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  1. 17 minutes ago, stalal said:

    Tamiya F-4B kit provides two tailplanes. Is the one not used in the kit right version for early Marines F-4B? 

    Yes the unused part is of the earlier unslotted stab and would applicable to "early" F-4Bs (depending on which specific F-4 you're making and what time period)

  2. 28 minutes ago, stalal said:


    Thanks. These two gun pods look so similar. I bought SUU for the Marines kit thinking this is the right pod. 🙄 


    This HIPEG off primeportal has seen better days but good view showing the odd shaped shrouded nose on the HIPEG I was trying to describe, the two barrels are stacked vertically top/bottom. Can see the top barrel just slightly recessed here:




  3. 12 minutes ago, stalal said:


    Thanks. These two gun pods look so similar. I bought SUU for the Marines kit thinking this is the right pod. 🙄 

    May be an easy way to tell them apart:

    USN/USMC Mk.4 HIPEG pod has a somewhat asymmetrical funky odd shaped "nose" and only has two barrels (recessed) and the pod also has a grouping of large vents on the sides (kinda looking like fish gills).

    USAF SUU pods have the 6-barrel rotary barrels protruding out from the nose and visibly exposed gatling type barrel configuration.


  4. 11 hours ago, Rotorman said:

    So wish these awesome decals would have been available when I build my MH 60.

    Price ?

    Parts 1 and 2 were released a couple years ago, unfortunately it turned out to nearly coincide with Kitty Hawk folding up and the R/S kits short release period. 

    Part 3 should be about the same price, $25ish. It's 2.5 full sheets.

  5. This will be low-viz H-60 Seahawk family part 3 sheet 35-009.


    Part 1 already had some MH-60R's mixed with other Seahawk variants, but this part 3 sheet is exclusively more Romeos with 12 new options (10 US and 2 Aussie) with mostly all new squadrons covered:

    HSM-37 Easyriders (2015-16)
    HSM-40 Airwolves (2012)
    HSM-46 Grandmasters (2022)
    HSM-46 Grandmasters (2023)
    HSM-48 Vipers (two variations from 2022)
    HSM-71 Raptors (2021-22)
    HSM-72 Proud Warriors (2022)
    HSM-74 Swamp Foxes (2016)
    HSM-75 Wolf Pack (2021)
    HSM-77 Saberhawks (2020)
    RAN 816th Squadron [Nomad] (2020)
    RAN 816th Squadron [Convict] (2021)

    HSM-46 and HSM-48 were also covered in part 1, but these on this new sheet are different schemes/years.

    HSM-77 option can be paired with sister MH-60S squadron HSC-12 on part 2 sheet from the same USS Ronald Reagan 2020 cruise.


    Similar to parts 1 & 2, this part 3 will also include the full airframe data sheet 35-002.


    They're at the printers now (Microscale & Cartograf), hope to get them maybe July/Aug timeframe?







  6. New AOA 1/35 decal sheet 35-006 coming early next year for Search & Rescue (SAR) MH-60S helos from Naval Air Stations Key West, Whidbey Island, Lemoore, Fallon (2 options), Pax River (2 options), and China Lake (Dust Devils). Also included is an extra scheme for the HSC-2 retro Korean War scheme (was also the same Key West SAR helo shown too).

    They're at Cartograf for printing.





  7. If you still have the decals instruction sheet there were about 5 photos of that specific H-53, including overall views that would show overall appearance/config, and also including closeup detail of left side showing earlier removed HMH-461 markings (and fluid). Here are a few more shots specifically of 161252 too taken at the same period in 2006:

    (In this first pic, EH-21 is in the background and had a different staggered EH tail code compared to EH-20 & 23.)







  8. 7 hours ago, JeffreyK said:

    ... and the doppler housing under the tail has the cut off for a chaff dispenser forward of it, which shouldn't be there on an A model.

    The cropped down housing and chaff dispenser is correct for later A's (1970). Would be great if a resin company made the original earlier full housings in all three scales (hint hint!)



    Good to see this finally released. As expected and others have said  it look like their overall very good 1/48 and 1/32 kits.


    Again like those scales, it's essentially an A-6E molded fuselage and out of box with some basic fixes it could most resemble a late A-6A. Formation strip lights, and some other details like the rear fuselage panels (and inaccurate mirror image on the right side) aren't applicable for an A-6A. Also just like the larger scale kits the ALQ-100 booms for the A-6A are again very anemic looking on the sprue shots (not shown in the build though).


    And again unfortunately they still don't provide both original style perforated brakes or solid plates. In the pics though it looks like they're perforated, at least on the back side, but the decal placement illustration appears to show solid plate only? I imagine if they follow the large scale kits they'll include the other option only in the A-6E boxing for some reason. I wish instead of copying/pasting  the designs of the larger scale kits they could've learned and made some updates/fixes in the years between the various kits but the overall shapes looks completely unchanged.


