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  1. Hmm...definitely interested in one of these.
  2. Yeah, I'm leaning toward the Grim Reapers VF-142 tribute scheme. That airframe was painted in overall medium gray rather than the traditional TPS, and I thought was kind of unique.
  3. Yes, your work is seriously motivating me! I got a few of the Hasegawa VX-9 Black Tomcat boxings really cheap a couple years ago (the reason they were really cheap? It's molded all in black and a royal pain to work with as far as seeing seams and such), and they've been sitting there in the stash ever since. It's a Delta out of the box, but I'm backdating it to a Bravo. Everything I need is there, and I didn't feel like springing for a Bravo boxing. I haven't done a build thread on it, because in the past build threads have been bad mojo. Every time I start an in-progress thread, I never finis
  4. That's EXACTLY the shots (and that panel in there) I was after. Thank you a million, billion times!
  5. Does anybody happen to have any really good views of the inboard side of the ventral fins? There's no shortage of views of the outboard side, and there's a few half-hearted views of the side I want, but that's it...in all my books AND online. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! :-)
  6. Building a Hase Tomcat right now, myself. Thanks for the motivation. Fantastic work.
  7. Sweet. Baby. Jesus. I am going to be in Tomcat heaven here soon.
  8. Shoot, only six in a row? Man, I haven't finished a model in over a year, and I can't begin to count the number of projects I've started and trashed since I finished my last kit. The reason? Exactly the same as yours...I'm a perfectionist. I'm trying my hardest to get past that, because I would never give up this hobby. It's difficult (as I'm learning now), but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and say "eh...it's not perfect, but it's good enough." Keep plugging away, my friend. You'll find your model-building mojo.
  9. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the arrestor hook on the Hase Tomcat is a bit too long. When I began researching my build, I think I read somewhere that it's 1/4" inch too long, but now I can't seem to find that info again. Thanks! :)/>
  10. Well I will say this, D.Rob, I'm thinking your intake covers will look mighty fine on this thing when it's done.
  11. Are those little intake tips (can't remember the part numbers) always a pain in the keester, or is it just me? I've never done so much damned sanding as I've done on these pieces. I've got them pretty much all blended, still some minor filling to do, but hot damn! They were NOT cooperative. And oddly enough, for the most part, with all the research I did on little workarounds I found on other folks' builds, everything else had actually been fairly cooperative so far (I'll admit I've had to have a few come to Jesus meetings with some areas of assembly, but for the most part it's worked out well
  12. Perfect! Wonder why this didn't show up on the Google search results.
  13. For those of you that happen to have an instruction manual lying around for the Hase 1:48 F-14B (or a late A model will work, too), may I ask a big favor? If you could just take a snapshot of the spot that deals with the placement of the ECM antennas near the intakes and post it here or PM me with it, I would really appreciate it. I'm working on the D boxing but I'm trying to do a B, and while I think I could just eyeball it, I want to be 100% sure. And by the way...I would have just bought the F-14B and built it OOB, but I got the D model kit really cheapy-cheap, and all the parts for a Bra
  14. The Micro-Mark one is what I have. Never punched instrument dial decals, but it has worked like a charm for everything I've used it for since I got it.
  15. Was thinking of pulling the trigger on this sheet myself for this kit. The Sundowners and Aardvarks look *reeeeeally* tempting. :)
  16. You really are amazing. This gets better every time I look at it. I seriously have no words.
  17. I picked up an original release of the 1:72 B-1B that I came across a few years back...got it home, opened the box and one of the fuselage halves was a damned short-shoot. I returned it to the hobby shop and just chose something else, since that was his last of that kit he had in stock. I would be interested in checking this kit out again though, and seeing if those resin goodies are nice and drop-in, or do they require a lot of skill (which I don't have...LOL.).
  18. 1981 VF-84 Jolly Rogers (yeah, yeah, I know...) would work for this kit OOB, correct? I know all the nuances and differences of the different iterations of the Tomcat if I see them, it's just difficult for me to put it all together...LOL.
  19. Any of the overall Light Gull Gray schemes. Don't want to have to paint the white bottom. There is an overall LGG Sundowners scheme or maybe Aardvarks scheme that I could pull off building this kit OOB, right?
  20. Good call. Never thought about Milliput.
  21. Any of the 1:48 P-51 Mustang kits by Tamiya. Any of the 1:48 F-16 Viper kits by Tamiya. 1:48 F4U Corsair by Tamiya. The SkunkModels Reaper was a great kit as well, that just seemed to fall together for me. I don't know if SkunkModels is still around or who got those molds, but it is still available (I think? I hope?). Just my opinion
  22. In no way do I mean to hijack this thread, but just out of curiosity, if one was doing a Raptor build, could exhaust nozzle plugs be made for these maybe with Styrofoam or some material similar cut to the size of the nozzle opening, covered with foil and painted?
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