RoG 1/72 Super Cat, and decided to do it in the Felix markings (for my mother...she just thinks they're the "cutest" things ). Here's part of what I got so far. This is only a small portion. The front fuselage/cockpit assembly is done (managed to rescue the cockpit from the one I screwed up) and the rear fuselage is also done, they just need to be put together. The gear doors and wings are also all painted and ready to go. Meet Felix...
  15. Damn...no luck for me either. Just the latest issue w/ the Skyhawk. .
  16. Holy s**t !!! The whole build is incredible, but those damn markings are off the chart. That takes a special talent to be able to do something like that!
  17. Looks incredible!!! Was the RIO panel a difficult fit? It looks great!
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