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  1. Hi All, I am planning to do another 1/32nd scale Trumpeter MiG-17, this time in Egyptian Nile pattern Camouflage. I have already done one in N/M scheme from the 1960s so I know the massive amount of corrections that I am looking at to make this model a prize winner. I always like to have some idea of what I am building up to, in way of markings, before I start a project. I have a couple of photos (found on the internet) of the MiG-17 that was apparently gifted by the Egyptians to the Wright-Pat air museum in 1986. These color sideviews (see below) are really very good and they show an ea
  2. Ah well, that's the old story....OOP. My wife wonders why I stockpile stuff that I "speculate" will go OOP very soon. This is exactly why. Thanks for the input guys, but unless someone else steps up and offers to sell me a spare sheet, I'll probably just go Egyptian with this model. Frogman13
  3. OK. Where do i find that sheet? I had heard that it was a good sheet but each decal had to be cut individually. Not a big worry, but again: Does anybody know where I can find this decal sheet now? Thanks Frogman
  4. Hi Guys, Real Quick: I'm building the Trumpeter MiG-19/ F-6 in 32nd scale and am looking for a good decal sheet (Read: Available) that would have the national markings, squadron insignia and stenciling for Pak AF birds. I know some were out there years ago ("Tiger Wings"), but I can't seem to find them anymore. I'm willing to pay an exorbitant price (within reason of course), but just finding this sheet seems to be the big challenge. Anybody help me out? BRgds, Frogman
  5. Here's the link to Iran defence forum/ Egyptian Air Force Pictures thread nearly couple hundred posts with photos. There are quite a few F-16 pics there. Just have to get past all the high drama. Arab website, yuh know......lots of screaming in caps and sword rattling. http://www.irandefence.net/showthread.php?t=4145 Cheers !! Frogman
  6. While serving with the Israeli defence forces in the 1970s I took these shots of the "Kurnass". Cheers !! Frogman
  7. This is the Revell 1/32 scale kit. Alot of mods and added detail Ed Okun
  8. Hi Curt, Yes that's the one, but that photo spread doesn't show the underside of the nose. My friend Yoav Efrati in Israel quickly came to my assistance and sent me just the shot I needed. Thanks for your reply. Best regards, Ed Okun
  9. Hi All, Hope someone out there can help me. I am converting the old Revell 1/32nd scale Mirage 5J to an IAI "Nesher". This was the Israeli version of the Mirage V. It was also one of the first Israeli attempts at indigenous manufacture of an interceptor aircraft prior to the KFIR. This plane was flown alongside the Mirage IIIC during the 1973 Yom Kippur war. For the most part the aircraft resembles the Mirage 5 except for the nosecone. The pitot tube which extends from underneath the forward end of the cone appears to fair into a flattened area on the bottom side. I have quite a few ph
  10. Hi, Does anybody have a "Seamless Sucker" set for a Tamiya Early F-4E in 1/32nd scale?? I've been dredging the net looking for a set with no luck. I knew I shoulda bought a few when they were available everywhere. Help me somebody... Thanks Ed Okun/ Frogman13
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