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  1. Yes the unused part is of the earlier unslotted stab and would applicable to "early" F-4Bs (depending on which specific F-4 you're making and what time period)
  2. This HIPEG off primeportal has seen better days but good view showing the odd shaped shrouded nose on the HIPEG I was trying to describe, the two barrels are stacked vertically top/bottom. Can see the top barrel just slightly recessed here:
  3. May be an easy way to tell them apart: USN/USMC Mk.4 HIPEG pod has a somewhat asymmetrical funky odd shaped "nose" and only has two barrels (recessed) and the pod also has a grouping of large vents on the sides (kinda looking like fish gills). USAF SUU pods have the 6-barrel rotary barrels protruding out from the nose and visibly exposed gatling type barrel configuration.
  4. Parts 1 and 2 were released a couple years ago, unfortunately it turned out to nearly coincide with Kitty Hawk folding up and the R/S kits short release period. Part 3 should be about the same price, $25ish. It's 2.5 full sheets.
  5. Not SUU pods (USAF) but instead the Mk.4 HIPEG. Can see some example loadouts with the HIPEG used by Marine squadrons on AOA decals loadout pdfs: https://aoadecals.com/48014/
  6. This will be low-viz H-60 Seahawk family part 3 sheet 35-009. Part 1 already had some MH-60R's mixed with other Seahawk variants, but this part 3 sheet is exclusively more Romeos with 12 new options (10 US and 2 Aussie) with mostly all new squadrons covered: HSM-37 Easyriders (2015-16) HSM-40 Airwolves (2012) HSM-46 Grandmasters (2022) HSM-46 Grandmasters (2023) HSM-48 Vipers (two variations from 2022) HSM-71 Raptors (2021-22) HSM-72 Proud Warriors (2022) HSM-74 Swamp Foxes (2016) HSM-75 Wolf Pack (2021) HSM-77 Saberhawks (2020) RAN 816th Squadron [Nomad] (
  7. Also read through your build on your site, shame to hear about all the ResKit H-53 problems, I have these sets but hadn't used them yet and now don't want to....
  8. Jon - excellent build again,and paint job, also especially like how you represented the remnants of earlier number under the new "20" really wish this kit was readily available again
  9. The sheets are in from Cartograf and are now available to order: https://www.aoadecals.com
  10. New AOA 1/35 decal sheet 35-006 coming early next year for Search & Rescue (SAR) MH-60S helos from Naval Air Stations Key West, Whidbey Island, Lemoore, Fallon (2 options), Pax River (2 options), and China Lake (Dust Devils). Also included is an extra scheme for the HSC-2 retro Korean War scheme (was also the same Key West SAR helo shown too). They're at Cartograf for printing.
  11. If you still have the decals instruction sheet there were about 5 photos of that specific H-53, including overall views that would show overall appearance/config, and also including closeup detail of left side showing earlier removed HMH-461 markings (and fluid). Here are a few more shots specifically of 161252 too taken at the same period in 2006: (In this first pic, EH-21 is in the background and had a different staggered EH tail code compared to EH-20 & 23.)
  12. The cropped down housing and chaff dispenser is correct for later A's (1970). Would be great if a resin company made the original earlier full housings in all three scales (hint hint!) Good to see this finally released. As expected and others have said it look like their overall very good 1/48 and 1/32 kits. Again like those scales, it's essentially an A-6E molded fuselage and out of box with some basic fixes it could most resemble a late A-6A. Formation strip lights, and some other details like the rear fuselage panels (and inaccurate mirror image on the right
  13. I'm assuming as far as shape goes that the new kit will be a scaled down copy of their 1/48 and 1/32 kits. If so, there will be shape/size differences between it and the Fujimi kit. I'll have to wait until I have the new kit in my hands but I'm not sure yet how or if I'll be able to provide applicable decals for both kits. Mainly talking about the tail and rudder markings that involve more than only basic airwing code letters. These should be really the the most kit-specific markings. For common markings, also the left-right length of the engine intake warning chevrons need to be fudged from k
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