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  1. I was just reading Steve's "filling with plastic" technique, where he mixes sprue shavings with liquid glue or lacquer thinner to make a filler.

    Firstly, will this technique work with larger gaps (not like Grand Canyon-ish gaps, I'm talking, say, a front to rear fuselage attachment that chooses to get pissy), or is this designed more for smaller, more traditional gaps?

    Secondly, is this little cocktail able to be scribed once it's dry and sanded?

    Thanks for the help :)

  2. I've got a 2008 Fusion with almost 84K on it, and I absolutely love it. I got it fully loaded w/ SYNC system, and I subscribe to SiriusXM radio, which I would go through serious withdrawals if I ever lost that. The only issue I ever had with it was something in the on the driver side door took a crap on me, meaning I had to roll the window down and use the outside handle to open up the driver door that way until I got it fixed. But it was a pretty cheap fix. Oh, and my driver side mirror seems to be cursed. It's been knocked off twice. Once was vandalism and once it got sheared off by somebody who thought they could make a U-turn with my car parked right there, but apparently...um...missed.

  3. Darren,

    A couple points to bring up here...

    1. The Hasegawa Tomcat kit is different with every build you do. Different areas provide unique headaches with each project taken on. That being said, despite those headaches, they do build up to be quite nice looking.


    This couldn't possibly be more true. I've built a handful of hasegawa tomcats now, and I've hit snags in different areas on EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. (still easy enough issues to overcome though)

    Yep. SO true. Hase Tomcats are always an adventure. I've already made 5 attempts on that kit and ended up getting frustrated, being totally unhappy, and chucking all of them. I'm working on my 6th now, and I'm beginning to feel that I have to finish it just to prove to myself that I can.

  4. ...No photo shows the cockpit but many discussions over the years indicate black cockpit for those aircraft removed from storage and refurbed before use...

    Yes. Black cockpits. I have Osprey Publishing's "Modeling the P-51 Mustang" and it specifically mentions this on the F-51 build featured in the book.

  5. Hands down Revell 1/32. I had it and never finished it. Get the newer version,

    Revell popped it twice, the second time with much better bang seats! Here's mine

    as it was.---John

    Is the second pop the VF-124 boxing, or did they spit one out after that?

  6. As far as wanting to make canopies clearer and using Future on them, it can be worth it, yeah, but I promise you that you will never walk up to, say, a 1:1 F/A-18 and find a spotless, scratchless canopy. In reality, they're fingerprinty, and smoodged up and have little scratches all over from the pilot's and maintainer's gear bouncing off them. They look nice and clear from a distance, but when you really get up there close, you find out that they're not as shiny and spotless as you may think. Also, upon close viewing, the paint on the canopy framing isn't as crisp and sharp as one would think, either.

  7. I have noticed that it is the first time(?) that twin Sidewinder rails have been included in a Tomcat kit, the problem is that the Tamiya weapons set only provides 2 Sidewinders so you will have to rob another kit or buy 2 sets of the weapons kit.


    YES! This is awesome.

    CATM-9 and a ACMI pod!

  8. ...and don't have other hobbies or interests :D/> . I LOVE baseball...I coach Pinto...my Son plays Pinto and enjoys practicing with me (I wouldn't trade this for anything)...I have 3 MLB teams that I follow religiously...and I have to watch the games not just listen to them. Other interests or hobbies really eat into the building time :lol:/>.

    I agree with the others who advocate OOB as much as possible and don't sweat the small stuff.

    Its all fun though :thumbsup:/>


    Who are your three teams? I'm a lifelong, bleed blue Dodger fan, but I also keep up with the Royals as well, because I have a friend who went to the same high school I did on that pitching staff.

    Anyway, I agree with the parts about not stressing out trying to improve a kit, and I rarely use any aftermarket as well. I don't mind doing up a resin seat now and then, but nothing too overboard.

  9. Are we 100% sure this is going to be only an early version Tomcat? Because I see Phoenix pallets modernized for bombs. Seems to me they'd be pretty much useless in this kit. Even if they are going to release different versions later on, it would seem that those would be parts that would be specific to later versions.

  10. The Tamiya 1/48 Mustang isn't a parts tree forest. It just happens to be accurate, highly buildable and competitively priced. Perhaps that's what the company is aiming for here - the great middle class - people willing to pay for modern tooling, accuracy, good fit, engraved lines x 3-4 kits, versus the plentiful heritage 'good-enough' kits x 10 already in everyone's closet or the expensive, fiddly, problematic kits x 1.

    Yes. This.

    I'm an obsessive Mustang and Tomcat lover. They are my favorite two aircraft. This is the main reason why I've NEVER been able to build a Tomcat, because I've just never been happy with the end result. I've tried three or four Hase kits, no dice. Revell Monogram, nothing. Even the big Trumpeter and Tamiya kits...negative. On the other hand, I was able to crank out a Tamiya Mustang. Why? Because it simply fell together. I even put an aftermarket cockpit in that thing and I was thrilled with it. I would gladly sacrifice some accuracy for a kit that is easy to build and fits well, a la the Tamiya Mustang and Viper (I'm not saying the Mustang and Viper aren't accurate, I'm getting at the "easy to build" thing). I will gladly admit that I just don't have the talent and the ability to deal with the fit issues that the Hasegawa and Revell/Monogram kits have. Filling and sanding just isn't my strong suit. I can crank out a decent looking detailed cockpit, and I can do a halfway decent job of weathering gear bays and such, but I just don't have "it" when it comes to dealing with fit issues like some of you guys here. I really wish I did, because if that was the case, then I'd have about 20 Hasegawa Tomcats on the shelf, because there's no doubt that they do look good when they're finished.

  11. Or not pay any money and say it's an E-14 Pussycat.

    Just like how academy's russian jet boxings in the last few years have been M-29, S-27 and S-30, instead of Mig-29 Fulcrum, Su-27 and Su-30 Flanker.

    or you could move to China and not give a rat's bottom about copyright or licensing fees.

    Not so odd, when the previous two options were assembling the geared wings into the fuselage early and having problems with the painting or scratching the paint. Tthe other option was like hasegawa with tabs and slots to insert the wings in either of two positions only at the end of the build.

    But looking at the photos they must be using the method that Hasegawa first used with their Macross VF-1 kits (Roboetch) since the late 90's. The gears have those protruding plates for a reason, you install the gears while gluing the fuselage but leave the wings off, then you can paint and handle them separately and at the end just insert them in the tabs. A really easy improvement that gives you working swing wings and yet be able to paint/handle separately, something that I've wondered why nobody implemented in their swing wing kits since.

    Here's a link to the step in Hasegawa 1/48 scale VF-1 showing what I mean.

    edit: didn't see Fighting Eighty Four already posted the features list mentioning the detachable wings.

    Well, in over the last decade Tamiya has caught on on how to milk modelers money by either not including everything or selling their own aftermarket, and yet the kits without 'everything' aren't necessarily cheaper.

    I may be more inclined to feel the whole "working wing" concept if it was done the way Hase did on that Macross kit.

    I believe "detachable" listed on the features refers to the sealing bags behind the wings, and not the wings themselves, but I could be wrong.

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