    Plus side for aftermarket too, the included decals are very inaccurate all around, not even the basic national insignia is correct.

  9. On 10/1/2023 at 6:31 AM, Tank said:

    I seconded this. 

    @ziggyfoos, will the decals be done in such a way that they will also fit/work with the Fujimi kit? 

    I'm assuming as far as shape goes that the new kit will be a scaled down copy of their 1/48 and 1/32 kits. If so, there will be shape/size differences between it and the Fujimi kit. I'll have to wait until I have the new kit in my hands but I'm not sure yet how or if I'll be able to provide applicable decals for both kits. Mainly talking about the tail and rudder markings that involve more than only basic airwing code letters. These should be really the the most kit-specific markings. For common markings, also the left-right length of the engine intake warning chevrons need to be fudged from kit-to-kit in order to look right and fit within the kit specific space between the intake lip and the rescue arrow/ladder panel.

  10. On 6/27/2023 at 8:39 PM, Alleycat said:

    "Please tell me that sheet 48-025 is going to be done in 1/72 scale. I have been waiting for some of these markings since the early 1990's.


    Thank you AOA for getting the VA-196 Main Battery markings right. International Orange is correct, but they seem to have always been done in red before.


    And thank you for #72-002, it was a great sheet."



    I sent this to AOA. If all interested 1/72 modelers send them a request maybe we can get them to do it.


    Late reply but yes now that the 1/72 Hobby Boss/Trumpeter A-6A kit is finally releasing, the 1/72 decals will be my next project once I have the kit in my hands (the kit decals look like crap accuracy).

  11. Part new, part re-issue, part upgrade, part expansion - four new 1/48 A-6 Intruder releases coming later this summer.
    48-022   Intruder Sandbox Redux - USN/USMC A-6E Intruders in Libya & Desert Storm
    48-023   Intruder Airframe Data/Stencils - A-6A, A-6B, A-6E, A-6E TRAM, & KA-6D (High-Viz)
    48-024   Southeast Asia Intruders (1) - USMC A-6A, A-6B, & KA-6D Intruders in the Vietnam War
    48-025   Southeast Asia Intruders (2) - USN A-6A, A-6B, & KA-6D Intruders in the Vietnam War
  12. That's one period I've not looked into much and I don't know when exactly they got the first turret other than some time first half of the 1980s, possibly as late as around 1983 but definitely by 1984. By at least early 1983 though they were already in that transitional period of low viz grey tail markings and still in overall LGG/white, but also by mid 1983 they were seen in full TPS scheme (and no turrets, at least not on all a/c yet if there were some?) Refer to their 1984 Saratoga deployment workups in 1983, low viz and AA tail codes. For the 1984 Sara cruise they appear with (white) TRAM turrets. Hopefully someone else had narrow the window better.


    Are you specifically wanting to use the turret itself or wanting that 1970s scheme but on an E/E TRAM kit? If the latter, you could model a late E with 533 from the late 70s with the same high viz scheme but just leave the turret off. 533's A-6Es in the late 70s already had the big rear scoop, panel under the nose, and everything just not the turret yet. 


    That pic from 1986 you posed on JFK, I don't know the story behind that oddball scheme was but it must've been a one-off (doesn't even have any intake warnings). As mentioned, 533 were already in TPS for a few years by that time.


    32 minutes ago, blakeh1 said:


    At the very least, the bombs appear to be the right shade

    I am a little worried about the numbers and letters though as they seem to be a similar lighter shade like Italeri's



    Meant to mention - the mission marking bombs are printed the same color as the numbers/letters.

  14. 27 minutes ago, blakeh1 said:


    Thanks, even better!


    At the very least, the bombs appear to be the right shade


    I am a little worried about the numbers and letters though as they seem to be a similar lighter shade like Italeri's, but it is also hard to judge without seeing them in person next to a Dark Ghost Grey sample


    Worth a try though. How are they quality wise? any issues with their other decals?



    I can't give an unbiased opinion as they're my sheets, but to be honest the darkest grey (the 533 markings) did end up printing lighter than I intended on that 1/72 sheet - and similarly the VA-65  markings on another 1/72 sheet (but wasn't issue on the 1/48 and 1/32 versions).


    I don't have that Italeri kit/sheet to directly compare the darkness/lightness of the greys on the sheet to the AOA one, and I'm not sure of the opaqueness of the kit decals? The AOA sheet is printed by Microscale and shouldn't have any issues for opaqueness or application (Microsol/Microset should do).

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