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  1. As title says, is Crossdelta still in business? Looking for their "old" 1/48 F-16C stiffeners, not sure if should give up waiting for restocks. thanks
  2. Oops try this http://www.modelwarships.com/reviews/books-plans/aircraft-pictorial/06-F4BN/Book Review_F4BNPhantomII.htm
  3. As others said, it depends on when/where. Here's some examples of the different CAUTION colors (and difference style of data markings) for upper surfaces. For these three cases, warning colors were all red (red WARNING and red text). edit: there are exceptions of course, and the below isn't meant to be an "all" statement that every a/c followed this color or stencil after first repaint (also seen examples showing red WARNING but with black text). An original McD factory data (this would be as provided by fundekals), cautions are all black: A depot repa
  4. If applicable, airframe data stencils would've been applied during the depot repaint, not added later on at squadron level. That particular 153009 airframe and time period you're asking for it had very minimal airframe data stencils. Here's a scan from the Classic Warships F-4B/N book review on modelwarships showing better views of 3009 at the same period (1971). In the full size book it's more clear, you can only see only a very few were applied, like the caution at the wing fold for example: http://www.modelwarships.com/reviews/books-plans/aircraft-pictorial/06-F4BN/CWF4B_N_0007.jp
  5. For T-45s just look at the tail codes to tell where they're from. T-45s are only based at three air stations (plus flight test at Pax River MD): NAS Meridian MS - A NAS Kingsville TX - B NAS Pensacola FL - F So you'll want to look for any with a B on the tail. There are none stationed at NAS Corpus Christi, but you'll see them there in/out (and at other areas in the US, both military and civilian airports doing training).
  6. The three OV-10A sheets are now in stock and available at https://www.aoadecals.com/
  7. Not sure about USN but there's some Desert Storm pics showing LAU-10 5" rocket pods on TERs that I can't find right now, from VMA(AW)-224 I believe. Realize we're talking A-6E, but for general info to show some TERs on A-6, here's some on A-6As, similarly primarily used for rocket pods like in the first/second pic but also the occasional bomb load in third pic:
  8. I don't have a F-100 kit anymore to size it out but if you have the Techmod 6" sheet or any sheet with 6" USAF letters, you can check the math width layout/size of them and compare to that kit area and see if it matches in size to the specific airframe you're looking to model. Or just measure the height of that little kinked corner height of the rudder compared to 1/48 scale 5" or 6" numbers (0.1042" or 0.125" respectively) and see how it compared to the sizing of the 1/1 pic between the heights of the kink and the numbers. Although the TO says 5" for F-100, 6" was common for that "USAF xxxx"
  9. No specific date other than Q1 2022 as stated. They're at Cartograf for printing and could be anywhere from 1-3+ months.
  10. Here's the official sizes per the TO (real life may differ):
  11. Not that I'm aware or seen that I recall, these were all FAC types, no special roles like the O-2B or anything.
  12. It's been over six years since doing OV-10A decals in 1/32 and 1/72, now that we finally have a good 1/48 kit with the new ICM kit, also finally got around to releasing the 1/48 decals (with some updates/additions). 48-019 - Black Ponies, Shamrocks, & Jarheads - USN/USMC OV-10A Broncos in the Vietnam War Era Predominately covers US Navy VAL-4 Black Ponies, over 15 options spanning their entire time in Vietnam from 1969-1972. Also included are three options from VS-41 Shamrocks, an S-2 Tracker squadron responsible for the stateside training of VAL-4 crews and personnel thro
  13. Ya turns out I was a probably a bit premature with this announcement. I thought I'd be already done with this sheet by now or at least have it off to print; however, for various personal reasons my planned release schedule shifted to the right. At this point now looking at 2022. Fixed preview, it's on facebook so looks like the link changed.
  14. Ya as mentioned they're for the new Tamiya B primarily, especially -018 sheet, but majority still would work with the Academy kit, and plus no Tamiya F-4J (yet?) for the -014R sheet J schemes. The squadron specific markings aren't really that critical for kit specifics, the stripes are long enough to fit either and the Academy and Tamiya tails are similar as well, I'm assuming the ZM kit is too but I don't have that kit. Most of the differences for specific kits are some of data markings, like the intake warning/step markings, the data sheet though has both for those s
  15. These two sheets are finally in stock and available to order at www.AOAdecals.com
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