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  1. That's funny. Every USPS package I send internationally has a tracking number. Here's just one recent 1st class parcel example to England: https://m.usps.com/m/TrackConfirmAction_detail?tLabels=LZ493738888US
  2. Yes, the included USPS tracking number and eventual delivery will work there (even first class parcel, not only priority or express mail).
  3. I also have quite a few USMC subjects in 1/32 decals especially, covering many Marine A-4, A-6, F-4, O-1, and OV-10 aircraft. They're all Vietnam War period though with exception of some post-war VMA-533 Marine A-6s (1970s and Desert Storm). http://aoadecals.com/
  4. I said same as dave in my earlier post. I had Amazon purchase - no figures, only figure instructions. Regardless, kit looks fantastic. My only prior Kitty Hawk kit has been the OV-10 and it's night and day difference quality product.
  5. FYI... I got the one I ordered from amazon today. It did not have any figures, yet it did have the paper illustration sheet for them at the bottom of the box.
  6. Uhhh there's other tanker options as well, AOA has VA-196 and VMA-224 (latter complete with gas pump markings): http://aoadecals.com/48006/
  7. No not all Navy squadrons had KA-6Ds all the time. VA-65 in Desert Storm is just one example, no dedicated D tanker. Also think it depends what period you're talking.
  8. I can have enough. With hundreds and hundreds of decals sitting around on my dime, I'm not enthused about more.
  9. I don't think I'm going to do any more F-4s, I had plans for some other squadrons that were cut due to physical size of these sheets but think it's overload already so my new plans were put on hold. Thanks, hope you like
  10. All the USMC sheets released so far are the more likely to be released in 1/48 first.
  11. As mentioned, it's the hoisting point. Like the jacking points as well, they're all part of many standard common NATO markings and not specific to the A-10 (well, the locations are specific for each aircraft they're on, but the markings themselves aren't and are standardized). Other common ones besides those two mentioned, but not all, are tie-down locations (anchor symbol), oil (square), hyd fluid (circle), electrical earth/ground (stand elec symbol for ground), electrical connection (stylized E), air (4 dots), fueling point (4 pt star), etc.
  12. Five new AOA decal sheets covering the F-4B/J Phantom, each covering a single squadron, plus an airframe data sheet: 32-030 - VF-154 Black Knights (Vietnam War & MCAS Miramar) 32-031 - Airframe data (stencil type) [depot open type stencil, not McD type] 32-032 - VMFA-323 Death Rattlers (Vietnam War) 32-033 - VMFA-232 Red Devils (Vietnam War & Japan) 32-034 - VMFA-212 Lancers (Vietnam War & Hawaii) Sheets 32-032, -033, and -034 also include the airframe data sheet (32-031) www.AOAdecals.com (free shipping within US)
  13. Earlier Vietnam high viz Army schemes were planned to be included but ended being cut since they were the constant speed prop variant of the O-1. With the kit only having fixed pitch prop, only those schemes were included. I thought Print Scale maybe had high viz Army decals, but i could mistaken on which scale.
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