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  1. 9 years old! All I got to say is WOW!!! I still can't come anywhere near this level, and I've worked on about 20 kits. Sweet work, Drew!
  2. Still working on the RoG Tomcat for the GB, but I've hit a bit of a snag here, and would appreciate some assistance. I'm at the point right now where I'm putting on the Phoenix racks. One of them went on without a hitch, but I can't seem to get the second one to lay flat. The problem is that the back end seems to be a bit warped and wants to sort of curl up . I've tried rubber bands...no luck. I've tried weighting it down...no luck. I can't get a clamp to do the job because the clamp won't fit in between the intakes. Any suggestions???
  3. :o :( Damn sad...just damn sad I tell ya!
  4. Andy - looks awesome! Bullet, Being a brush-painter myself, I've got to agree with you. But, just out of curiosity, couldn't you thin the Clear green and brush it on?
  5. Just wondering if there's any decals out there for a black-tailed VF-11 "B" model. Preferably THIS ONE but any of their black tailed 'cats will do.
  6. oops...sorry Habu, forgot to add e-mail address to my post (I'm stupid like that sometimes ) car.racer@verizon.net
  7. Now that I think about it I should've put the front Phoenix racks on, because then I wouldn't have had to go down in that groove to fill that bottom seam. Why is the front-to-rear joint such a b**ch on Tomcat kits? The two things I HATE the most about Tomcat kits are the intakes and that damn seam. 1/48th Hase main gear bays aren't my favorite either .
  8. This one should be fun, too Well, that's it for now. Hopefully when I post some more, it'll be of the finished product! :)
  9. Here's one of the seats in the cockpit. Still looks a little funny to me. I may end up using the kit seats. Also, note the disgusting seam I've got to take care of :)
  10. Got a question on the wings. They've got one more light coat of paint to go. After I finish that, Future them, etc. can I go ahead and put the decals on them before I put them in? As I mentioned in the first post, I modified them to Hase-type wings that slide in and out, no glue required. I was pleasantly surprised. They actually lock in place quite nicely.
  11. OK here's a few pics. I have since decided that I'm going to leave it as a D and use the Tomcatters markings. True Details NACES seats. I dunno, they just don't look like NACES seats to me...any input would be greatly appreciated. :)
  12. Well, got a couple of Hase kits in the paint barn (not too happy with 'em, so I may not enter them in the GB), but I started the RoG F-14D (includes Bounty Hunters and Felix the Cat markings) today, and I got the cockpit painted (kind of a minimum effort job, as the canopy will be closed), assembled, placed in the front fuselage, and the front fuselage halves put together. I also sprayed white on everything that needed white (gear bays, struts, etc.), got the intakes on and assembled and modified the wings so they could be pre-painted. Hopefully by the end of the week she'll be ready for markings. I'm thinking of either backdating to a VF-102 "B" model (steal the proper seats, chinpod and whatever else I may need from a Hase sprue) or building it straight outta the box with the included Felix markings. Since this is my first GB, I'm incredibly nervous, and want this thing to turn out perfectly. Even though I've got so much done so fast, I've been taking my time on it. For some reason this kit just seems to fall together. Later on, I'll post a few pics so you guys can check it out!
  13. Like Andy G., I'll hop in the fray in with one of my own 1/72 Italeri Swiss Tigers (not sure if it'll be the Swiss markings or not, but I'm in with an F-5).
  14. Lookin' for VF-102 decals for an "A" model, hi-viz, (around the time frame of Desert Storm, I guess). Are there any out there? What about mixing and matching from the Hase F-14B sheet and "backdating" the markings by changing stencils and such? Is that possible? Thanks for the help guys!!!
  15. Nice work! How'd you do the FOD cover? The tools and tips section here on ARC, or did you do something different?
  16. How difficult do you all think it would be to do a 1/48 (or 1/72) Hase Tomcat in an in-flight configuration??? Just kind of wondering. I've seen some of the photoshop tinkering that goes on here with people and models they've built in the in-flight configuration, and I have to say it looks pretty damn awesome.
  17. Damn, are you sure you're not building the real thing here???? :lol:
  18. All I've got to say is DDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNN!!! Helluva job, can't wait to see the finished product :lol: :( !
  19. Great! Sounds real simple Thanks Habu! Another quick question...this will work with raised panel lines right?? :)
  20. OK, bear with me here guys. I really want to preshade/weather my F-14 for the GB, and I was just wondering when I should do the preshading process. My question is this - I'm using the "chalk pastel wash" method from tools 'n' tips. Do I do this before I spraypaint, after I spraypaint, or do I do one coat, then do the wash, then another coat. Thanks for the help!
  21. If you go to the Gallery section, it's included in the submission I wrote for the VF-124 Tomcat model....I think! :) I know you can get to it from Steve's pinned article on the Academy Tomcat. He makes reference to it in there. Thanks Darren, I was hoping you'd come across this and be able to point these people in the right direction! By the way, Steel Beach Accessories ROCKS :wacko: !!! I love the pre-covered nozzles and the intake covers are superb!
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