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  1. Thanks for your kind comments, you're embarrassing me! Well, Mike 'Wayfarer 30''s statement gave me some food for thought. I don't do any magic, most of the techniques I used for finishing this and my other miniature are really simple and every middle skilled modeller should be able to achieve them sooner or faster. Of course, a lot of training is required, but many troubles may be omitted if you follow advices of someone experienced, who will show you how to do certain things and then make you try them yourself with a coach. If I start organizing few days long seminars, either for one person or a bit larger group, would you be interested in participation?
  2. Thank you my friends for your very kind words! I really appreciate them. dragan- fitting of the whole canopy was the main weakness of this miniature. Most of fitng problems are caused by the resin cockpit mounted in the fuselage. The most painless way to fox it is mounting canopy in open position. But since I don't like open canopies, I had a lot of filling, sanding and putting. but the finial result is straight according to the amount of my patience.. BTW, about armament- with no doubt this is whait-if configuration, but su-25 with empty pylons? unacceptable :> moreover, the smaller rocket pod was grabbed from my spare parts stash. It was from one of the kittyhawk's kit. I'm pretty sure, that it is incorrect, but I don't care about it
  3. ..and to prevent comments like "your weathering is overdone".. a few reference pics: ..as always, comments are welcome!
  4. ..I wish to see brand new Su-25 in Kittyhawk's offer, since this old kit is a CRAP.. but represents awesome aircraft!
  5. Hi Folks! For your consideration: OOB KP masterline kit, according to manufacturer's colour scheme: SU-25UBK, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Air Force, Shiraz Shahid Dastghaib International Airport - May 2009.
  6. Hello everyone! I've recently got a new MiniTopcorols series issue, which is devoted to Luftwaffe planes operating over the Far North. The nicely painted colour profiles in the booklet show 8 fighters: 7 Bf 109 E-G and 1 Bf 110 C. After viewing them I've immediatelly decided to start building an Eduard 1/48 Bf 110 kit, using the Cartograf decals included to the booklet. The aircraft I want to depict is a Bf 110 C-4 with unusual individual marking on the front of the nose, consisting of a black number 13 on a white circle inside a red ring, and an interesting unit emblem of an eagle attacking the British lion. Together with the non-typical high demarcation camouflage scheme all these features make this plane a nice choice. As you can see on the other pics I've uploaded, there are some other great painting options in the booklet, including a Gustav with small, but very nice witch nose art. tbc..
  7. little update: ..so now it's ready for some weathering and dirt
  8. Little progress- some more details (turrets) and matt varnish ..so it is ready for weathering
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