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  1. STEN8

    Trumpeter F4U-1D 1/32

    Partner, you build a great model. It looks like all a person has to do is climb in and fire up the engine. Spectacular work, keep posting pictures of your other builds, they must be something. Welcome to ARC!!!! Harry Lutz, Florida
  2. STEN8

    1/72 F-18F Super Hornet (Has)

    I would say you spent your money wisely!!! What a beautiful build and I bet it looks awesome on the shelf. Welcome back. Harry Lutz, Florida
  3. STEN8

    F-14 - Why is it so popular?

    One of the crew wound up finishing his career as an Admiral, I believe. Harry Lutz, FL
  4. STEN8

    I need more FUTURE! What to look for?

    Pledge Multi-Surface Floor. Same magnificent stuff....Amazon carries it.
  5. STEN8

    heartfelt thanks, harry, niki and pete!

    Happy to help!! Great job. Harry
  6. STEN8

    Battle of Midway running in Derby

    And ran like a stud from the gate to the wire.
  7. There is a horse named Battle of Midway running in the Kentucky Derby at 28 to 1, latest odds. Destiny? Post time 6:46PM Go, Baby, Go!!!
  8. STEN8

    fighting for unavailable decals yet again :-(

    Dear Bobo, Got 'em, in very good shape....just missing the instrument panels. I will send them to you free of charge, modeler to modeler. I have the Expert's Choice sheet, and will use it to finish my own Revell Voodoo...which is an awesome kit. Send me an e-mail with your address and I will send them out this week. Can't tell how long it will take to get to sunny Italy, though. Hear from you soon, Bobo. Harry Lutz, FL
  9. Just had a fantastic time at the local model show in Venice, Florida. Wings, Wheels and Keels was inspirational. I saw some amazing work, talked to some interesting and dedicated modelers and picked up a couple of great deals at the vendors tables. Congrats and thank you to all the modelers who displayed their work. It vindicated my love of our hobby. And the fellows who organized the event did a fantastic job. Thanks again for a great time. It was worth the drive. Happy Modeling, Harry Lutz, FL
  10. STEN8

    Italian Starfighter

    Nice Model. Really nice Harry Lutz,FL
  11. STEN8

    Hasegawa F9F-2 Panther

    I was thinking about building that kit - I have some photo-etch upgrades, but really think they won't make much difference. It has been on the shelf long enough to accumulate an impressive level of dust. I will watch your build with interest...you have a fine, steady hand, to quote the immortal Barry Fitzgerald.
  12. STEN8

    Revell 1/72 F-101B Voodoo

    Builds up real pretty - I ordered the Repliscale decals and it shines on the shelf - at least to my eyes. Nice kit - I think you will be very happy. I am a modeler of moderate, almost incompetent skills, and it ended up looking great. The AIR-2 Genies really give it a ...Doomsday kind of look. Happy Modeling, Harry Lutz, FL
  13. STEN8

    Going for zero Tamiya 1/48 A6M3

    Nice work. Enjoy Star Wars! Harry Lutz, FL
  14. STEN8

    Wildcat with folded wings

    That is sure a nice model. Airfix is making some GREAT models. And you did a fantastic job on it. Thanks for sharing. Harry Lutz, FL
  15. STEN8

    Moving ARC Forums

    Dear Steve, All of your hard work and expense are appreciated..perhaps more then you will ever know. You provide an amazing source of information and friendship and I wish you the best. Harry Lutz, FL