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  1. Buttin' in again. The alcohol can be thought of as version of "ribbing alcohol" . Though technically not exactly the same . The percent may vary (i.e. 50% 75% 90% ) the higher the number the more alcohol vs the distilled water in the bottle. Regardless, alcohol on your hands for the time it takes to wash your resin, could certainly remove all the oils from your hands-ouch . So "rubber"/vinyl gloves are recommended. Use in a ventilated area or open a window etc. just to keep the fumes at a reasonable level. Strongly suggest you do not do the "parts washing " in the area in front of your ga
  2. Sorry no clue from here. But I agree with you that the smell should be explained and your caution is well founded.
  3. Thanks for that explanation. The diagram really helps get the point over.
  4. Sorry for the delay answering but wanted to Thank You πŸ‘for the suggestions
  5. Well at the end pf the build it is still your model. So unless you need a "dead on accurate" model of a Typhoon for some historically accurate display, at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Then let your personal preferences (or the kids) be your guide
  6. This is just another way the Quality modeler displays the art of his craft. The repair of damage so as to be invisible to the average person. p.s. looks like your on your way back πŸ‘
  7. Scale mates has no joy either, looks like a one off. Hay maybe you'll start a trend and people will clammier on your door to buy it from you and you 'll get rich...….OK 'probly not 😁
  8. A thing of beauty your radiator. Well Done. I too like to "craft" needed parts. It fills a need in my quest to create the perfect model.....OK, OK I'm too cheep to by resin and PE---there ya happy?😁
  9. This is a grand looking thing. Glad you got the Tamiya as it seems to work very well. Looking forward to the next installment.
  10. Congratulations on achieving a great weathered aircraft and base. Amazing I could just about feel the heat and dry air
  11. Buzzdubai to ARC and back into the WWM (wild world of modeling). your going to have a blast and soon you'll learn about all the new things that are out there in the aftermarket. The only dumb question is the one you don't ask; So don't hesitate to ask any questions, the answers a free as are the opinions. Enjoy your self!
  12. you might give the P-51 SIG a shout, they know a thing or two about Mustangs; and are willing to share.
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