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  1. My thanks to both of you! Go back to sleep Winnie =)
  2. As States, looking for used book let or scans. Also if you have the box for sale I will buy it.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for a set of roundels that can be used on an IL-10 in 1/48. Can buy or trade.
  4. From what I understand they are pretty much the same model but not the same mold. The revel has a better selection of weapons but that's about it.
  5. regarding the Su-27. the J-11 is a very nice Kit. easy straight forward construction with adequate detail and no major fit issues. As to the shape, it looks like a flanker to me.
  6. Martin, I think its safe to say that after this great a run, anything AMK produces, people will buy. I have the Kinetic SEM but I am still looking forward to the AMK release.
  7. -CD48075: 1/48 Mirage III/V International Any previews??
  8. sold items marked some prices lowered. added new items.
  9. Has anyone had a chance to look at the nose yet? Is it descent?
  10. thinning the stash getting rid of a some 1/48 jets. Hobby boss F-14A with Eduard masks $40 Kinetic Super Etendard $40 SOLD Trumpeter J-11 $40 Tamiya F117 $30 Tamiya F-16C $35 SOLD Hasegawa Sufa (not in original box, instructions are a copy) includes eduard Interior PE and Skunkworks IDF weapons. $35 Academy SU-27UB with aires exhaust $25 Italeri A-10A $30 I might post a couple more later Shipping is extra from 33351.
  11. same question, placed the order a while back and no news yet.
  12. Pep

    Akan paint

    Akan acrylics are amazing when airbrushed. I can't recommend them enough.
  13. Looks like they screwed the pooch on the Argentinean Sun. Looks to be just an orange circle.
  14. Pakage includes Trumpeter Singel seat Su-27 sealed parts. Zacto Correction Set (intakes, nose, canopy) Zacto Missiles 2 Alamo Ds, 2 Alamo Bs,and 2 Archers Aires Detail set including Cockpit, Wheel Bays and Exhaust. Master Metal Pitot QB coming and IP Eduard Interior PE Eduard Exterior Not sure if I'm forgetting anything. Retail for this would be $440. Not sure what to charge for this so please make me an offer.
  15. that IS ugly! However i'm sure decals would sell well.
  16. Hello all I'm looking for the Russian weapons from Kinetics Su-33 as well as pylons. I can pay or trade. If you are looking to build the Chinese J-15 I can trade you the chinese weapons from a trumpeter J-11
  17. I don't have the kit but I Have Eduard PE for it, let me know if you are interested.
  18. sooooooo will these be available anytime soon?
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