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  1. that's probably a typo by a foreigner that doesn't think that $539 is an insane amount because their currency is valued differently than ours... most likely is was going to be 53.99
  2. Sorry for the mix up.... I didn't notice that my dimensions were not appropriately called off in the right location. Regardless, they are posted on Shapeways now. http://shpws.me/Rf6s
  3. Yes, i could definitely resize them to fit.... I just need some specific info to do so.... I just need the dimensions below.... in mm if possible. just give me : w= x= y= z= And I should be able to resize to fit.
  4. OK...finished them. They are posted online for sale. Should be a drop in fit. It might be a bit before the 3d render shows up on the site... http://shpws.me/ReBd
  5. So generally the part that the exhaust will fit into looks like this:
  6. Thanks...to be specific...I'm looking for the internal diameter of the opening defined at the red arrows on the image below... since the exhaust needs to fit inside of the opening... A pic of the opening would help too...to see if there is anything to stop the 3d part against.
  7. If someone can tell me the diameter of the exhaust opening on the kit, I can just create them in 3D for Shapeways. I plan to get this kit too.
  8. sapguy

    Air Force officially hates F-15s now

    So it's official..we're buying the F-15X super eagles... The real question I have is...How do I model one in 1/72nd scale?
  9. sapguy

    1/1000 1701-A Refit

    I think that finish really looks outstanding. Good work.
  10. sapguy

    Part2Print Rapid Prototyping

    I just loaded a test file...don't bother. Something that costs me $30 on shapeways cost a whopping $737 USD through these guys. they must be insane.
  11. sapguy


    meh...since that change to tapatalk, I rarely visit there anymore... I went and looked due to this post and it does appear down. Looks like a DNS issue
  12. sapguy

    New Tool Airfix B-25C/D In 2017

    Purchased today off of ebay...alternative was Hannants at nearly $50!
  13. sapguy

    NEW Canopy Polishing Discovery

    I ordered some from Amazon a few minutes ago... if nothing else, I can use it to polish the plastic on this..