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  1. Yup, Mike is a pleasure to deal with. Every deal I've done with him has gone without a hitch. Deal with this guy, and be confident that everything will go super-smooth.
  2. Oct. 22-23 NAS Pt. Mugu. :wacko: ;) I'LL BE THERE Maybe, just maybe, if the Tomcats decide to do one more year of demos...pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? For me? I'm on my knees begging here.
  3. VX-9 Vampires baby!!!!!!! Based out of Pt. Mugu, CA, about 1 and 1/2 hrs away from where I live, not to mention the first Tomcat demo I ever saw, and heard, and felt (the first high speed pass set off a couple car alarms ) was at Mugu in 1998 . Also the first Tomcat static display I got to visit as well.
  4. Well, I've got 3 Tamiya 1/32's here, one of which is almost done. So that being said...one, possibly even two or three, depending on time. Tomcat #1...the VX-9 bird mentioned in my sig. Tomcat #2...an "A" model, Diamondbacks (if I can find decals). Tomcat #3...another "A" model, squad TBD.
  5. WOW! MaRiO's on the job again! Thanks for the help, man
  6. OK guys, I have a small problem here. Working on my "C" model Eagle, I filled in and sanded some gaps. I wanted to make sure the gaps were smooth and couldn't be seen, so I shot it with a coat of Tamiya Ghost Gray spray paint. The gaps turned out great, but the problem was, after the fact, I looked at the spray can and discovered it was Dark Ghost Gray, not LGG like the instructions say . So, that brings me to my question: If I just spray over the mistake area with a coat of Light Ghost, will the Dark Ghost still show through? The coat of the DGG is pretty thin. Stupid mistake, I know. :) By the way, if you're wondering why I'm spraying and not airbrushing, I have worked so hard on this thing that I don't want to mess it up. I'm comfortable with the spray cans, but since I just got my airbrush and haven't used it yet, I want to familarize myself before I try it on something I've worked so hard on.
  7. Got to agree there. Done quite a few deals with Mike and all went smooth as silk!
  8. Thanks Mario! I got it. Sorry about that, should've looked there first
  9. Just sort of curious about this. What would you guys advise me to use as a tool to hold one of my projects that I will be spraypainting. Is there special tools for a job like this, or is there any regular household items that will work, or is there something I can slap together that will do the job? I've heard of taking a wire hanger, bending it, and sticking it up the @$$ end of the plane. Would that be my best bet? Maybe there's something in tools and tips about this, I'll check, but in the meantime, just thougt I'd get some opinions. Thanks...
  10. Just kind of curious as to what filler you guys prefer to use. I've used the Squadron white stuff, it was OK, not perfect, and now I'm using the gray Tamiya stuff, which is OK, but I seem to be having a difficult time getting it perfectly smoothed out. Just sort of looking for any other suggestions of what I may want to try. Thanks! :lol:
  11. OK, I feel really dumb about asking this, because it probably is really simple, but I would like to try wet sanding the project I'm working on now (F-15C Eagle, while I wait for that damn back-ordered Viper seat ), but I have NEVER done it before. It sounds simple enough, but I've got a couple of questions. 1. Do I soak the sandpaper in water, just get the sandpaper a little bit wet, or soak the part you're sanding in the water? 2. Should I use warm or cold water? 3. I guess the biggest question would be...how much different is the dry-sanding technique and wet-sanding technique. I apologize if I missed a section on it here on ARC, and if I did, just point me in the right direction, and I'll go from there. THANKS Oh, and by the way, sorry for the dumb question
  12. Awesome!!! Thanks guys, the advice helps me greatly Oh, and Mario, I've heard about Italeri's SuperBug intakes. Just the thought of having to deal with those scares the s*** out of me :huh: . You sure did do a hell of a great job with yours!
  13. I HATE assembling intakes!! :D Right now, I'm working on putting together the ones for the Hase F-15C kit. Obiviously, they're 2 halves that need to be joined, and are going to have a horrendous seam on each side when assembled. The way I see it, I've got 2 choices...paint each half of the intake first, then put them together (but if I do that, the seam will still be there), or put the intakes together and sand the seam away (but if I do that, painting the inside of them won't be easy). I guess that's what you call being between a rock and a hard place. HELP!!! :huh:
  14. If YOU feel that you are a good modeler, and are happy with your work, that's all that matters.
  15. Just used this stuff for the first time today. I could have killed myself for not finding it earlier. It's a builder's dream. "Pic-n-Stick"
  16. Check out that bad *** down there in the banner. VF-24 all the way, baby!!!!!!!! Oh, and if I get time, VF-101 in 48th scale Hasegawa. ;) I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :lol:
  17. Can anybody tell me the difference between FS 37925 Flat White and FS 37875? Both are Testors colors. I'm sure I probably missed it on the FS Color Chart webpage somewhere, so I figured I'd just ask here. FS 37925 FS 37875 Thanks for the help :huh:
  18. I noticed that Tamiya has got FS 36375 (Lt. Ghost) and FS 36320 (Dk. Ghost) in spray cans. I've heard a lot of people talking about "scale effect" and how the paint will be a little darker than it should. Anyway, am I better off lightening up the Model Master Ghost Grays with some white and airbrushing them, or would I get a decent, accurate gray with the Tamiya sprays? I've never used an airbrush before, so I'm a bit nervous :unsure: , but I'm comfortable with spray cans because I've used them before and actually know what I'm doing.
  19. Another Tamiya Tomcat I ordered...to be done in VF-24 Renegades markings! Follow the link...this is the bird. http://www.topedge.com/alley/images/f14a/f14a24m.htm
  20. Hey, thanks a lot, Steve. Ya know what, I never really thought of that! Yes, that could be a problem...a BIG problem.
  21. Thanks a lot Mario...I appreciate it!
  22. Question on Future baths for clear parts, like canopies...do you Future them first, and then mask and paint them, or do you mask and paint first? Thanks for the help! ;)
  23. Mike is absolutely great to deal with...not only has he helped me advice-wise in my current Tomcat build, he's supplied me with some awesome decals, a VX-9 set, and a real kick-*** Red Devils set for my Academy Hornet.
  24. I've heard some people around here say that Play-Doh is great for filling in wheel wells, cockpits, etc. that you don't want painted. My question is this - does it matter if it is colored or not? I can find all this funky neon crap, but I can't seem to find just regular Play-Doh. I didn't want to buy any just in case the colored stuff left a residue or would muck something up.
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