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  1. I had started to but ended up scrubbing it for a couple reasons, mainly because I didn't have success finding good airframe data info and also that the only 1/32 A-7 kit option was the E variant, and misshapen kit besides.
  2. Three new AOA decal sheets covering the F-4B & F-4J Phantom: 48-013 - Phantom Airframe Data (Stencil Type) - F-4B & F-4J Panels & Markings 48-014 - Spooks from the Beach - USMC F-4B/F-4J Phantoms in the Vietnam War (this release also includes sheet 48-013) 48-015 - VF-154 Black Knights - USN F-4J Phantoms in the Vietnam War & the Cold War Will be early 2020 release. More info and images: www.AOAdecals.com
  3. Actually it was NC hurricane last year that prevented me from going to show. About a month to go and hopefully Dorian was it for this season.
  4. updated list again added several new items, including the Bandai SW kits, as well as a few new additions
  5. Me (barring any hurricanes again)
  6. thanks to those who bought I've removed sold items and added a few new ones. Some that I thought were sold/pending are back on the list.
  7. Just saw your reply here. That original sale post was from 2011, I think whatever I had for sale at that time is gone.
  8. That's funny. Every USPS package I send internationally has a tracking number. Here's just one recent 1st class parcel example to England: https://m.usps.com/m/TrackConfirmAction_detail?tLabels=LZ493738888US
  9. Yes, the included USPS tracking number and eventual delivery will work there (even first class parcel, not only priority or express mail).
  10. I also have quite a few USMC subjects in 1/32 decals especially, covering many Marine A-4, A-6, F-4, O-1, and OV-10 aircraft. They're all Vietnam War period though with exception of some post-war VMA-533 Marine A-6s (1970s and Desert Storm). http://aoadecals.com/
  11. I said same as dave in my earlier post. I had Amazon purchase - no figures, only figure instructions. Regardless, kit looks fantastic. My only prior Kitty Hawk kit has been the OV-10 and it's night and day difference quality product.
  12. FYI... I got the one I ordered from amazon today. It did not have any figures, yet it did have the paper illustration sheet for them at the bottom of the box.
  13. Uhhh there's other tanker options as well, AOA has VA-196 and VMA-224 (latter complete with gas pump markings): http://aoadecals.com/48006/
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