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  1. Thanks for the play by play on the kit mod! Scooby and Ian: I guess I should have been a little more clear in my request - I was looking for photos of the modeled blisters rather than the 1:1 article. Pretty easy to figure out from the pictures on the net. Hope the show was worth it, I ended up having to work. Cheers, Sean
  2. Max, By the time they get to Block III they've had their structural upgrade which would require a repaint due to the amount of sheet metal work involved. So if not done at the time of the last upgrade, it would have been fairly recent. Looking at pictures on Airliners.net they look pretty clean so I'd keep the weathering to a minimum. Hope that helps. Cheers, Sean (Curious about how you did the ESM mods - do you have any photos you could share?)
  3. As always beautiful work, Yves! Cheers, Sean
  4. Some of the Classic Airframes kits came with a recce nose molded in clear plastic. It's been a while since I looked at it but I seem to remember the profiles were slightly off for a CF-5 recce nose but only a die hard fan would spot the differences. It's probably your best starting point and it's something that is probably lying in several spares boxes looking for a good home. Cheers, Sean
  5. Ah, yes, David you are correct. I sit corrected. Cheers, Sean
  6. Good fix on the nose gear! Or to put it another way that might help appease those going through hockey withdrawl - nice save! As far as the vent on the port side of the nose gear well, only '067 (the Electric Jet) had the scoop provided in the kit. Both of the original batches of Voodoo's had a flush NACA style intake as shown below. The depression that allows for placement of the kit scoop part is very close to the desired final shape, if you're really into detailing it could be reshaped with some strip and/or putty. Cheers, Sean
  7. Lookin' good Alf! Love the period pictures of the natural metal Voodoos over the Island. We spent four years in Comox and Dad was in 409 from 1981 until they moved to Cool Pool in the summer of '84. One thing to watch out for on your One-oh-wonder is the landing gear. First, you've got the nose gear bay in backwards- the gear leg sits towards the rear of the a/c and retracts forward. Second, the main gear legs should be more vertical, there was no forward slant. The first photo here's shows the angle of the main gear legs with out the landing gear doors attached: http://www.primepor
  8. Thanks guys! Terry - go ahead and take my name off the list. If I want in again I'll certainly let everyone know. Cheers, Sean
  9. Due to a recent addition in the Bratton household I'm on a modeling hiatus for a while, so please skip me and send it to whoever is next on the list. Cheers, Sean
  10. That interior looks amazing, Eric! Can you tell us little more about your foil technique, especially how you adhere the foil to the sidewalls? Cheers, Sean
  11. You can remove my name from the list for the next couple of cycles. If it's allowed I may rejoin after the box has made a few more rounds. Cheers, Sean
  12. Umm....the East Coast one was release last week. Typically Canadian, the East gets first dibs (I kid, I kid). Cheers, Sean
  13. This is a great looking sheet! It's been interesting to watch the development of the Western and Eastern sheets on the Leading Edge website. First one sheet, then two and then more and more profiles being added. Cheers, Sean
  14. Scott, I'd be interested to hear more about your fix as you progress with it. I just had the Ozmods set arrive in the mail last week - I opted for that one for the same reason as you, namely it would "convert any kit back to the early CH-47A or C and early D models". I guess that's not the case. Cheers, Sean
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