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  1. I don't think I'm going to do any more F-4s, I had plans for some other squadrons that were cut due to physical size of these sheets but think it's overload already so my new plans were put on hold. Thanks, hope you like
  2. As mentioned, it's the hoisting point. Like the jacking points as well, they're all part of many standard common NATO markings and not specific to the A-10 (well, the locations are specific for each aircraft they're on, but the markings themselves aren't and are standardized). Other common ones besides those two mentioned, but not all, are tie-down locations (anchor symbol), oil (square), hyd fluid (circle), electrical earth/ground (stand elec symbol for ground), electrical connection (stylized E), air (4 dots), fueling point (4 pt star), etc.
  3. Five new AOA decal sheets covering the F-4B/J Phantom, each covering a single squadron, plus an airframe data sheet: 32-030 - VF-154 Black Knights (Vietnam War & MCAS Miramar) 32-031 - Airframe data (stencil type) [depot open type stencil, not McD type] 32-032 - VMFA-323 Death Rattlers (Vietnam War) 32-033 - VMFA-232 Red Devils (Vietnam War & Japan) 32-034 - VMFA-212 Lancers (Vietnam War & Hawaii) Sheets 32-032, -033, and -034 also include the airframe data sheet (32-031) www.AOAdecals.com (free shipping within US)
  4. Earlier Vietnam high viz Army schemes were planned to be included but ended being cut since they were the constant speed prop variant of the O-1. With the kit only having fixed pitch prop, only those schemes were included. I thought Print Scale maybe had high viz Army decals, but i could mistaken on which scale.
  5. Looks like they did re-release their original boxing of the E this year, so the re-release of the original C boxing as-is may be accurate. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1140031-hasegawa-07221-a-4e-f-skyhawk Regardless of the boxing, it's about time the C is available again after 10+yrs. Great news.
  6. The two pairs of VNAF A-1 sheets are now available and in stock, ready to ship. www.AOAdecals.com
  7. Revised 9/14/19 Everything is new (sprue bags sealed and kits complete) unless marked otherwise. Those marked "sealed" are unopened boxes (shrink wrapped, tab sealed, etc). I can take money orders (in USD), cash at your risk, or paypal only as friends/family! If interested, please e-mail me directly at ziggyfoos@hotmail.com with your zip code if in the US, otherwise include your country. Shipping is not included. International shipping can be very expensive and also I'm on the US east coast (NC) so shipping even to western US can also get expensive - please consi
  8. They could vary in color (none, grey, or black), shape, and size. Some followed panel line, some went to radome joint corner, some went from bottom of canopy interestion, some went to a point. Some extended beyond onto the radome. I've never seen left or right side though being different colors. The upper radome hinge cover boot thing would look dark/black, not sure if that's what you're referring to.
  9. My area in eastern NC was (and is still) very heavily affected by Florence. For those that already ordered the part 1 sheets - thanks, but there will unfortunately be an unexpected delay in getting those sheets out for obvious reasons. 
  10. My area in eastern NC was (and is still) very heavily affected by Florence. For those that already pre-ordered the sheets - thanks, but there will unfortunately be an unexpected delay in getting those sheets out for obvious reasons. 
  11. There is a FS36118 wraparound under the leading edge, it usually though is same "soft" demarcation style as the fuselage demarcation between the two greys: But here's the right side and it's a little different near the wing root (sharper and different shape): All wing pylons are FS36118 (the reflection in the above pic is from touchups).
  12. Releasing two parts each in 1/48 and 1/72 scale covering VNAF A-1H (AD-6) Skyraiders. The sheets cover overall grey, grey/white, USAF SEA camo, and various VNAF camo Skyraiders.. Part 1 has 10 schemes (1/48 48-011 & 1/72 72-008) Part 2 has 11 schemes (1/48 48-012 & 1/72 72-009) Enough common markings are included for at least two schemes (as long as they don't share the same style of insignia) 1/48 - $18.50 each 1/72 - $16.00 each Printed by Cartograf. (free shipping in US) 10/22/2018: All four sheets are now in stock
  13. Now in stock and available for purchase at www.AOAdecals.com Only $13.50
  14. Part 2 is now in stock and available for purchase at www.AOAdecals.com Part 2 is printed by Microscale, Part 1 and the new A-6 stencil sheet are printed by Cartograf and should be in soon so I've also enabled pre-ordering of those two.
  15. Click on the link in his post, it goes to this VA-35 example:
  16. Here's another quick example of practice bombs (in this case snakeeyes) along with a buddy pod: https://www.facebook.com/AOAdecals
  17. That full 30 load is a very early photo of one of the prototypes. You'll find the operational ones loaded with 5 instead of 6 for the increased clearance.
  18. I've edited original post to add the part 2 details that I forgot to upload a few weeks ago.
  19. First of hopefully more, here's a new "budget" minded sheet of the high viz period. This new release, 32-029, is another 1/32 A-6A sheet and continues focus on VMA(AW)-533 Hawks. The first AOA 1/32 sheet (32-001) included their three overall schemes used during their Vietnam War deployments (1967-69 at Chu Lai and 1972-73 at Nam Phong), and another earlier sheet (32-003) included their Desert Storm scheme. This new sheet 32-029 expands that coverage to include some of the schemes in the early to mid-1970s at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan. Similar to the earlier 1/32 F-4 sheets, t
  20. Yes, the stencils will be available as 32-026 in Sept, or as 32-002 that is available now.
  21. ya and the outer pylon is beefed up since it has part of wingfold mechanism. To clarify too what I said earlier, doing decals for the composite wing schemes are way down on my to-do list even if there is a conversion, as in I'd doubt I'd do any, hopefully others will of course if you do decide to do a set.
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