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  1. All the OV-10 sheets were going to be released in 1/48 in conjunction with the new HazMat kit. Unfortunately that kit disappeared at the last minute. I had hopes someone else had picked up the project, and still have hopes...
  2. We talking small scale I imagine? AMS has them in 1/32: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/64079-ams-resin-ov-10g/
  3. The previously released 1/32 AOA decals release covering the Skymaster in the Vietnam War will now be available in 1/48 for the new ICM kit. One of the plainer options from the 1/32 sheet was replaced with a more interesting option of an earlier scheme of an aircraft that was already on the sheet (414). Sheet also includes three O-2B options in the SEA camo, although to date no kit/conversion is available (that I'm aware of). One of the three has the spinners installed, which thankfully are at least in the kit but aren't used/identified. Available late summer or early fall. pr
  4. The HMM-264 numbers on their CH-46s are different style than the 162 ones.
  5. Thanks for purchasing. I try to get orders out no later than next day.
  6. Possibly but I don't have any idea when that would be if it were to happen. Also depends on the sales of this one whether it gets done sooner rather than later.
  7. Yes the larger 4 numbers are the last four of the BuNo, it would match the smaller F-4B/BuNo identifier marking on the tail (in this case, they don't match as you've noticed). I'm not familar with VF-111 and MiG killers, I'm not sure which BuNo is the correct one? Also be aware that all of the lettering/numbering (BuNos, modex, carriers, squadron designations) on that sheet is also drawn in 45deg USAF/Army style which is not correct.
  8. Now in stock and available to purchase at www.AOAdecals.com
  9. These three sheets are now in stock and available to purchase at www.AOAdecals.com
  10. Huh? Not sure how you read that much into my reply. I guess then I'm sorry for posting a modeling comment in your thread, and also thinking the title may have been referring to new scoop that a Bronco model was coming back again. Clearly I wasn't alone in thinking this though.
  11. Well I got excited at the post title, I thought it was going to be about the Hazmat 1/48 kit finally resurrected under different company.
  12. Interesting, with Weber the CO that would've placed it before late June 86 when Chewning became CO.
  13. Ya I noticed 501 sometimes had both markings and sometimes only the MiG like you saw, I didn't realize they were still carrying them into 1987. Here's 501 that is stated as Jun 86 but only has the one marking? (Chewning was CO from Jun 86-Dec87) https://www.airfighters.com/photo/150072/M/USA-Navy/Grumman-A-6E-Intruder-G-128/159317/ But this one even later in Oct 86 shows both (John Henson was CO in 1989 and this pic if dated correctly dates from the time of Chewning still as CO, so Chewning name should've still been there as the Jun 86 pic shows, although Henson was with VA-55 i
  14. Originally expected later this month but should be first half of April instead.
  15. The VA-34 option was subsequently changed from the initial file submitted and also an additional second option was added, both AB-502 and AB-513 directly took part in the strikes, turns out the original one included (AB-510) wasn't one of the strike aircraft so it was replaced by similar AB-513. Images above show the revised sheet/cover. Originally it was a "no" but the new answer is "yes" (sort of). There will be loadout info included for all the 1986 aircraft thanks to Jim Rotramel's research.
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