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  1. Yes! Been every year since 2008 (except for the sequestration year). Excellent show. Oshkosh is on my bucket list as well.I've been to Aviation Nation (Nellis AFB, NV) twice, and that's a stellar show as well.
  2. What is the color on that dark-looking Tomcat above the Iranian bird in the second column there?
  3. Very interesting. This thing lands at Vandenberg AFB, which is about 10 minutes from my house. I heard it's (very mini) sonic boom last time it popped in here. Since this is "close to home" for me, and something that I've been following, this would be something I'd be interested in building. Hope you keep this updated! :)
  4. Not to hijack the thread here, but speaking of Grumman commercials - I've often wondered...why? What is the point of companies like Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed, etc. advertising on TV or in magazines? It's not like the average person can just run down to the local mall and buy themselves a B-2. It would seem to me that commercials like that would be a waste of money.
  5. I really don't have anything to add to this knowledge wise, but I just have to say, isn't the scale of everything in the universe absolutely awe-inspiring? Just hearing stuff like, 'oh, this star is so young, it's only 500 million years old,' or 'yeah, that galaxy is right next door, it's just 2000 light years away.' I think it's simply fascinating.
  6. Absolutely amazing ink! I've always wanted to get ink done, but being on blood thinners for a heart issue, the artist I talked to told me I'd need to get a doctor's clearance, and my stupid doctor wouldn't give me one because it was too "risky". Personally, I was more than willing to take the risk. When I see work like this, it makes me want to just find a different shop, keep my heart issue to myself and do it anyway.
  7. I would like the Revell T-2C Buckeye (#7) please. Thank you so much! :banana:/>/>/>/> EDIT: My apologies, Chris. Didn't see you already claimed this one. May I please have instead: Johnopfor: 29) 1/72 Eagle Strike 72046 Ivan's Eagles. Again...thank you so very much to those who organized this and donated prizes.
  8. I'm kind of hoping he brings me the new 1:48 Yankee Huey and Zulu Cobra kits. I think I've behaved well enough for him to do that. Well, I hope I have, anyway :P
  9. Damn...I just posted a question in Jet Modeling at the beginning of November, and he was the first reply to it. Thoughts and 's to his family and friends :'(
  10. <br><br>Well...he DID know Area 51 was there...
  11. LOL...Independence Day. "Oh...it's just like the AMRAAM launch pad on a stealth." :rolleyes:/>
  12. "Hand Solo" Oh Lordy is there some jokes in there...:rolleyes:/>
  13. These pics help me out tremendously! What actually gave me the idea was looking through my Modern Super Hornet guide and some of the photos showed those silver sunscreens. When I saw them, I just though that would make for an interesting diorama. I guess for the hangar scene, my better bet would be the covers for the outside of the canopy that Spook is referring to (I've seen photos of those, so I know exactly what they are). Or I could go ahead with the foil sunscreen, and have the aircraft sitting outside on the ramp on a hot summer day with some weapons on it ready to go. Hmmm...this really
  14. I actually used Chromate Yellow with a teeny bit of black mixed in to darken it ever so slightly.
  15. My "Impromptu Air Show" story is one that is close to my heart and one that I will NEVER forget as long as I live. My grandfather, who had served 28 years in the United States Air Force as a aircraft maintainer and then went to ICBM's, was being laid to rest with full military honors. Just as the Honor Guard was removing the casket from the hearse to carry it into the church, this random T-38 inbound to Vandenberg AFB goes screaming over the church. Everybody just kind of looked at each other and smiled through the tears. It was a black T-38, so I figured it was most likely Beale or Holloman,
  16. And I know somebody who eats that Lindt Chocolate quite often. Woo-hoo! Awesome...thanks!
  17. I use a Canon 7D with a Tamron 200-500 mm for the majority of my aviation shots, and I absolutely love it. My only complaint with the Tamron glass is that it doesn't have IS (or VR for those Nikon folks), and I definitely can see the difference. One of these days I hope to upgrade to the Canon 100-400 mm for air shows. I also have a Canon T3i that I stick 28-135 mm glass for shots of static displays and such, and that works very well for me, too.My wide angle lens is a Tokina 11-16 mm. I live right by Vandenberg AFB, so I usually drag that out so I can get wide-angle time-lapse shots of night
  18. That was my first thought, but I was thinking that the foil would be too thin and it just wouldn't look right. Maybe some Bare Metal Foil that's a little thicker than the regular kitchen stuff?
  19. Does anybody have any photos of those silver reflective covers that are placed on the inside of the canopy, or even better, know what would be a good way to re-create them? Was thinking about someday doing that as a project (Hornet in a hangar, undergoing maintenance, canopy closed and covered), and was just either looking for reference photos or some pointers on how to do it. Or maybe it would be easier to make the other type of canopy cover...the one that attaches to the outside? Thanks in advance.
  20. Oh yeah...I say this, too :rofl:/> :rofl:/>
  21. One of my favorite replies is "Negative, Ghostrider..." :rolleyes:/>
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