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  1. I had some time over the last few days to get some work done on this model and I'm already imagining which color scheme I'll apply. That's a sure sign that I'm nearly at the finish of the project. Most of the hard work is done. Last thing I'll fabricate the smoke drums and attachment points to the back hull plate. I'll post more photos as this moves to the finale..:-)
  2. Oh Yeah, I should have mentioned, because I'd been asked that before. The tan items are from the Tamiya Tiran-5 kit which I had an extra and was using as a "donor" for parts. I had bought 2 kits for a great deal when they first released and already built one Tiran, so when I needed some parts that became my source. The searchlight by the way came from the Revell Leopard-1 which was equipped with exactly the one I needed so saving some time in scratchbuilding parts. The ISKARA laser range-finder on the top of the turret was scratched up from styrene strip and putty. Here's another photo showing where I'm at with the build. Here's the layout of one of the actual tanks as appeared in 1973 war. Knocked out and burned but with all the mods.
  3. I'll probably do a multi-color camouflage pattern, something along the lines of these captured tanks seen after the 1973 war.
  4. Here is my current "on the bench" project; a 1/35 Tamiya T-55 which I'm modifying into a T-54. I've decided to do it as an Egyptian army tank as it would have appeared in the 1973 Yom Kippur war. I've added the Egyptian modifications to the baseline T-54 which included a stowage rack on the back of the turret and the big AEG Telefunken searchlight alongside the main gun tube. For the T-54 conversion I used "Tankworkshop" resin conversion kit for the back engine deck, exhaust and turret ventilator. The road-wheels are also being used as they are the early spider type and very nicely molded. I was going to use the provided aluminum barrel without fume extractor, but was advised that Egypt apparently didn't have the type with the counter-weight on the end of the barrel. I used the kit barrel. Anyway here are some photos of what I've done, up to now. I'll keep posting photos as I progress through the project. Ed Okun/ Frogman-13
  5. I just wish Trumpeter would do the SU-7 in a bigger scale like 1/32..... That plane saw plenty of action in multiple wars and their are loads of marking options. Seems I always have to wait literally decades to get the ones I want. You listening Trumpeter??
  6. I had wanted to do this Diorama for a long time, ever since seeing this photo. A Syrian T-62 tank knocked into the Israeli defensive anti-tank ditch during the Yom Kippur war. This scene is from the famous "Valley of Tears" battle. I used an old Tamiya 1/35th T-62 that I had built ages ago and decided to try my hand at the unique camouflage pattern of this particular tank. As far as I know, no other Syrian tank was painted like this one during that war. At least there were a few good photos showing it's final resting place and the intricate camo pattern. I used foan core insulation for the ground work covered with "Durhams Water Putty". Garden department landscaping stones for the boulders and pastel powders for coloring. The IDF M-38 jeep is from AFV club. The Israeli jeep Figures are mix of Warrior "Iranian and Israeli jeep crews.
  7. Here is the Egyptian MiG-17 and Israeli F-4E Phantom II together. It's stunning to see the size disparity between the two aircraft when compared side by side.
  8. This is one, of the two photos that exist of the actual plane which I used for my paint reference. Glad you liked the result. Ed Okun
  9. I did post on the Helicopter thread! Feb. 24th post. Actually has alot of the buildup and details I didn't include here. If you liked it check it out. Here's the address to my blog page of this Helo build: http://edokunscalemodelingpage.blogspot.com/2015/09/israeli-air-force-bell-205-132-revell.html I liked the UH-1D because of the cross-over techniques from building armor subjects. I wanted to include the IDF recon infantry team and just being able to dirty it up so it would look like the interior of an armored troop carrier. My next helo will probably be the BIG Heller "SA321 Super Frelon" in 1/35th scale that I've had sitting in the stash for 20 years...That will get the works, probably a 6 month build. Ed Okun
  10. Hi guys, A kit that I've repainted and continually improved over the last 25 years. This one is the very old Revell 1/32 MiG-21PF. This is the link to Aircraft Resource Center from one of this models past incarnations: http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal6/5101-5200/gal5142-Mig-21-Okun/00.shtm I found out later (from the author of "Arab MiGs" book, Mr. Tom Cooper)that the camouflage scheme that appeared in his book was completely bogus !! I was so very annoyed by this news, that I stripped the paint and decided to reuse the model this time as an Egyptian MiG. I replaced the wider tail-fin with a narrow chord one supplied in the original kit and took the time to fix multiple issues that I had overlooked in the first build. New intakes, details on landing gear and speed brakes and cockpit were all done before this last paint. I actually enjoy the paint and finishing of built models more than the actual build-up. So here it is, an Egyptian Air Force MiG-21PFS sometime around the early 1970s.
  11. Here is a photo of the actual aircraft, as I modeled it, with the HOBOS GBU-8 glide-bomb on the centerline pylon. Photo credit to Mr. Raanan Weiss.
  12. Hi Guys, At the suggestion of some other visitors to the forums, I have changed the location of this model from the "Jet modeling" thread to the "Display case". I finished this one last year and had a great time building it. There are some small problems with the kit which I should mention here. The forward landing gear wheel is molded for some reason to the fork. I used an old Hasegawa A-4 wheel and the fork from that kit. Next problem is that a small intake on the left side of the nose, above the electronics acess door is deleted from this molding, even though it appears on their earlier A-4E and F kits....Strange, as it is a feature of the M version as well so there would be no reason to forget this. I cut and formed a new intake in mine. Finally, and the thing that I can't understand at all, there is no canopy hinge to be able to display the cockpit open ?? As is, you are instructed to glue the canopy closed. Well, that didn't stop me from opening mine and I cobbled a hinge together so this baby could show off her pit..The Israeli modifications to an "N" version are from "Wolfpack". Very nice. The decals are from "Isradecal" Mine is marked as a bird from #115 "Dragon" squadron Israeli Air Force as it would have appeared in the 1982 Lebanon war. The model breaks nicely at the mid-body line as on the actual plane so it was hard for me to ignore the engine exhaust pipe. For those that may inquire, the insulation came from a cigarette pack.. Here it is with my other 32nd scale Skyhawk models
  13. Paashe H-1 single action. My only airbrush for last 40 years.
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