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  1. Hey Ziggy - with the ICM 1/32nd AH-1G's inbound, wondering if you have any plans for some decals for this kits?   Your OH-6 decals were fantastic.

  2. No idea but I'd highly doubt it launched like that. Presumably it wasn't secured properly and it dropped down inflight or during cat launch.
  3. The real/original photo has the ladder visible, that second one posted without it is the one that's photoshopped.
  4. Thanks, I missed that. (But fast as I need them, you kidding - no hurry here at my glacial kit pace.)
  5. I can't speak obviously to what you saw in early 1968. The first AC-119G was only delivered from the OEM to the USAF in May 68. It then went through much test and eval (in the US) during the summer of 68. The AC-119 program went through many delays for various reasons in 1968 such that the first two AC-119Gs didn't arrive in Vietnam until late Dec 1968. The first (single) prototype AC-130 went to Vietnam for combat eval between Sept-Dec 67 and was back in Vietnam from Feb 68 through Nov, by then more AC-130s started to arrive as well. Check out the Ballard USAF book previously m
  6. Thanks, I missed that. Figures that's the tamiya one I don't have.
  7. I've been out of the loop for awhile on 1/48 F-16s, but now I'm looking for the aerodynamic TER-9 but don't know where to find any. I saw Attack Squadron offered them but don't see any other aftermarket ones available since those are OOP. Any other options? thanks
  8. The Mutza book and what I posted earlier are about the best there is on the subject for books. I've tried to gather as much AC-130 books as possible to help with gunships part 2 decal sheet, majority of other books I've collected on C-130's in general in hopes of getting new AC-130 have been pretty much a waste of time/money. Considering how long the C-130 has been in service and number of variants, general C-130 books only have a relative brief section about the gunship variants, all of which is basic and redundant of what is already included in the full gunship specific Mutza/Davis books. I'
  9. Excellent news, count me in on a purchase. Also I'd second the earlier comment about including Kodiak decal option, and/or Sitka station. At least with the USCG schemes being all pretty similar it can be relatively easy to provide wide range of alternative station options with swapping out the insignias, numbers, and station titles. Sitka insignia:
  10. What type of reference are you looking for? Story, development/service, photos, old or new gunships? Your title mentions specifically books on the AC-130H, I'm not aware of any books that are specific to the H gunship. Most books having AC-130 info is a broader coverage - either book covers the C-130 in general, or like the Mutza book you mentioned, covers all gunship a/c types. Similar to the Mutza book, there is an older Larry Davis Gunships book from Squadron Signal (cover and title looks like it's AC-47 only but book covers all the gunships), he also authored simila
  11. Three USMC F-4Bs squadrons in Vietnam covered so far: http://www.aoadecals.com/48014/ Maybe more coming.... Tamiya apparently decided to go with the later upgraded F-4B version to model that had the later ECM fit, Mk.7 seats, later trunnion covers, later stabilators, etc. Bert Kinzey posted on FB that he was involved with Tamiya for a year on the kit and "the decal selection will be more limited than those for F-4Bs in general, because Tamiya has opted to do a specific ECM fit on the model. So decals will need to be for F-4Bs that had that fit, otherwise, the mo
  12. The specially painted 15k ton total USS Coral Sea bomb
  13. Here's the photo referenced: Not the only one of course with the painted eggs but that's probably the most posted pic for 242. VMA(AW)-225 also had special Easter painted Mk.83 examples in at least 1971.
  14. The A-6A could carry the Shrike, the AGM-78 Standard ARM was carried by the specialized A-6B (offhand it was only around 20 or so 19 A-6As that were converted to B's).
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