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  1. You are ridiculous! This is the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time...absolutely fantastic.
  2. In Progress: 1:48 Hasegawa F-14D Tomcat Black Bunny boxing...currently working on it. Going to either be done as a mid-90's VF-74 Bravo model or mid to late-90's VF-101 Bravo or Delta model. 1:32 Academy F/A-18C Hornet (Stuck at the painting stage...probably about 75-80% done) 1:144 J-STARS (Stuck because I got annoyed with the landing gear door assembly) What I'd like to start: 1:48 Tamiya F-16C (want to get decals for one of the new Have Glass decal sheets) 1:48 Kitty Hawk AH-1Z 1:48 Kitty Hawk UH-1Y Oh, and just as an aside...if an F-14 Tomcat kit that is detailed, accurate, has opt
  3. Cool! I hope one day to get to see a Scooter in action. I've only got to see them on static displays, unfortunately. One of the aircraft on my bucket list to photograph.
  4. The Tesla dealer about an hour or so from me had a line forming outside their door before they even opened on Thursday. I'm still kind of up in the air on Tesla. They are a very high end vehicle, but there is nothing that really makes them stand out. The ones I've seen didn't really look all that different from, say, a Toyota Camry or Honda. I really had to do a "Whoa...that's a Tesla!" double take. I'm sure they are very well built cars, but if I'm going to put out that much cash for a vehicle, I want people to really notice it.
  5. I thought the outriggers/pogos were that day-glo orange color.
  6. GREAT information. I'm in the *VERY* early stages of working on the VX-9 F-14D Black Bunny boxing (which I'm going to turn into a Bravo model). Also a heads up to you, firefighterpilot1, I'm not sure if you are aware or not, but there's a few workarounds and shortcuts and such you can do with this kit to improve the fitting. If you build it according to the instructions straight out of the box, it'll drive you up a wall. I'm still researching all of them (and I know the link to Mr. Aungst's build above covers some), but the ones I'm aware of are attach the beavertail halves to their correspond
  7. Looks awesome! I especially like the HARMs...very subtle weathering job that looks perfect.
  8. I got a new laptop with Windows 10, and it's already in the shop having to be repaired (which I partially blame myself for). I turned it on one day and got something about "Critical Error: Start Menu and Cortana not working." Got this every time I booted the damn thing up. So (this is the part where I blame myself for it being in the shop), on my other laptop, I looked up one of those stupid YouTube videos about how to solve the problem, and only ended up making it worse by following those directions. So, needless to say, I'm not overly impressed with it so far...
  9. Welcome to ARC, Andre! There's no better place than this for building advice and expert opinion. Even if you have a question on the one of the "real things," you're bound to find someone here that knows the answer. And I personally look forward to seeing the photos and videos you're talking about.
  10. Like I said, "bolt-on thingies" LOL :-D Seriously though, very interesting.
  11. My guess is it's like those bolt-on thingies (technical term) the F-117 had to make it visible to radar, but I could be very wrong. I remember years ago somebody asking this same question in a thread somewhere (could have been here), but I don't remember whether the question was answered or not. Fantastic photos!
  12. Really? I was never aware that they had an intermission during their show. Were the T-Birds the same way? Very interesting - this is why I love ARC...you're bound to learn something new all the time.
  13. I thought that stuff only came in star shapes. Wasn't aware they had it in that form. I use that stuff for cockpit MFD's (if they're large enough).
  14. I have looked through ALL my F-14 books (and I have a ton), and Googled the bejeezus out of this, but I can't seem find any good photos of the underside of the Tomcat's multi-purpose pylons without something (LAU-7, LAU-92, LAU-93, BOL Rail, LANTIRN adapter) attached to it. I found a good schematic of it on the M.A.T.S. website, but not any photos (unless I missed them). Does anybody happen to have any close up detail shots of just the underside of the pylon without some type of launcher or adapter attached to it?
  15. So I'm putting covers on my Hasegawa Tomcat because it's either going to be down on the hangar deck of a carrier or in a hangar on a land base. That brings me to my question. Do I have to attach the kit intake interior parts (parts B2-B3 and B10-B11)? I could have sworn I read somewhere (I can't remember where, and I can't seem to find it) that you could omit those parts, but looking at the instructions, it looks like the parts that make up the sides of the main gear bays attach to those things. My next question is regarding the beavertail. If I attach the top and bottom beavertail sections
  16. Oh yeah, I've already got a set of your intake covers laid out for it, D.Rob. I'm not even bothering detailing the cockpit here, I'm going to throw one of those canvas covers on the canopy, put some RBF tags on it and put it in a maintenance hangar. I have all these little 1:48 hangar accessory pieces (tables, chairs, toolboxes, trash bins, etc.) and I want to do a hangar scene big enough to have a Tomcat and Hornet side by side under one roof.
  17. Hey all...I've started about 3 of these suckers before and have never finished a single one because somewhere, somehow I FUBARed something and disgusted myself to the point of saying "fudge it." I've looked up a few online builds and found some step-skipping, workarounds, shortcuts, etc., to cut down on seam-filling, make fits better, etc., but is there anybody here that has cranked out enough of these things to list all the little idiosyncrasies of the kit, or the "do this step before you do this step" parts. I distinctly remember being told to attach the upper boattail and lower boattail sec
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