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  1. Bringing this thread back up as the 1/72 sheet was sold out for a while but it's now been reprinted and is available again. Other than printed instructions having some tweaks, the sheet itself is the same: https://aoadecals.com/72006/ (the original printing of 1/144 is still available https://www.aoadecals.com/14401
  2. Meant to mention - the mission marking bombs are printed the same color as the numbers/letters.
  3. I can't give an unbiased opinion as they're my sheets, but to be honest the darkest grey (the 533 markings) did end up printing lighter than I intended on that 1/72 sheet - and similarly the VA-65 markings on another 1/72 sheet (but wasn't issue on the 1/48 and 1/32 versions). I don't have that Italeri kit/sheet to directly compare the darkness/lightness of the greys on the sheet to the AOA one, and I'm not sure of the opaqueness of the kit decals? The AOA sheet is printed by Microscale and shouldn't have any issues for opaqueness or application (Microsol/Microset should do).
  4. I'm late to your post but to echo what the others have said, that's a fantastic build and paint/weathering.
  5. Another alternative for ED-403 (and 410):
  6. He posted in Sept: "Things are slowing down. What’s happening? Mark Tutton is working on three 1/32nd and two 1/48 AH-1G decal sheets for the ICM/Special Hobby kits." With that many in the works, doubt I'll bother releasing my own.
  7. At the time, I never planned one day I'd make decals so I wasn't intentionally getting pics of all sides of all airframes and unfortunately the only pics of 03's left side I took were partial views, thankfully due to taking loads of pics in general. Here's another right side of 03 that wasn't included: Here's another one from a different day:
  8. Thanks - hope to see some completed builds Had planned on it since the Vietnam AH-1G is a favorite but unfortunately I still haven't had the time to get to them like I had hoped to, not sure if/when I'll do them at this point. As I recall though, Floyd/Werner Wings already announced I thought that he's releasing sheets for the Cobra.
  9. The 1/35 Seahawk family sheets are now available. https://www.aoadecals.com/
  10. Here's a USN example, rear wall here too looks (to me) to be a dark grey metallic. Also unlike the pics above of Army/USCG, for Navy the work platform interior is (usually) green/yellow, this specific one below including the front support edges, others like the second/third pics instead with black there.
  11. As you probably figured out by now, that artwork isn't accurate with the gun pods (or the VMFA-122 markings), the three pods should be HIPEGs. I believe in the same book, or one of the other older SS F-4 books, there is a photo caption that also mentions SUU pod when it's clearly a HIPEG in the photo. Although troublesome, use of the HIPEG was common enough with USMC F-4 and A-4 squadrons in Vietnam, also OV-10s. VMFA-122 only wired a handful of F-4Bs to use the guns on the wing pylons, I don't remember the number now offhand but as I recall too it wasn't used for that long in that configurati
  12. I wonder why the MH-53E gets the re-release attention instead. I too wish they would repop the CH-53E instead. Similarly, the early H-46 series too while they're at.
  13. Finally got around to completing this USN H-60 release, and it expanded greatly since starting last summer before being put on hold - will be two large releases plus full airframe data/stencil sheet. They're at the printers now so looking at a Q4 2022 release. Part 1 (AOA 35-003) covers the SH-60B, SH-60F, HH-60H, and MH-60R: SH-60B: HSL-43 Battle Cats (2011) HSL-48 Vipers (2013) HSL-51 Warlords (2011) SH-60F: HS-5 Nightdippers (2012) HS-11 Dragonslayers (2015) HH-60H: HS-5 Nightdippers (2012) HS-11 Dragonslayers (2015) MH-60R: HSM-46 Gran
  14. As title says, is Crossdelta still in business? Looking for their "old" 1/48 F-16C stiffeners, not sure if should give up waiting for restocks. thanks
  15. Oops try this http://www.modelwarships.com/reviews/books-plans/aircraft-pictorial/06-F4BN/Book Review_F4BNPhantomII.htm
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