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  1. Is this a smoke system? Ex-Thunderbird? If not, what is this? And what blocks are the ones in this post? I'm assuming 30's since they're GE-equipped? -please pardon my ignorance here...I know this is probably a silly question.
  2. I'm definitely in, and I'll check the stash for something to donate as well. -James Eberling-
  3. Very interesting stuff, actually! I didn't realize there was so much variation in procedures. I figured there would be some differences, but this is fascinating. I was focused more on US military policy about my question, but it was very cool to hear what everybody else had to chime in with as well. This is one of the reasons why l love this place so much!
  4. Just out of curiosity here: An F-15 or F16 is at, say, Nellis for a Red Flag. The aircraft is loaded with CATM-9's and/or 120's and an ACMI pod (obviously no live weapons), and it has to be whisked off to the hangar for a minor tweak of some sort real quick. Will it be unloaded, or is it possible to just leave the stuff hanging on it? Thanks :-)
  5. Kind of lost track of this thread, but glad it caught my eye again! I can't wait! REALLY looking forward to this one. The Tomcat is my favorite aircraft of all time, nothing else even comes close, and you would think with my screen name, I'd at least have ONE on the shelf. Well, I don't. Why? Because I'm too much of a perfectionist with it. I can't count the number of times I've started one (Tamiya 1:32, Trumpeter 1:32, Hasegawa 1:48 numerous times, Revellogram 1:48 numerous times, the list goes on) and just got frustrated with it and trashed it because of something I didn't like. Detail level
  6. :rofl:/> Filed away for future use...
  7. From my front yard. High cloud layer obscured pretty much the whole event. This was taken at 2124 hrs. Pacific Daylight Time, shortly after the clouds kind of eased up a bit, about two hours after totality.
  8. This place is awesome. I, too, have turned into a billion percent better modeler since I discovered this place years ago, I have been helped numerous times by patient folks who want to see other modelers succeed, and great folks here have sent me decals, replacement parts, and accessories that I've needed, etc. in the mail just because they could. I have also established a few excellent friendships here that no doubt will be lifelong.
  9. Oh yeah...I grew up on Mario and Legend of Zelda. Good memories.
  10. I'm curious as to whether CA glue is affected by temperature extremes. My "workshop" is an old shed with a concrete floor, a window and door. When the weather gets hot/cold/humid/dry, inside the shed gets hot/cold/humid/dry, and we've had a warm spell here lately of muggy mid-90's temps. I went to CA some (unpainted) parts together and they refused to stay put (both attempts to CA the parts had a good 6-8 hrs. drying time). I went through this twice before I decided to just use my Tamiya Extra Thin on the parts, which worked like a charm. Anyway, I was just kind of wondering if the weather cou
  11. In the browser menu, there should be a "view as desktop" option.
  12. Basically what this boils down to is Tom Brady acting like an entitled little douche that thinks he's above the rules. When this whole situation came to light, the NFL stepped in, did their job and laid down a punishment. Had Brady just said "OK, you know what? I effed up. I did the crime, I'll do the time," and gone about his business, I may have actually *gained* a teeny-tiny little bit of respect for the dude. But he goes and causes a huge stink about this whole thing. I absolutely cannot stand entitled jackwagons who think they're above the rules, and I *REALLY* cannot stand people who can
  13. I was just thinking that same thing. I can absolutely see how the operational tempo would be stunted by an air show, but at the same time, it only makes sense to have the demo teams perform at their home bases to either start or end the season. If not ED, would there be any other base that the T-Birds could move to that *could* possibly handle a yearly show.
  14. I don't understand why they'd switch to every other year. It's the Thunderbirds' home base. It's not like they have to travel there or anything. If there's ANY bases out there that should have yearly air shows, it's Nellis and Pensacola.
  15. Heard about it...have the last 60 or 70 laps of the race DVR'ed since I had to leave before it was over. Very tragic. Thoughts and prayers go out to him. Hoping and praying for the best, but unfortunately, preparing for the worst :(
  16. Very sad news. I remember after "Batman" came out in theaters in 1989, a lot of stations began showing reruns of that series. I was about 8 years old, and I became obsessed with that show. She was one of my favorite recurring characters, too. :'(
  17. I wish that IndyCar would come back out here to Laguna Seca. I'd love to get some shots of them coming through the Corkscrew. My uncle and I have been to two past races there and it was absolutely awesome.
  18. Your last sentence applies to what I said earlier in this thread as well.
  19. Nice! Thanks, Murph and Dave. That helps a lot.
  20. If I were to build Revell's F-15C completely out of the box (except for a set of Revell Strike Eagle featherless exhausts from the spares bin), what would be the latest timeframe the jet could accurately be portrayed in?
  21. Engraved panel lines, "Hasegawa-ize" the wings (no serious modeler needs working swing wings on a Tomcat kit, because chances are after it's done, it won't be touched or played with), and just better fit.
  22. OK...here's the scenario. An F-35A at Edwards (or Eglin, or Nellis, or wherever) AFB is going out to conduct a weapons test (say a JDAM). The loaders come to do their job and put the ordnance in the weapons bay of the aircraft. Would they open ALL the weapons bay doors to load the one weapon, or would they just open the doors of the bay they need to get into? Also...anybody have any shots of an F-35A with intake covers on? I can't seem to find any in my Googling.. Thanks!
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